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Chapter 426: Sword Dominator

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The last unsealing servant chosen by Lin Huang for Lancelot was the Sword Dominator. Sword Dominator was a pseudo-fairy, humanoid monster.

The monster’s strongest power was its ability to manipulate swords. It was said to be capable of dominating 3,000 swords at the same time and its attack skills were incredibly ruthless.

When Lin Huang saw the skills on the monster guide for the first time, it reminded him of the sword mastery skill in the supernatural genre of novels.

According to one of such novels, there was a sage in the sky. Thousands of swords then appeared when he extended his hand, transforming them into sword rain and his enemies were engulfed. The scene was incredible as he thought of it. Perhaps it was the reason why the authors of various supernatural novels and fantasy novels enjoyed writing about sword skills.

The Sword Dominator was discovered deep in the Meteorite Desert. It was approximately 2,200 kilometers away from the northwest of the city. It was in the same direction as where the Starlight Beast was; both of them were less than 600 kilometers apart.

At 8 a.m, Lin Huang then summoned Thunder after having his breakfast. Lin Huang and Lin Xin headed towards the place where the Sword Dominator was.

Lin Huang was not worried that it would secretly attack him as it leaned more towards attacking its opponent face-to-face. Therefore, they continued moving forward, and Lin Huang guided Lin Xin.

Sitting on Thunder’s back, he sighed emotionally while looking at the desert that he was familiar with. He had lived in the desert for several days when he was looking for the Starlight Beast. It was the place where he met Liang Qian, who had lost her teammates. He witnessed how cruel the Saint members were, and he had even killed two of them.

It was Lin Xin’s first time visiting a desert. Looking at the vast, endless golden sand, she was excited. She could not stop oohing over how beautiful it was. “It’s so lovely! It must be amazing watching the sunrise, sunset, and even the stars over here…”

Lin Huang twitched his mouth. That was merely what she saw. The Meteorite Desert was similar to the Shadow Land as both of them were moderate danger zones. There were seven known Transcendent monsters, and there might even be immortal-level monsters around. There were a large number of Transcendent monsters on the s.p.a.cious ground, many of which were hiding underground and could be hardly seen by the naked eye. Without considering the monsters, the difference in temperature between daytime and nighttime alone was fatal to ordinary people. However, Lin Xin knew nothing about that.

“This desert is called Meteorite Desert. You may check out this place with your Emperor’s Heart Ring, and you’ll know where you’re at.” Lin Huang eventually interrupted her beautiful fantasy as she was talking incessantly.

Lin Xin was curious and connected to the network with her Emperor’s Heart Ring. A few moments later, she was no longer excited. She was just trying her luck and asked, “Is this desert really that dangerous?”

“In fact, it will actually be more dangerous than what was mentioned on the network. It’s the same as the Shadow Land where we were yesterday. Both of them are moderate danger zones. Even a Gold Hunter can possibly die here, and a Silver Hunter definitely won’t step foot in here.” Lin Huang nodded his head. “If you’re becoming a hunter in the future, you can’t judge a place by its appearance and let your guard down. You have to prepare yourself before going to a place that you’re unfamiliar with and take the worst-case scenarios into consideration. That’s the only way you won’t panic when danger comes to you.”

Lin Huang was behaving like a teacher, dis.h.i.+ng out advice. Lin Xin was always obedient and she nodded.

More than an hour had pa.s.sed. Thunder had finally arrived at the place where the Sword Dominator was discovered. It gradually descended from the sky while flapping its wings.

The area was an oasis. As soon as Lin Huang and Lin Xin reached the ground, they could smell the scent of flowers.

“It’s so fragrant!” Lin Xin looked around as she wanted to know where the smell was coming from.

Soon, she saw a tree with a white flower which was the size of a human brain. The flower bloomed beautifully.

While she was about to move a step forward, Lin Huang immediately grabbed her arm.

“It is the Scented Ent, a type of demon. It will release a unique scent so the creatures will mistakenly identify it as their favorite scent. It will then lure the creatures and kill them. The beautiful white flower is actually its brain. It can reach up to a meter long in diameter. Its brain will eat even a monster the size of Tyrant.”

Lin Xin was horrified and immediately retreated. She secretly glanced at the big tree with the white flower and no longer dared to look at it after that. She would never expect that such a terrifying monster would exist in this green and peaceful world.

“Let’s go.”

Lin Huang was not scaring Lin Xin intentionally. The Scented Ent had a height of more than 30 meters and its combat level was the same as Lin Huang. Both of them were on gold-level rank-3 as well. Any monsters ranking below Transcendent would be killed if they approached it.

Recalling Thunder, Lin Huang summoned Lancelot again. As soon as his instruction was received, Lancelot followed after the both of them, taking up the responsibility as a guardian.

Lin Huang was leading Lin Xin, and the both of them then headed towards the location where the Sword Dominator had been discovered previously.

The open s.p.a.ce where Thunder landed was only about hundreds of meters away from the location. With its body size, it was quite difficult for it to land on the ground.

The trio then continued moving forward and soon, the gurgling sound of the flowing stream got nearer. Right after they arrived at their destination, they then found out that it was actually a waterfall.

The waterfall was more than 20 meters tall with a width of more than 10 meters. There was a torrential downpour, cascading down into a pool that was 10 meters away from the waterfall.

Lin Huang slightly s.h.i.+fted his body while sizing up the surroundings. He then lowered his head and looked at the location set on his Emperor’s Heart Ring. He slightly frowned as he looked at the waterfall, mumbling to himself, “There’s nothing wrong with the location on the Emperor’s Heart Ring…”

“Brother, what’s happened?” Lin Xin asked curiously.

“Nothing.” Lin Huang shook his head and summoned Kylie again. He then instructed, “Kylie, please protect Lin Xin. Lancelot and I will have a look at the waterfall.”

Lin Huang reacted in such a way because according to the location provided, the Sword Dominator was inside the waterfall. However, there was no through road.

Lin Huang felt strange at the beginning. Soon, he realized that there might be a cave behind the waterfall. The Sword Dominator might be hiding inside the cave.

Upon confirming that, Lin Huang then took a leap and walked towards the waterfall. He plunged into the waterfall. Lancelot then followed after him.

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