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Chapter 414: Luminescent Angelwing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang and Lin Xin started falling in love with Jinchuan City after spending a night there. It lived up to its t.i.tle of being a city with good food as there was so much delicious food. Although most of them were spicy, even a person who was not fond of such food would be addicted. Tyrant would love to live on the food street. He did not want to leave although Lin Huang and Lin Xin asked him to after they were done eating.

The next morning, Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic after breakfast. They were going to Hulun City on foothold No.7A18 this time. Hulun City was located on the northeast side of Division7. Lin Huang had never been there before. It was Mr. Fu who had pinned the coordinates earlier. This grade foothold was not his final destination, but it was closest coordinates to it. Even so, it was more than 12,000 kilometers away from where he wanted to go.

Lin Huang’s final destination was a canyon which was located on the east side of the Hulun prairie. There was the double mutated sword type monster that he wanted to call the Luminescent Angelwing. It sounded like the name of a bird, but it was not a bird. It was a monster of human-form with wings and was an expert in swordsmans.h.i.+p. Its moving and attacking speeds were two levels above its own combat level. n.o.body would want to encounter such a swift monster.

Stepping into Hulun City, Lin Huang and Lin Xin looked around and realized that they were in a hotel room again. Fortunately, there was n.o.body in this hotel room, so they did not see anything embarra.s.sing. However, the environment reminded them of what they saw yesterday morning.

“Let’s go!” Lin Huang pulled her hand and left the hotel room immediately. As they got out of the hotel room, he projected the map and pinned his current location while looking for the coordinates of the dimensional portal.

“Brother, why do you think your master always pins the coordinates in a hotel room?” Lin Xin pondered and asked.

Lin Huang was stunned at the question as he had never thought about it before. He thought and guessed it must be intentionally done so by Mr. Fu. However, Lin Huang suddenly thought of a corrupt hobby… He shook his head to get rid of the obscene images that popped up in his head.

“Maybe he’s lazy,” Lin Huang simply answered.

“Oh, is that so?” Lin Xin did not overthink and accepted the answer.

Mr. Fu was lying on the hammock on the deck of his demonic crystal s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p while he sipped on his wine and watched the sunrise. He sneezed out of nowhere and squinted.

“Never expected someone to be talking about me when I’m already this old.”

In Hulun City, Lin Xin felt the weather was odd as she stood at the hotel entrance for a while. She noticed that everyone on the street was wearing long sleeves and sweaters. Many were looking at the both of them as they were wearing short-sleeved clothing. Lin Huang did not feel the cold as he was engrossed in studying the map while Lin Xin started feeling chilly.

“Brother, where is this place?”

“Hulun City in foothold No.7A18,” Lin Huang answered without looking at her.

“Young kids, don’t ignore the weather just because you want to look good. If you damage your body now, you’ll suffer when you’re old!” A lady who pa.s.sed by said to the both of them.

Lin Huang looked at the lady, and only then did he notice how warmly everyone was dressed He then turned around and looked at Lin Xin who was folding her arms under her armpits for warmth.

“Go change in the bathroom. I forgot that there’s no summer here. Although it’s July, the highest the temperature will go is 20 degrees Celsius.” Lin Huang just recalled the weather difference in different areas. Lin Xin nodded immediately and headed to the bathroom of the hotel. Lin Huang returned to the hotel after pinning the coordinates of the dimensional portal. After putting on their spring clothes, he then summoned Thunder and headed to the coordinates where the dimensional portal was. The grade foothold was huge and the dimensional portal was more than 200 kilometers away. They would take a couple of hours if they rode on the Viridian Wolf as they could not head in a straight-line direction, so he decided to ride on Thunder instead.

In less than ten minutes, they arrived at their destination.

“Brother, where are we going?” Lin Xin asked when she saw the dimensional portal far away.

“Our final destination is foothold No.7C163, but it’s very far away, so we’ll have to take three different dimensional portals in between.” Lin Huang was helpless as he would need the dimensional portal to get to the places that his dimensional relic had never pinned before.

Fortunately, they had an exclusive pa.s.s whereby he would not need to purchase the dimensional portal tickets beforehand and could get them on the spot. Just like the privilege extended to the royal families, he would not need to queue, and he could use the exclusive hunter tunnel via the dimensional portal exclusively for hunters. Besides that, Gold Hunters could bring three persons with them. However, the ticket was ten times more expensive than the normal one, but it was acceptable to all hunters.

After purchasing the tickets at the counter, they arrived at the exclusive dimensional portal via the hunter tunnel smoothly. There were three Gold Hunters queueing at the dimensional portal. The three of them stared at Lin Huang as he was young and he did not bother to hide his aura. They could sense that he was a gold-level rank-3 although they thought that it was unbelievable. As the three of them entered the portal, Lin Huang and Lin Xin stepped into it and they were sent to the first transit, foothold No.7B98.

Lin Huang bought a coupon in Hulun City with the final destination being Yi City in foothold No.7C163. There was no need to purchase tickets in between as they could just scan their coupon while the portal personnel would set the destination. After spending less than five minutes in the No.7B98 foothold, they arrived in the second transit in foothold No.7B116, and then foothold No.7B128. The B-grade foothold was more than a thousand kilometers from Yi City, but it was much faster than riding on Thunder.

Around five to six minutes later, the both of them finally arrived in Yi City. After stepping out of the dimensional portal, it was almost 8:30 a.m. Yi City was not their final destination, but the Bell Canyon located 1,600 kilometers to the northeast. The Luminescent Angelwing, the double mutated sword type monster that Lin Huang was hunting down was there.

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