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Chapter 435: Please Don’t Cry Okay

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang had basically completed his mission after discussing the Ke Lai Hotel with the old lady of the Yin family. Lancelot and Charcoal had been unblocked while b.l.o.o.d.y was close to unlocking its two remaining skills. Among his two epic-level cards, only b.l.o.o.d.y and Thunder were left. Lin Huang knew that it was not the right time for the both of them to be unlocked, so all he could do was to wait patiently. b.l.o.o.d.y had no idea when it could come out with its last vacant skill slot while Thunder would need Yi Yeyu’s monster egg to hatch.

It was past 2 p.m. as Lin Huang brought Lin Xin out of the dimensional relic to the White Capital. Since they had been away from the dorm for a couple of days, they started cleaning when they arrived. It was past 5 p.m. after they were done cleaning the first to the third floors, then they headed out for dinner. After dinner, Lin Huang summoned Tyrant to accompany Lin Xin back to the dorm while he headed straight to the training room.

The training room in the Martial Hunter College was much stabler than those in most of the hotels as they were mainly made of various holy fire-level monsters’ bones which strengthened its defense. Lin Huang started his training when he entered the training room. He was not using a wooden sword this time but his 5-star sword relic, Dragon Slayer. He could unleash everything he had in the training room without holding back.

There was turbulence in the air as Lin Huang swung his sword in the middle of the training room. He had managed to enter the level-3 sword realm Illumination during the battle with the Sword Dominator, but he did not expect that to happen. It felt different as he arrived at the next level of sword realm during practice. Before this, he would take the time to master the epic-level sword skills even when he had learned them. However, he mastered the skills immediately when he trained again.

He could also feel the integration of his sword skills accelerated. With his previous speed, he could only integrate one sword skill within three to four days but now he only needed one day. As he swung his sword again and again, his Life Pow accelerated away. The Army Attack Tactics in his body was rotating to refill his Life Power as he trained. He practiced for more than six hours this time, and Xiao Hei’s notification came as he was keeping his sword.

“Congratulations, your epic-level sword skills Great Sword Scripture and Star Dome have been integrated on the rudimentary level!”

“Only rudimentary level? The Thunder Sting was completely integrated. It seems like real battles are more effective.” Lin Huang frowned.

“Where should I find an opponent to train real battles with me?”

With that question on his mind, Lin Huang walked out of the training room. He stopped after taking a few steps as the fixed road lamp caught his attention.

“How could I not think of this? I could always look for the dean!”

The next morning, Lin Huang did not go to the library but to the dean, Liu Ming’s house after breakfast. Liu Ming was excited when he saw Lin Huang visiting him.

“Brother, are you in some kind of trouble that you’re looking for me?” Liu Ming asked with a smile as he was preparing tea.

“Not trouble, but a small request.” Lin Huang thought since Liu Ming was Mr Fu’s fan, he would get him as a suitable opponent even if he was unwilling to train with him.

“Tell me about it.” Liu Ming nodded to Lin Huang as he sipped the tea.

“I have been practising integrating my sword skills but my progress is too slow if I train on my own. I’m thinking if you could get someone to train with me.” Lin Huang did not request to train with Liu Ming straightaway as he was almost an imperial-level now and might not be willing to do something so petty.

“Oh, it’s just a small matter. There’s no need to trouble anyone else. I shall train with you since I’m free these days,” Liu Ming agreed to train with him straightaway.

“What time do you usually train?”

“I’ll train when it’s convenient for you,” Lin Huang said.

“I’m free anytime since I’ve been just drinking tea, reading the news, and walking my pet monster everyday. There’s nothing else that I have to do. I don’t even need to sleep. Just a couple of hours of nap will do. So, we shall train at your convenience.” Liu Ming revealed what he had been during for the past couple of years.

“Sure, let’s train everyday from 6 p.m. to midnight then.” Lin Huang did not bother changing his lifestyle.

“Sure, should we start today or tomorrow?” Liu Ming asked.

“Let’s train today then.” Lin Huang could not wait anymore.

“We shall meet at training room No.101 today at 6 p.m. everyday then,” Liu Ming nodded and agreed.

“What’s so special about training room No.101?” Lin Huang thought to himself but soon he figured it must be just a random number that Liu Ming had thought of.

After the discussion, he did not stay at Liu Ming’s place and headed straight to the library after bidding farewell. He was reading up.on basic sword skills this time. With the powerful learning ability that came from his ocular skill, he was absorbing new knowledge like a sponge. His Omniscient Nature duplicated the contents that he could not digest at the time being.

He did not leave the library in the afternoon and had snacks as his lunch like usual. Time went by, and soon, it was past 5 p.m. He left the library an hour earlier than he usually did. After dinner with Lin Xin, he headed straight to training room No.101. There were ten training rooms, each in a row in the college. He headed straight to the 11th row and realized that there was only a building in that row. It did not look like a training room, more like a huge stadium.

Just when he was thinking if that was training room No.101, he heard Liu Ming’s voice.

“Brother, what are you doing out there? Come in.”

Lin Huang then walked to the building and saw the little sign on the entrance. There was ‘101′ in white writing on the sign. As he entered the building, he realized that it was a gigantic venue that was the size of a football field. However, where the audience seats should have been empty. The entire building was like a giant round venue with the 100-meter high ceiling spanning the entire place. Lin Huang could not relate to the venue with a training room.

“Isn’t this training room fantastic?” Liu Ming noticed Lin Huang’s expression and seemed to be satisfied with his surprise.

“I don’t think this is still a training room. It’s more like a football field,” Lin Huang said after keeping silent for a moment.

“All the Transcendent battle training grounds are huge with high ceilings as the moving distance of both parties as well as the s.p.a.ce to fly are put into consideration. The usual Transcendent training ground is at least 40,000 square meters with the height of 50 meters. I’ve made this a little too big. It’s almost 30,0000 square meters with more than 100 meters height. Although it’s slightly too big, this building is the real battle training ground for Transcendents.” Liu Ming smiled as he explained.

Lin Huang had heard of the Transcendent battle training grounds before, but he had never bothered as he thought it would be similar to a normal training room. It seemed like he had been too naive.

“You could totally show what you’ve got here without having to worry about damaging anything. You can move around as you like without bas.h.i.+ng into the walls. I’ll oppress my combat level to gold-level rank-3 like you when we battle. Please don’t cry, okay?” Liu Ming smirked.

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