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Chapter 418: Killing The Luminescent Angelwing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The two white flame-level monsters collided with each other faster than the speed of sound in the air. The banging thud and the explosion were rumbling like a freak thunderstorm. The noise created ripples of waves everywhere while gravel flew in all directions at the speed of bullets. Lin Huang thought it was fortunate that Lin Xin did not come along, or else, she would be crushed by the gravel.

He activated his ocular skill to its maximum while watching the battle that was taking place mid-air. He could barely keep up. He could tell that their speed was similar, but Kylie was more powerful than the Luminescent Angelwing as a whole. She was oppressed by Kylie. However, it was impossible for Kylie to kill the Luminescent Angelwing on her own.

Black mist surrounded Lancelot, and he seemed eager to join the battle. However, he was helpless as the fight took place mid-air and he would not be able to react in time as the Luminescent Angelwing was too fast. All he could do was to suppress himself as he watched. Seeing Lancelot glance at her several times as though he was asking for help, she consoled him, “Don’t worry, her head belongs to you.”

Meanwhile, Lin Huang contacted Kylie secretly and gave her a new instruction, “Bring her closer to me when you can.”

Kylie was on the winning side. Soon, she found a perfect angle and transformed her spear into a rod. She waved the rod at the Luminescent Angelwing, and as the latter tried to block the attack, she was retreating towards Lin Huang’s direction.

At that moment, Lin Huang had crushed the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit’s card in his hand to summon it. As the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit appeared, the Luminescent Angelwing flapped her wings hard and attempted to run. Suddenly, Lin Huang twirled the sword in his hand and chopped off the Luminescent Angelwing’s wings as two golden sword glows slashed in the air. She fell into Lin Huang’s 100-meter Micro Territory coverage which included the air.

Despite losing her wings, the Luminescent Angelwing could still fly as she was a white flame-level after all. However, she could not adapt as she was not used to not having her wings out of nowhere. The Sanguine Skeleton Spirit seized the opportunity and flicked the Punishment Chain towards the Luminescent Angelwing. Before she managed to run, a chain snagged her ankle while the rest tied her up, leaving just her head free.

The Luminescent Angelwing was not a monster of strength, so it was impossible her to escape from the chain. Moreover, as her body was made of half energy and since her Life Power was being sealed by the Punishment Chains, she was left with nothing. She was not glowing anymore, and her wings were folded into her body. Now, she just looked like a young and beautiful lady. However, Lin Huang was sure that she only looked like a human but bore no other similarity. If he were to extract her genes, hers would be different from a human’s.

“She’s yours now.” Lin Huang nodded at Lancelot as the Luminescent Angelwing was captured. Lancelot walked forward and swung his black sword, lopping off half of the Luminescent Angelwing’s head onto the ground.

“Congratulations, you have obtained a new epic-level Monster Card – the Luminescent Anglewing (Sword Servant).”

Lin Huang confirmed the Luminescent Angelwing’s death when he heard Xiao Hei’s notification. He was worried that she would heal herself when her Life Power was sealed. It seemed like his concern was unnecessary. After recalling his Monster Cards, Lin Huang looked at the Luminescent Angelwing’s carca.s.s that looked just like a human lady’s. Since half of her head had been chopped off, it was unable for b.l.o.o.d.y to perform his parasitic process. He did not keep the carca.s.s, and summoned his dimensional relic, stepping into it.

He arrived at the shopping mall that he had gone to with Lin Xin this morning. It was already 11.40 a.m. when he checked the time; he was ten minutes later than the expected time. He called Lin Xin immediately. The call was connected soon, and Lin Xin was standing in a clothing store.

“Brother, are you back?”

“Let’s have lunch somewhere. We’ll take a short rest and head to our next destination.”

“Okay, wait for me at the shopping mall entrance that we went to this morning. I’ll be there soon,” Lin Xin said and hung up.

Lin Huang turned off the phone and took his time down the stairs. After waiting at the entrance for three to four minutes, Lin Xin ran towards him while Tyrant followed behind her. Compared to Tyrant, Lin Xin, who was already short, looked even shorter now. Lin Huang found it funny as her several steps were slower than Tyrant’s one long stride.

“I heard from a clothing store owner that there’s a nice steamboat restaurant around. I think we should try that.” Lin Xin seemed to be addicted since she tried steamboat in Jinchuan City.

“Let’s go then! Lead the way,” Lin Huang agreed.

As Lin Xin knew the name of the steamboat restaurant, with the guidance of the store owner using the map, she found the steamboat restaurant in an instant. They chatted while eating.

“Brother, are we going to another foothold in the afternoon?” Lin Xin asked.

“Yes, I want to finish them as soon as possible so that we can head back earlier. I still have many doc.u.ments to read.” Lin Huang nodded. He had prepared the teaching materials. The stuff that he had been reading in the library was some basic knowledge which was still mind-blowing to him.

“So, where are we going?” Lin Xin wanted to shop more as Lin Huang would not have the time to accompany her anymore as soon as they got back to the White Capital. However, knowing that Lin Huang was busy, she accepted his arrangement instead.

“The Shadow City in foothold No.7C228. It’ll take some time to get there.” Lin Huang was helpless. The Shadow City was another secluded place to which he did not have the coordinates pinned in his dimensional relic. It would take four transits in the dimensional portal to get there.

“I don’t want to stay in the foothold alone this time. It’s boring.” Lin Xin was worried that Lin Huang might leave her alone again.

“Alright then, I’ll bring you along this time,” Lin Huang hesitated but agreed anyway.

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