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Chapter 421: Priority

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Shadow Land was a city that was overrun by monsters. Every skysc.r.a.per, house and even cellar were filled with monsters. Many of them walked around the streets that were made by humans. In the safe zones, such a scene could only be seen if a foothold was completely invaded by the monster crowd. The monsters treated themselves as the owners of the city. Some of them would even avoid some of the buildings so as not to damage the lights. They seemed to really enjoy the lights in the city as it was soft and did not hurt the eyes like the sun did.

They were buildings of different heights on both sides of the streets. Most of them were engulfed with plants while there were some parts that were completely damaged. It was the sign that time had pa.s.sed. There were many abandoned cars by the streets but they were only left with their bare as time went by.

“Brother, what are those steel” Lin Xin asked while they were riding on the Viridian Wolf.

“They should be a form of transportation during the olden times.” Lin Huang had no idea if they used cars in this world, so he just called them “transportation”.

“Transportation? So ugly?” Lin Xin was looking at the broken that had been through decades. The metal steel that was rusty seemed really unsightly.

“I guess they didn’t look like this when they were not broken. Or maybe, the people in that era had a different definition of beauty compared to us,” Lin Huang explained.

“But how do these things move?” Lin Xin was curious.

“Perhaps it’s powered by some demonic crystal energy source.” Lin Huang had no idea how the cars in the old epoch worked.

Lin Xin seemed to notice that her questions were too much as Lin Huang was not a teacher who researched the old epoch after all. It was normal for him not to be able to answer her questions. She decided to stop asking to avoid the awkwardness. Under the bright street lights, the Viridian Wolf brought Lin Huang, Lin Xin, and Lancelot into the city without making any sound. Lin Huang and Lin Xin were sitting while Lancelot stood behind Lin Huang, his feet glued on the Viridian Wolf’s back. No matter how b.u.mpy the road got, he did not seem to be affected at all. He was swinging his black sword as they traveled, killing all the monsters within the coverage of his Death Zone.

There were not many monsters along the way. Most of the monsters that Lancelot killed were those that wandered the streets. Besides abandoned cars, they were not many obstacles around. The Viridian Wolf could be seen from far away, and the wandering monsters dashed towards them as they saw the humans riding on the Viridian Wolf. To them, the human flesh was definitely delicious food with fresh, tender meat. Some of them would attack when they saw them from the broken windows in the buildings.

However, those threats were taken care by the complete gold-level Lancelot easily. Although it was a middle-range danger zone with at least five Transcendent monsters, most of the monsters were below Transcendent. With Lancelot’s white flame-level attack ability, he did not need to swing his sword twice with the Death Zone. He could kill just by standing where he was. Initially, Lin Xin panicked as she saw monsters charging at them, but she soon noticed that none of them could get 20 meters close to the Viridian Wolf as they were killed by Lancelot.

“Brother, Lancelot is so powerful! Is he the most powerful summoning monster that you have?” Lin Xin asked instinctively as she thought Lancelot was more powerful than Tyrant and Kylie. What she did not know was that Tyrant and Kylie had already completed their unlocking and were both holy fire-level while Lancelot was only a complete gold-level. No matter Tyrant’s defensive ability or Kylie’s speed, they were definitely more powerful than Lancelot’s attack ability.

“No.” Lin Huang turned around and looked at Lancelot.

“He would be in the top 3 if he managed to mutate again when he’s a holy fire-level.”

What Lin Huang said was the truth. He owned two triple mutated monsters which were Bai and the Supreme Overlord. Bai was a G.o.d’s blood creature and triple mutated, so it was no doubt the most powerful Monster Card that Lin Huang had. The second was the Supreme Overlord. Although he did not have any unique blood, his intelligence was high, and he was good at controlling. He had terrifying abilities himself and ranked second among the other Monster Cards for now.

The third would be Charcoal. Once Charcoal was unlocked and leveled up to holy fire-level, it would evolve into an adult and become the remarkable one in the Monster Card collection. Whether its blood would upgrade or whether a triple mutation would happen, the adult Charcoal would be much powerful than before and could be comparable with Bai.

Lin Huang said Lancelot would be top 3 if he were triple mutated as he had included the sword servants as well. With the nine sword servants, Lancelot would definitely defeat any of the monsters. Although Lancelot was a monster with the t.i.tle of “ruthless”, Lin Huang did not plan to upgrade him because of the t.i.tle. Lancelot had no comment about what Lin Huang said as he was clear that the comment meant well. He knew about Bai and the Supreme Overlord’s abilities himself; they were really more powerful than he was.

“It can’t be…” Lin Xin was stunned. To her, Lancelot was invincible, but to Lin Huang, he would only be top 3 if he managed to achieve a triple mutation.

“Lancelot is only a complete gold-level now. He’ll need a very long time to grow strong.” Lin Huang remembered that Xiao Hei had mentioned that monsters with t.i.tles should be trained properly. That was how he started looking up on Lancelot and Kylie.

He had more and more Monster Cards with limited Advanced Cards, so it was impossible for him to train all his monsters at once. He would have to choose those that were talented with real abilities as well as the conformity of the summoning monsters.

If blood mattered, Bai and Charcoal should be prioritized while the three fiends would come second. The team should have a controlling monster, so the Supreme Overlord should be prioritized as well. His controlling skill was almost invincible while the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit and the Witch could be his backup. Besides, the intelligent b.l.o.o.d.y should be prioritized as well as Tyrant who had the highest defense ability among all of them. Considering what Xiao Hei said, Lancelot and Kylie should be trained too.

That was why Lin Huang insisted on taking his time to unlock his monsters as they were worth training. As Lin Huang was thinking about which monsters to prioritize, the Viridian Wolf slowed down.

“We’re here?” Lin Huang looked up and looked into a dark alley without any street lights ahead.

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