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Chapter 427: Lin Huang’s Attack

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Pa.s.sing through the waterfall, Lin Huang found out that there was indeed a cave over there. The cave must have been naturally formed as the surface of the wall was smooth as if it was the result of being exposed to the scouring of the stream of water over a prolonged period of time. The cave was about 10 meters high with stalact.i.tes that looked like bamboo shoots hanging from the roof of the cave.

Lin Huang was checking out the surroundings, and soon, Lancelot followed after them and entered the cave. Similar to Lin Huang, its body was clean as well.

Before entering the cave, it saw that Lin Huang had formed an umbrella with his Dark s.h.i.+eld. It followed suit, creating an umbrella with his Dark s.h.i.+eld to block himself the flowing water of the waterfall. Despite the Dark s.h.i.+eld being a skill extracted from Lancelot, Lin Huang managed to use it more efficiently than Lancelot did.

Right when Lancelot entered the cave, two beams of light flashed through the sky, aiming towards Lin Huang and Lancelot. Lin Huang had already noticed it before the beam of light arrived in his Micro Territory. He quietly grabbed a 5-star relic in his hand. The moment when the two beams of light entered his territory, he brandished his sword, and the glows disappeared at almost the same time.

By the time Lancelot reacted to the beams of light, it had no more change to fight.

“Come out. There’s no need to hide anymore.” Through the trial attack, Lin Huang knew that the ability of Sword Dominator was not much stronger than an ordinary double mutated white flame-level monster.

The Sword Dominator knew that its sneak attack was rendered useless, so it no longer bothered sneaking up on Lin Huang and slowly walked towards him.

Lin Huang could then see how the Sword Dominator really looked like. There was not much difference between it and a human. It had a white beard and white hair and was dressed in a white robe as well. It was a sage. However, its skin was somewhat different from an old man’s as it had the skin of someone in his twenties. There were no wrinkles and was even smoother and fairer than most teenage girls. In addition to its unique character, it would attract many girls if it had its white beard shaved.

The only difference was that on its head, a thumb-sized light blue crystal in the shape of a diamond was set.

“You’re indeed a pseudo-fairy that possesses fairy blood. You’re kind of unique,” Lin Huang mumbled. He felt that it was a fairy that remained aloof from the world. He did not want to kill it.

At this moment, Lancelot reacted. It transformed into a black shadow, leaving a faint black mist in its original position.

“He’s really bad-tempered…” He was speechless, seeing Lancelot acting impulsively.

The Sword Dominator was originally checking Lin Huang out as it could sense that Lin Huang was exuding an intimidating aura. However, just when Lancelot moved, it s.h.i.+fted its gaze towards Lancelot.

It lifted its right hand, pointing at Lancelot with two of its fingers. Several long swords immediately formed and dashed towards Lancelot.

Lin Huang did not join in the battle. Instead, he was looking on as an outsider. He was interested in Lancelot’s sword manipulation skill as well and now had the chance to observe its skill.

“The speed of forming the long sword is incredibly fast. It was formed in an instant! Furthermore, it looks like it is an actual weapon instead of a sword that has been created with Life Power. It requires a lot of time to create a fine sword like this using Life Power. One won’t be able to achieve such a speed even through practice. It must be somewhat similar to the b.l.o.o.d.y wings of a vampire. It consumes a relatively low amount of Life Power where it is mainly supported by skills. Otherwise, it will be unable to summon 3,000 long swords at the same time…”

“Its attack speed and strength are slightly stronger than a gunmaster of the same level since it is a monster that has gone through its second mutation. However, compared to the gunmaster, there’s something good about its attack skills. It doesn’t need to move as the angle of attack can be simply changed. It’s capable of performing a 360-degree attack whereby it manages to attack anywhere on its opponent’s body. Its long sword is different from the Life Power bullets of a gunmaster. It can repeatedly be used, provided that it isn’t damaged. Furthermore, it changes its trajectory path as it pleases. Therefore, it is hardly predictable. On the contrary, the bullets of the gunmaster can no longer be controlled after they’re fired out of the bore of a gun…”

Watching the battle between them, Lin Huang then a.n.a.lyzed the skills of the Sword Dominator.

In the karst cave, the battle between Lancelot and Sword Dominator became more intense. It was obvious that Lancelot was completely pinned down by the Sword Dominator.

Since Lancelot was only a complete-gold level, its attack meant nothing to the Sword Dominator. Each time it struck an attack with its sword, it only managed to block the hit by the Sword Dominator’s long sword. It had no way to break its sword completely.

The Sword Dominator’s swords were still perfectly fine, and it constantly added the number of swords. The number of swords had increased, and the angles of attack became more difficult to handle.

If Lancelot did not rely on his Death Zone and his acute senses, perhaps he would have been long defeated.

As the number of swords was increasing, Lancelot, who was originally defending himself with its sword, was forced to activate his Dark s.h.i.+eld to defend against its opponent’s attack.

Lin Huang knew that it was impossible for Lancelot to defeat it when he saw this. Lancelot’s normal offense was too weak. It was incapable of destroying its opponent’s long sword, resulting in an increase in the number of swords. Eventually, the Sword Dominator became invincible.

Despite Lancelot summoning the Dark s.h.i.+eld to protect itself, he had no way to launch an attack. He could only defend pa.s.sively, and of course, he would not be able to win the fight.

The result of the fight was obvious, and it was meaningless for the battle to continue. Lin Huang finally decided to join the fight. Activating his Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps, he lunged towards the Sword Dominator like a flash of lightning.

When the Sword Dominator sensed Lin Huang’s movement, it immediately gave up fighting Lancelot and s.h.i.+fted more than 100 of the long swords that it had just summoned towards Lin Huang.

More than hundreds of long swords struck Lin Huang in all directions akin to torrential rain. Lin Huang did not dodge at all. Instead, he grinned.

In just a short while, the long swords approached him. Right this moment, Lin Huang accelerated abruptly, streaking across the sky. He then escaped from the swords that surrounded him.

Before the Sword Dominator could react to it, Lin Huang appeared in front of him. The 5-star sword relic pierced through its waist at a speed that was even faster than the speed of sound. The Sword Dominator could no longer escape when it was caught by the sword.

Right at this moment, nine swords as large as doorways instantly formed and appeared in front of the Sword Dominator, blocking Lin Huang’s attack.


The blades of the battle sword and the large sword collided. A loud explosive noise was heard.

A few moments later, a cracking sound was heard. The door-sized swords splintered into pieces and soon, they collapsed.

It seemed like they had been infected by a virus as the first sword right up to the eighth sword collapsed simultaneously.

A cracking sound was heard again. Still, cracks appeared on the blade of the ninth sword. A flicker of fear flashed through the Sword Dominator’s eyes…

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