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Chapter 420: The Underground City

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The entrance to the Shadow Land was 2,300 kilometers from the southeast of Shadow City. Thunder brought the both of them to the destination in less than half an hour. There were a few teams that were preparing themselves at the entrance while some leaders were briefing their teammates. Many looked envious as they watched the complete gold-level Viridescent Thunderhawk in the air. Although it was not a holy fire-level, such a double mutated flying mount was the same price as a supreme relic, and not everyone could afford it.

They were shocked to see the two people who got down from the Viridescent Thunderhawk as they were so young.

“I bet they’re some royalty…” Many had that first impression of the duo.

Lin Huang recalled the Viridescent Thunderhawk and noticed that many were looking at him with respect. It was impressive that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor who did not need a monster taming token to recall his monster. It was even more impressive that he could manage a double mutated complete gold-level monster at such a young age.

Lin Huang ignored the teams that were watching him and brought Lin Xin straight to the entrance of the Shadow Land.

“The both of them just went in without forming a team. Are they crazy?!” A person gasped after seeing them enter.

“I know! Even though he’s an Imperial Censor, the most he could do is to summon two or three monsters, which adds up to a team of five. This guy has the b.a.l.l.s to enter the Shadow City just like that!” Another person commented.

“That… If I’m not wrong, that little girl is just an ordinary person who is not even an iron-level,” another person said softly. That reminded many of them that there was no Life Power wave from Lin Xin’s body.

“Bringing a normal person in the Shadow Land? This guy must be some royal that thinks that the hotel bed isn’t big enough and wants some excitement somewhere wider?” A hunk with chest hair joked.

Lin Huang did not hear the conversation, or else, he would have taught the hunk with chest hair a lesson. The entrance of the Shadow Land was an oval crystal of four to six meters long and it could accommodate five to six person at once. The crypt was discovered by a bunch of geologists more than a hundred years ago. As they exploded into the crypt, only one of them made it out alive. Many adventurers and hunters came here to explore after the news of this went out.

There was no virtual eye in the Shadow Land. There were two main reasons why the number of monsters increased despite them being killed by many over the years. One was that there was a crack at the bottom of the land that connected to the abyss, while another reason was that the monsters here had a reproductive ability which helped to replace the monsters that were killed.

Lin Huang brought Lin Xin deeper into the crypt. It looked like it had been dug by a monster as it was disorganized. The trench went downwards into the ground with dividers in the middle. Lin Huang followed the instructions on the map and walked more than half an hour following the path and finally arrived at a wide underground s.p.a.ce. It was dark in there, but to Lin Huang, his vision was not affected at all. However, Lin Xin had been using a probe light along the way, or else, she would not be able to see at all.

“Such a huge s.p.a.ce!” Lin Xin exclaimed as she used the probe light to look around.

“The Shadow City is the largest underground city that’s discovered in Division7 so far. This is an abandoned area at the edge of the city. The deeper we go, the wider it is,” Lin Huang smiled as he explained.

“Put your probe light away and follow me,” Lin Huang said and held Lin Xin’s hand.

Lin Xin blushed, then switched off her probe light and followed Lin Huang forward. She was shocked when she saw the Shadow Land far away after pa.s.sing an obstacle. Not only her, even Lin Huang was shocked and froze. Although he had seen images of this place before, it was still impressive when his eyes lay sight on it. The abandoned land that they were located at was hundreds of meters higher than a city. The Shadow Land that was far away was lit up. All of the streetlights were s.h.i.+ning brightly, and even many of the houses were lit up. The entire city was bright. From afar, it looked like a crowded city that never slept.

That reminded of Lin Huang about the first time he had gone to Shanghai and was amazed by the night view. The city that he was looking at was hundreds of times bigger than Shanghai; the only thing that was missing was the chasing cars.

“It’s so beautiful!” Lin Xin exclaimed.

“It really is.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Let’s go!” Lin Huang summoned the Viridian Wolf after they admired the view for a while.

They rode on the Viridian Wolf and arrived at a broken bridge. The bridge was supposed to connect them to the abandoned land that they were located at earlier. It was broken in the middle for about 30 meters long. The Viridian Wolf accelerated as it got to the broken part, then it leaped and crossed the 30 meters, arriving at the other side of the bridge easily. Listening to the flowing water beneath the bridge, Lin Huang was sure that there were monsters in the underground river.

There were a couple of skysc.r.a.pers near the end of the bridge, and vines crept up all of the buildings. However, many of the buildings were lit up, and Lin Huang even saw moving shadows in some of the rooms.

“Brother, I think there’s something in the building on the left,” Lin Xin said softly. Lin Huang briefly warned her not to talk when they arrived at monster areas. If she had to, she had to speak softly, or else, they would attract the monsters.

“I saw that too. It’s alright,” Lin Huang said and summoned Lancelot.

“We’re hunting down the Cursed Swordfiend this time. Lead the way,” Lin Huang instructed.

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