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Chapter 41: You Did Such A Great Job!

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Lin Huang was swamped with work for the next two days.

All the people that were sent to him by Yi Yeyu had not been disqualified. They were at least iron-level rank-2, some of them were even iron-level rank-3.

To make matters worse, they were unhappy when they found out that they had to listen to Lin Huang’s orders for the next two days. It seemed ridiculous to them because Lin Huang was not even iron-level.

Not knowing what else to do, Lin Huang summoned Tyrant to beat some of them up when they disobeyed him. Only then would they listen to him.

Although Lin Huang did not have powerful abilities, his ident.i.ty as an Imperial Censor was a rare enough occupation for others to fear him as soon as they found out. When some of them heard that he had two monsters and he was a genius by Imperial Censor standards, they had to bite the bullet and listen to him regardless of the what they thought.

Meanwhile, Yi Yeyu was even busier. There was a limit to the summoning of her green wooden door, and she could only use it 10 times per day. There were 70 to 80 people who were not disqualified since the a.s.sessment started and they were scattered in different locations on the map.

She had to get the staff to gather the members who were close to each other and bring them all back within three days.

Yi Yeyu rented the meeting room on the hotel’s first floor and gathered all the partic.i.p.ants there.

Seeing that some of them were badly beaten, she knew it was Lin Huang’s doing to get them to listen to him. As everyone showed up, Yi Yeyu now had a better impression of Lin Huang and his methods.

After quick glances to ensure everyone in the room was in fact not hurt too severely, she started to speak.

“I bet you all have many questions with regards to what has happened the past few days, about why I have gathered all of you here and why you are not allowed you to leave. Let me explain the reason now. Please do not be worried.”

“This is what happened. We noticed that the monsters from the desert area to the gra.s.sland on the east of Snowy Mountains Town which covers a few thousand kilometers have been acting strangely for the past few days. They have been savagely attacking humans, and are unafraid to fight to the death. After some investigation, we think there is a possibility that a transcendent monster from a with abilities to charm other monsters has appeared nearby,” she said calmly.

Everyone was shocked when they heard what Yi Yeyu said.

A transcendent monster was no joke. The reason why a C-grade medium foothold needed a transcendent to guard the foothold was the existence of other transcendent monsters.

A transcendent monster could lead an army monsters and destroy a medium foothold with a population of millions of people, within a night.

“However… Don’t worry. The a.s.sociation has sent us a transcendent human. He should be here sometime today. He will investigate the situation in the areas nearby and look for the cause of this unusual occurrence. When the problem is solved, I will talk to the management authorities to get the a.s.sessment going or perhaps pa.s.s everyone who was halfway through the a.s.sessment. That said, please be patient and wait inside the foothold,” she said. By the instant ease of tension in the room, Yi Yeyu’s words had comforted the people.

Everyone was here with the goal of becoming a Reserve Hunter. It would be like striking a jackpot win for them if the management was to pa.s.s all of them straight away.

In reality, the Hunter a.s.sociation was not very strict with the Reserve Hunter’s a.s.sessment.

It was the head examiner who set the a.s.sessment content and standard.

The pa.s.sing rate made no difference to the a.s.sociation. But with the situation very different to the way protocol dictated, Yi Yeyu filed a report with the management.

Everyone calmed down after what Yi Yeyu had said.

However, there were a few people who raised their hands with questions. “If this foothold is not safe, can’t we just ride eagles and get to other footholds?”

“It might not be safe to ride on the eagles now,” Yi Yeyu explained.

“I was attacked by a flock of White Feathered Goose when I was climbing the mountains. Although an Eagle is most definitely faster than the geese, if it was surrounded by a flock of those geese, the possibility of escape would be nearly impossible,” Lin Huang said, on behalf of Yi Yeyu.

Hearing what Lin Huang said, everyone gave up on their plan to escape on eagles.

After the meeting was adjourned, everyone left with an explanation that they were satisfied with and stayed in the foothold as they were told.

