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Chapter 437: Sword Skill Integration

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Loud crashes echoed in the Martial Hunter College’s battle training ground. If the training ground had not been soundproofed, there would be many people watching the battle right now. Liu Ming was getting more and more shocked as he fought Lin Huang. At first, he thought Lin Huang was just lucky that he met Mr. Fu. He seemed talented, but he might still need a long time to really grow, but now, he looked at Lin Huang in a different light.

He started thinking that Mr. Fu had picked up a piece of rare, uncut diamond. Lin Huang was like a priceless precious stone that shone brightly. One day, when he was polished, he would stun the world with his greatness. What Liu Ming was witnessing was just the beginning. As Lin Huang attacked for the first time, Liu Ming increased his gold-level rank-3 combat level which was oppression to complete gold-level. He also changed his sword to a 5-star relic like Lin Huang did since the 1-star sword that he used earlier had cracked when it collided with Lin Huang’s sword.

He thought that if he could not suppress Lin Huang, he could at least fight equally with him since his combat level had leveled up, changed his sword to one with richer Life Power, and had a more powerful physique. He soon found out that he was wrong. As he fought Lin Huang, he realized that he was at a loss again. Helpless, he leveled up his combat level to white flame-level. Liu Ming was confident that he could kill a blue flame-level with his white flame-level ability, so he could surely suppress Lin Huang this time.

Finally, his upgrade pressured Lin Huang. After all, his ability was much more powerful than a regular white flame-level’s. However, it was not as easy as Liu Ming thought. Although Lin Huang was at a disadvantage since Liu Ming leveled up to white flame-level, he was getting more and more powerful as they battled. Liu Ming could sense clearly that his ability was increasing with every swing of his sword. Because of that, he realized how terrifying Lin Huang was.





“Mountain Cleave!”

As Lin Huang was compelled to fight harder, he was no longer practicing just one sword skill anymore. The training became a real battle. No matter integrated or not, Lin Huang was performing different sword skills each time. Sometimes, he would even swing his sword without any sword skill when he did not manage to come up with any forms. He had gotten Liu Ming indulging in the battle. Liu Ming had forgotten that he was just practicing with Lin Huang; he was thinking about how to defeat Lin Huang instead. He showed no mercy as he wielded his sword at Lin Huang.

It was midnight before they even realized it and Lin Huang’s alarm clock on his Emperor’s Heart Ring rang. It dawned on him that they had been fighting for six hours straight.

“Hehe, that was fun!” Liu Ming laughed.

“I haven’t had so much fun in a long time! Do you want to continue?”

“Let’s call it a day. I’ve drained most of my Life Power, and I’ll need to go to the library tomorrow morning. Let’s continue tomorrow afternoon!” Lin Huang looked at the Life Wheels in his body. Among the ten Life Wheels, he only had 500 columns of Life Power in total left. He had even used one Life Power Refill Card secretly to refill five Life Wheels.

“Ah, I’ve forgotten about that! Alright then, rest well today, and we shall continue tomorrow!” Liu Ming just recalled that Lin Huang was not a holy fire-level, so his Life Power recovery was much slower. However, the fact that Lin Huang could last for six hours made him realize that he must have drained most of his Life Power, but he did not ask as it was rather personal. Lin Huang returned to the dorm right after leaving the battle training ground. The six hours had exhausted him, but it was efficient as Xiao Hei had sent him three notifications along the way. His Wildfire, Hundred Flowing Blades, and Mountain Blade had completed their rudimentary integration. He checked the notifications and went to bed after he showered.

The next morning, Lin Huang felt immensely sore all over his body. It felt like he had not exercised in a long time. In reality, Lin Huang was never idle; his body just could not adapt to the extra training that he had gone through yesterday. After a night of rest, the Army Attack Tactics rotation had refilled all the Life Wheels in his body. When he was on the way to breakfast with Lin Xin, he felt like he was stepping on clouds and like his body was floating.

“What’s wrong, brother?” Lin Xin soon noticed Lin Huang’s odd behavior.

Lin Huang then told her about his training with Liu Ming yesterday, which stunned Lin Xin. As a student in the Martial Hunter College (she had yet to start school), she had done her research on the school and knew that the dean, Liu Ming, was the top of the leaderboard in Division7.

“Brother, what’s the dean’s combat level?” Lin Xin asked.

“He’s immortal-level, he’s halfway to imperial-level now. He’s considered the best in Division7. Don’t think too much. He trained with me by suppressing his combat level, or else, I wouldn’t be able to even take a slap from him,” Lin Huang explained after noticing Lin Xin’s stunned expression.

Lin Huang headed straight to the library after breakfast. He was reading about the basic sword power realm as he allowed the Army Attack Tactics to rotate and continue to recover his Life Power. He trained with Liu Ming again from 6 p.m. to midnight before heading back to the dorm and sleeping. He repeated the same routine for the next few days. He finally completed the integration of the Star Dome with his epic-level sword skills within a week.

At the same time, the old lady from the Yin family had sent him the contract. The terms were reasonable. Besides the terms that Lin Huang had mentioned earlier, a couple of basic clauses were added. Lin Huang got Liu Ming to look at it before he signed the contract. Because he promised to continue the fishery supply from the Yin family, Fatty’s aunt stopped all her drama. The old lady, in return, extended her grat.i.tude in the letter.

All the hotel chains would add up to 128 billion credit points, which translated into 1,280 Life Crystals. Lin Huang paid up immediately, and the deal was done. Since Lin Huang had gotten Liu Ming to look at the contract, Lin Huang thought he would also get him to help look for management personnel. Liu Ming was more than happy to get a management team from a big hotel and a couple of excellent chefs from other hotels for Lin Huang.

Lin Huang had a good impression after meeting with the bunch of people that Liu Ming pooled together. Most of them knew Fatty’s father and respected him.

“At my hotel, feel free to show your skills off. The only criteria I have is to pa.s.s down the Yin family’s recipe,” Lin Huang only conveyed that to the five chefs. The chefs agreed to the criteria. The meeting adjourned after Lin Huang duplicated five copies of Fatty’s father’s recipe as well as Fatty’s recipe and gave them to the five chefs.

He only gave out a portion of Fatty’s recipe as the remainder was the inspiration that Fatty had while browsing the monster encyclopedia. Lin Huang thought he would give out the remaining recipe when he had found a suitable Food Hunter in the future. After settling Ke Lai Hotel, Lin Huang placed his trust in the management team while he focused on his work at the Martial Hunter College.

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