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Chapter 404: In My Next Life, I Want to Be Your Wife

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Lin Huang, if you kill me, he’ll die too! His consciousness comes from mine. If my consciousness disappears, his will too.” Zhang Mengmeng spat blood as she was struck on the warehouse wall by the Witch. As she had made the wall impenetrable to prevent Lin Huang from escaping, she would have gone through the wall as a result of the Witch’s attack if she had not.

“Since you’re only left with an hour to live, why not you allow Hangyi and I to leave? Give Hangyi to me. As long as I remove this part of his memory, he’ll love me like he always does. As long as I live, so will he.” Zhang Mengmeng landed on the ground slowly. Her two ponytails were loose. Her messy hair and her peculiar facial expression made her looked like a ghost under the moonlight.

“You’re still so stubborn!” Lin Huang sympathized with her at first, but now he was irritated. He crushed the Healing Card that was in his hand, and the blade that had stabbed his stomach was pushed out of his body slowly. As that happened, a small capful of purple liquid came out together with the blade. It was the Fiendish Pufferfish’s venom. As soon as the venom was excreted, his wound started to heal at a pace that could be seen with the naked eye. Suddenly, the Witch appeared in front of Lin Huang and looked desperately at the venom.

“Take it if you want it.” Lin Huang nodded to her. The Witch opened her mouth and swallowed the purple liquid. It only took a moment for Lin Huang’s body to recover to his peak performance after the venom left his body.

“What just happened? How is this possible!? There’s no antidote to the Fiendish Pufferfish’s venom! And how did you manage to heal yourself so quickly?!” Zhang Mengmeng was shocked by what she was witnessing. She shook her head vigorously, unable to accept what she was seeing.

It had taken her so long to plan out everything, so she was sure that Lin Huang would definitely die from the Fiendish Pufferfish’s venom as there was no antidote to it. However, she did not expect him to be able to get rid of the venom just like that. All her efforts had gone to waste.

“Mengmeng, stop dwelling on your mistakes.” Seeing that Lin Huang had recovered, Fatty advised Zhang Mengmeng to move on. He hoped that Zhang Mengmeng could escape. Perhaps, Lin Huang would not kill her for the sake of Fatty. However, if Zhang Mengmeng insisted on staying, Lin Huang would not let her go just like that.

“Dwell on my own mistakes? Hangyi, there’s no turning back for me. I have wasted too much time. I don’t have much time to complete the mission. I’m only left with less than ten days. If I don’t kill Lin Huang, Grandmistress won’t let me go.” Zhang Mengmeng behaved like a lunatic as she cried and laughed at the same time.

“I can only live if I kill him, then we can be together!” Zhang Mengmeng said and raced towards Lin Huang.

“I’m sorry, Fatty,” Lin Huang apologized, then he turned around and nodded to the Witch. The Witch then stood in front of Lin Huang and Fatty. As she opened both her hands wide, countless of black worms flew towards Zhang Mengmeng. These worms were called Lifesiphon Worms. They were the size of an adult thumb. They were completely black, and they were fed by the Life Power of various creatures. Their mouths were like scissors which could cut open the skin of any creatures easily and enter their bodies. These worms usually lived in colonies of tens of thousands. Even an immortal-level would not want to offend them.

Zhang Mengmeng recognized the worms. Although she was delirious, she decided to run away from the worms. As the worms chased after her, she ran helter-skelter and shot daggers at Lin Huang. She knew she could not fight the Witch. Although she did not see how exactly the Witch had killed Lily in the black robe earlier, she could tell how dangerous it was from the energy wave that had been created when they were fighting. The Witch took a very short time to kill Lily and it was obvious that the Witch was much more powerful.

Just like Lily who had lost her mind, Zhang Mengmeng knew very well that her ability was the same. It was impossible to defeat the Witch. She would have to kill Lin Huang by avoiding the Witch. As she ran, Zhang Mengmeng approached Lin Huang’s direction. At the same time, she threw black needles, targeting at Lin Huang, completely ignoring the Witch.

Lin Huang slashed his sword in the air and blocked all of the black needles that got in his way. Meanwhile, as Zhang Mengmeng was pulled a distance away, her body split into two. Soon, from two of her, there were four, then eight… She looked like a cell that was going through mitosis. In less than a second, there were 32 Zhang Mengmengs now.

The Witch could not tell which was the real one. She extended her palm into the air, and countless vines grew out of her palm. She was like a giant tentacle monster as the monstrous tentacles that were tens of meters long dashed towards Zhang Mengmeng. Even Lin Huang could not tell which was the real Zhang Mengmeng after activating his ocular skill.

Suddenly, he felt a shadow encroach into his Micro Territory, rus.h.i.+ng towards him. He did not even turn around but just stabbed his sword backward. The Star Dome was powerful. There was a tearing sound in the air as well as white stripes that appeared as his sword collided with the shadow. Following a loud bang, Zhang Mengmeng groaned while the shadow came back to her.

“How is that possible?! Even Poison Sting couldn’t tell which is my real body!” Zhang Mengmeng spat blood out again. She did not see Lin Huang’s sword coming. Although she managed to escape from death, she was badly injured in the intense collision. Without Lin Huang saying a word, the Witch appeared behind Zhang Mengmeng like a ghost. It was too late when she realized that. The Witch’s fingers were like venomous snakes preying on their food as they pierced Zhang Mengmeng’s back. The entire hand had come out through Zhang Mengmeng’s chest…

An immense pain bloomed from her chest. Zhang Mengmeng looked down and saw the b.l.o.o.d.y hand reaching out from the front of her body. The long nails were like beast’s claws and she finally knew what had happened as she looked at the inhuman limb. The Witch slowly retracted her hand, and Zhang Mengmeng seemed to lose all her strength as she fell to the ground. Tears were pouring while she tried her very best to look at Fatty’s direction.

“Hangyi, I’m sorry…”

“Mengmeng!” Fatty struggled his way to Zhang Mengmeng and held her in his arms. Lin Huang wanted to stop him. However, he just could not do it while his hand hung in the air.

“I’m sorry. The thing I regret the most in this life would be killing you. How great would it be if I didn’t kill you that day…” Zhang Mengmeng touched Fatty’s swollen face.

“Mengmeng, I don’t blame you. The days that I spent with you were the happiest days of my life.” Fatty’s tears were streaming down uncontrollably.

“Me too. I’m happy whenever I’m with you. You give me a sense of security… Perhaps, that’s what real happiness feels like.” Zhang Mengmeng was getting weaker and it became hard for her even to speak.

“I would love to be your bride…”

“I’ve thought of marrying you and having kids. We would see our kids grow up while our heads turn white…” Fatty laid his face on Zhang Mengmeng’s forehead and said softly.

“Hangyi, is reincarnation real in this world?” Zhang Mengmeng asked feebly.

“If it’s real, I would like to see you again in my next life… Promise me you’ll meet me on the Three Lifetime Mountain… Okay?”

“Okay!” Fatty nodded firmly.

“You’re so fat. I’ll definitely recognize you… Don’t you dare not recognize me…” Zhang Mengmeng smiled.

“How can I not recognize you? The most beautiful one among the crowd has to be you.” Fatty hugged Zhang Mengmeng hard while shaking and crying uncontrollably.

“It’s a promise then… In my next life, I’ll be your bride…”

“Mmm!” Fatty could not speak anymore.

Soon, Zhang Mengmeng’s hand that was touching Fatty’s fell away limply. She was dead, but her face was calm like she had never been before with a light smile.

“Mengmeng!” Fatty screamed from the top of his lungs.

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