As Yi Yeyu and the rest of her staff were back, Lin Huang was finally freed of his duties.

It was pretty late at night when he left the hotel. While Lin Huang was practicing with his sword in his room, Yi Yeyu called him and asked him to meet her in her room.

Lin Huang was skeptical at first, but he went anyway.

When he entered her room, there was another man in Yi Yeyu’s room.

The man looked very ordinary and may have been in his 30s. He was slightly tan, slender, and stood at about 180 centimeters tall.

Yi Yeyu introduced the man to Lin Huang immediately. “This is Master Zhang Bo. He was sent by the a.s.sociation to look into the situation,” she explained.

“Nice to meet you, Master Zhang.”

Lin Huang could not tell that this man who looked ordinary was in fact, a transcendent, partly because of the fact that he was the first transcendent that he had ever seen. He could not help but stare at him. However, he looked like he was no different from any normal person and Lin Huang could not sense any extraordinary abilities from him.

“Master Zhang, this young man is Lin Huang, the one I mentioned to you earlier,” Yi Yeyu continued as she introduced Lin Huang to Zhang Bo.

Zhang Bo patted Lin Huang’s shoulder with a warm smile. He seemed friendly.

“Young man, please tell me about the monster attack you encountered during your a.s.sessment. Recount the incident as carefully as you can, do not spare a single detail,” he asked.

Lin Huang nodded and told him everything.

As Yi Yeyu did not know all the details of the encounter, listening to Lin Huang talking about the dangers that he had gone through, she was even more impressed by this young man abilities.

Lin Huang took 20 minutes to tell his story. Once he finished, Zhang Bo again, patted him on his shoulder, much harder this time. “You did great, young man! I believe you will be an extraordinary hunter in the future!” he said.

Lin Huang was shy to hear the compliment. He just blushed and scratched his head in response.

“From what you said, there’s a high possibility that there is, in fact, a charm-cla.s.s transcendent monster,” Zhang Bo said casually with a smile. “Let me hunt it down. I will try my best to find it and kill it before daybreak!” he continued.

“Isn’t it better to do it in the morning?” Yi Yeyu asked.

Yi Yeyu asked out of concern as monsters were known to be more energized at night so they would be more powerful.

Of course, Zhang Bo knew that but he did not care. “There’s no need to wait, the earlier we solve this, the earlier we will be relieved of the threat,” he replied.

Apparently, Zhang Bo was a resolute person. He then opened the window in Yi Yeyu’s room and leaped forward. He flew out of the window and disappeared in a blink of an eye.

Looking at Zhang Bo’s ability to fly, Lin Huang became envious of him.

Yi Yeyu seemed to see through what Lin Huang was thinking and laughed. “Keep training, young man. You’ll be able to fly too when you became a transcendent.”

Lin Huang was embarra.s.sed, so he changed the subject. “Who is this Master Zhang?” he asked Yi Yeyu.

“Zhang Bo the Air Gun is a powerful gunman. He was upgraded to a transcendent two years ago. Before he became a transcendent, he was on the Gold Hunter Leaderboard and he was the 33rd best in Division7.” Yi Yeyu explained.

“Is being the 33rd best considered an achievement?” Lin Huang asked as he did not find that impressive.

“You know nothing. Do you know how many hunters there are in Division7? There are more than 100,000 Gold Hunters alone. Those who are in the top 1000th are the best in the entire industry!” Yi Yeyu rolled her eyes at Lin Huang and gave him a lesson on the leaderboard.

“So what is your rank?”

“I’m No.998,” Yi Yeyu said proudly.

“Okay, it’s great that you are among the top 1000 people then,” Lin Huang said and gave her a perfunctory compliment.

“Why does it sound like you think I suck for being no.998?” Yi Yeyu glared at Lin Huang.

“That’s not what I meant! Let me tell you again,” he said. Lin Huang then used a sarcastic voice and shouted, “Wow, it’s so amazing that you’re among the top 1000 people! You did such a great job!”

“Go back to your room now,” Yi Yeyu growled, extremely irritated.

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