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Chapter 434: The Yin Family’s Current Condition

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“Grandma, is there any major predicament at the hotel?” Lin Huang asked the obvious.

Just like Fatty’s dying wish, Lin Huang hoped that he could take over Ke Lai Hotel himself, but he did not want to be forceful as the old lady might think that he was plotting a scheme behind this.

“Since we’re here, I shan’t hide from you anymore. Ke Lai Hotel was built by Hangyi’s father from scratch. None of us have his skill. Many came to the hotel for his signature dishes.” The old lady treated Lin Huang like family now.

“The heavy workload took a toll on his health a couple of years ago. He started a reservation service online whereby he only cooked once a day. That didn’t stop customers from coming. Some of the reservations were scheduled for months just to taste his signature dishes. Since he pa.s.sed on, Hangyi had taken over the kitchen. Although he wasn’t as good, he managed to cook the signature dishes as well as creating some new dishes on his own. The customers didn’t complain. Now that Hangyi has pa.s.sed away, his father’s signature dishes have lost their inheritance.”

“Although you brought back the recipe, there’s no one in the family who has the skill. It will take years to learn. Moreover, we don’t trust the chefs that we hired to inherit the recipe. We’ve been thinking to sell the hotel instead because if we continue the business, we’ll lose the old customers and the hotel will be running at a loss,” the old lady said.

“What does the rest of the family say?” Lin Huang asked.

“There aren’t many people left in the family. I’m only left with the youngest son out of the three of them. Hangyi’s mother pa.s.sed away not long after she gave birth to him. I’m only left with two daughters-in-law. My granddaughter is only 11 this year. My youngest son is doing fishery business, providing mainly to Ke Lai Hotel. Now that the hotel business can’t go on, his business will be affected as well. His wife disagrees to sell the hotel but the other daughter-in-law and I want to sell the hotel before it starts running at a loss. They were arguing over this a few dback ago. My son is in an awkward position with me and his sister-in-law. His wife has been acting up recently, saying that she will divorce my son if we’re selling the hotel…”

The old lady told Lin Huang about what had happened at home recently, and he was speechless about the family drama while Lin Xin stared at the coffee table. n.o.body knew what she was thinking about.

“Have you ever thought of remodeling the hotel?” Lin Huang asked as he would do that if he purchased the hotel.

“I’ve thought about it before but even if the hotel’s been remodeled, n.o.body will be managing it. I’m old, and it’s hard for me to even step out of the house. My son doesn’t know hotel management at all. He has a business partner who’s managing the business. What he does all day is play poker, so he’s not the right person to take over the business. My daughter-in-law is well-educated but it would be hard for her manage the hotel. Meanwhile, my other daughter-in-law has only been to school for a few years. She’s not worth mentioning. If not for Hangyi’s father who had this hotel business, our house would be the same with the rest of them in the town, just like an ordinary family’s…” The old lady was not afraid to reveal the flaws in her family.

The old lady was thorough in her planning. She knew that a person’s capability was limited to his own will and abilities. The problem the Yin family now had was that none of the family members could manage the business that was left behind for them. Lin Huang was thinking how should he respond to the old lady. However, the old lady thought she was troubling him.

“I don’t mean to trouble you with this mess. Ke Lai Hotel is still making money. If the remodeling is successful, it would make even more. I thought since you’re a hunter, you should have more friends of the same interest and you might be able to recommend me your friends. I’ll pay you a commission.”

“Grandma, how about I purchase the hotel with the full amount while I look for new management personnel and chefs? You’ll give me the recipes and take 50% of the share. I’ll carry the losses while your family will take 50% of the profit, but the management of the hotel would 100% belong to me,” Lin Huang said after thinking about it.

Such a hotel might be able to make hundreds of billions credit points annually which would be equivalent to millions of Life Crystal pieces. Combining them into 10,000 Life Crystals, Lin Huang could easily get that amount by killing and selling a couple of Transcendent monsters. The 50% division of profit was nothing to him but the profit was a crucial financial source for the Yin family.

The old lady was stunned to hear such generous terms from Lin Huang as such business was usually once-off as soon as the business was sold. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the profit had nothing to do with the Yin family after the hotel was sold. Moreover, the other two buyers that she secretly contacted wanted the recipe from her as well. However, she did not think that Lin Huang’s request was reasonable as it was Lin Huang had the recipe himself. It was generous for him to be willing to give 50% of the share to the family. Meanwhile, the management rights made sense as the hotel would not belong to the family anymore.

“I’ll only need the right to use Uncle’s and Hangyi’s recipes. I don’t need to own the rights to them. I promise that the recipes will only be used at Ke Lai Hotel instead of disseminating them everywhere. You guys can use the recipes as well if you’re opening another hotel in the future. Also, as long as the goods from Hangyi’s uncle are trustworthy, I’ll still use him as our supplier. I’ll always put him on top of my list for fisheries,” Lin Huang added.

The old lady could not resist such generous terms.

“I can only think of these for now. You can get somewhere to include the concrete terms and the hotel price in the contract during these couple of days. You can include all the things that I mentioned just now as well as the other terms you want in the contract, and I’ll get someone to look at it. If we’re okay with the terms, we can sign the contract.” Lin Huang thought about it and felt it was better for him to talk to someone who was in the business as he was not an expert in this.

“Hangyi has made a good friend.” The old lady did not expect her grandson’s friend to help her solve the issue.

“Hangyi is my friend.This is what friends do. I would want Uncle’s recipe to go on. I would also want people to taste Hangyi’s recipes. What he didn’t manage to do, I’ll try my best to fulfill them for him.” Lin Huang still remembered Fatty’s dying wishes.

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