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Chapter 444: Lin Huang Versus Yi Zheng

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yi Zheng was as fast as lightning. His body seemed to blend into the air as he stepped out. Without any sound or change in air pressure, his speed seemed to peak within seconds. Lin Huang stared at Yi Zheng’s movement without blinking. He thought it was an odd choice of movement since the single step Yi Zheng took had allowed his sword to arrive right in front of him.

Fortunately, Lin Huang s.h.i.+fted quickly as well. He backed off as he blocked Yi Zheng’s attack with his sword. As the white Life Power collided with the golden Life Power, a shockwave exploded. The golden Life Power was swallowed instantly while Lin Huang backed off immediately. The one attack alone showed the difference between their Life Powers. Yi Zheng, who was already blue flame-level, extracted his Life Power from his Life Fire. The density of his Life Power was hundreds of times higher than Lin Huang’s. The single collision had proven that.

As Liu Ming suppressed his combat level to white flame-level when he fought Lin Huang, the difference was not as obvious. However, when Lin Huang fought a real blue flame-level, the difference was significant. Although Lin Huang managed to block his attack, Yi Zheng smirked as he saw Lin Huang back off tens of meters away.

“Your response speed isn’t too bad, but you’ll be killed under the suppression of my Life Power alone. Let’s get help from your summoning monsters, or else, you won’t have the opportunity later.”

Yi Zheng noticed Lin Huang’s biggest weakness just by attacking once. Suddenly, Lin Huang dashed towards Yi Zheng as he activated his Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps.

“So swift!” Yi Zheng exclaimed. Lin Huang’s speed was already the standard of a blue flame-level’s. Within seconds, Lin Huang arrived before Yi Zheng while activating his Thunder Sting. A golden lightning flashed by as Lin Huang swung his sword.

Yi Zheng was shocked at Lin Huang’s attack with his nimble movement and swordsmans.h.i.+p. He thought that Lin Huang’s movement was already terrifying enough; he did not expect his sword skill to be even more alarming. Yi Zheng was sure that the swing of his sword alone could definitely kill him, so he backed off while blocking the attack with his sword.


It was the same collision of white and golden Life Power. As the swords smashed into each other, the golden Life Power splashed like an explosion and this time, it smothered the white Life Power.

Yi Zheng, who was wearing white, retreated immediately. Yi Yeyu’s jaw dropped. She always knew that Lin Huang was powerful, but she did not know that he could make Yi Zheng back off. Initially, she thought Lin Huang would be suppressed by Yi Zheng, but she was wrong.

Seizing the opportunity, Lin Huang raced towards Yi Zheng as he retreated. Yi Zheng looked serious this time. He realized that Lin Huang was not the junior he knew a year ago, but had grown to the level where they could fight fairly. He might lose if he was not serious in this battle. He was reminded that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor who had yet to summon any of his monsters up to this point.

Yi Zheng thought Lin Huang was ridiculous for not willing to summon his monsters. However, it seemed like he had a really powerful ability.

“Come on, Lin Huang! Don’t hold back, show me what you’ve got!” Yi Zheng shouted and stopped backing off, then he went towards Lin Huang.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The both of them collided with each other again and again in the battle training ground.

Yi Yeyu was shocked to see the intense shockwave that was created from their Life Power as she watched from the top.

“How is it possible that Lin Huang is so powerful?!”

If Yi Yeyu was shocked at Lin Huang’s attack that made Yi Zheng back off earlier, she was in a complete stupor as she watched Lin Huang attacked Yi Zheng repeatedly. Yi Yeyu knew Yi Zheng’s ability very well. Although he had just leveled up to blue flame-level recently, he could definitely kill a purple flame-level. He could even fight a gold flame-level.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang’s ability to fight Yi Zheng had completely surprised Yi Yeyu. Although Yi Yeyu could see that Lin Huang was being overpowered in this battle, he could always find the opportunity to fight back without showing any signs that he was admitting defeat. Yi Zheng did not hold back in this battle, and he treated Lin Huang as his real opponent.

Besides their ultimate moves, the both of them had unleashed almost all of their skills. The battle lasted for more than four hours. Lin Huang had drained his Life Power. It was amazing that he had managed to last for four hours without refilling his Life Power. Yi Zheng noticed that Lin Huang’s Life Power was draining, so he sheathed his sword and backed off. Lin Huang put his sword away as well. He knew Yi Zheng had noticed that and did not want to take advantage of his condition.

“I didn’t expect you to be able to fight fairly with me.” Yi Zheng smiled at Lin Huang.

“I’ve actually lost since my Life Power has been drained. If I were in a real battle, my energy wouldn’t give way when my Life Power is draining.” Lin Huang smiled. He knew that he would possibly lose to Yi Zheng since he did not summon any of his monsters.

“That’s not certain since you didn’t summon your monsters. If you were in a real battle, you’d definitely summon your monsters to help, then perhaps I’m the one who will lose.” Yi Zheng knew very well that this was not Lin Huang’s best.

“If I’m not mistaken, you have already reached level-3 of the sword realm?” Yi Zheng asked again.

“Yes, I have just achieved Illumination a few days ago.” Lin Huang thought there was nothing to hide as they sensed each other’s sword realm during the battle. He could sense that Yi Zheng was level-2 on his sword realm.

After confirming his speculation, Yi Zheng’s expression was even more complicated as he gazed at Lin Huang.

“I might not be able to fight you anymore when you level up to white flame-level… I’ve always thought that I’m comparable with a real genius, but it seems like I’m wrong.” Yi Zheng shook his head and smiled awkwardly.

What Yi Zheng did not know was that Lin Huang was the top among the geniuses, so he got the wrong person to compare. Lin Huang did not respond to what Yi Zheng said. Yi Yeyu thought Lin Huang would be defeated by Yi Zheng, but it was the other way around instead.

“Don’t be upset, brother. Lin Huang’s master is Mr. Fu. His talent and gift should be the top in Division7, or else Mr. Fu wouldn’t take him as his apprentice,” Yi Yeyu comforted him.

“Mr. Fu is your master?” Yi Zheng was shocked but soon returned to normal.

“No wonder… Only Mr. Fu could train such a beast like you.”

“Err…” Lin Huang thought about it and realized that Mr. Fu had been allowing him to do whatever he wanted. However, he did not say anything so that he would not hurt Yi Zheng’s feelings again.

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