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Chapter 445: It Doesn’t Make A Difference Since You’re Already in Debt

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After the battle ended, the three of them left the battle training ground while Yi Zheng walked away on his own as he was upset. Although he had basically won the battle, he did not feel joy at all. Yi Yeyu did not expect that to be the result. She thought of seeing Lin Huang embarra.s.s himself so that she could take some photos or videos to make fun of him in the future if Lin Huang were to tease her. Not only did she not manage to do that, but now Yi Zheng was miserable.

“Did you hide your abilities when we were in the ruins?” Yi Yeyu suspected as the improvement in his ability was too terrifying compared to a month ago.

“I didn’t really hide my abilities. It was more like not showing all I have. But I’ve been integrating various sword skills and breaking through the sword realm recently. I’ve also been training real battles every day, so I’ve improved a little,” Lin Huang said the truth.

“You…” Yi Yeyu just found out that Lin Huang had been holding back all the while.

“Then, how about the battle just now? Did you give your all?”

“Almost all that I had. I couldn’t use some of the skills as it wasn’t a real life and death battle after all.” Lin Huang nodded.

“But your brother obviously held back. He suppressed his speed and strength to be on the same level with mine,” Lin Huang added.

“Who do you think would win if you and my brother didn’t hold back at all?” Yi Yeyu wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“If I don’t summon any monsters, he has a 95% winning rate. If I summon monsters, he would have an 80% chance of winning,” Lin Huang said after thinking to himself.

“So, my brother is more powerful!” Yi Yeyu was satisfied with Lin Huang’s answer.

Lin Huang only responded with a smile. He knew that once he leveled up to white flame-level, if Yi Zheng did not improve by then, the tables would definitely turn. As they left the battle training ground, Yi Yeyu brought Lin Huang to her own room. To be precise, she brought him to the building that she was staying in. Yi Yeyu’s room was a huge three-story villa. Each floor was more than four times of the size of the dorm Lin Huang was staying in.

Although it was said to be three-stories, the bas.e.m.e.nt made up two stories. It looked old with tiles from the outside, but the interior was luxurious. Even the ottoman at the entrance was made of gold strings and other rare creatures. Lin Huang had to admit that Yi Yeyu was filthy rich.

“Xiao Hong loves spitting fire everywhere, so I have been changing many things in the room to be fireproof,” Yi Yeyu saw Lin Huang staring at the golden string ottoman at the entrance, so she explained.

“I must say keeping a pet is much more troublesome than I thought,” Yi Yeyu added.

“So, you’re still calling your baby Xiao Hong?” Lin Huang looked up at her.

“What does that have to do with you!?” Yi Yeyu glared deadly at him.

“Do you want me to think of a name?” Lin Huang smiled as he suggested.

“Go away!” Yi Yeyu was furious at Lin Huang’s teasing.

“It’s okay if you don’t want that. Must you be so furious?” Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders.

“So, do you still want the monster blood?” Yi Yeyu threatened him.

“I’m sorry, big sister.” Lin Huang suddenly became gentle.

“Hmph!” Yi Yeyu scoffed and summoned Xiao Hong.

It was the same as Lin Huang saw in the video call two days ago. Its head was slightly bigger now, and its hair was as fiery red as usual. As Lin Huang was checking it out, it was scrutinizing Lin Huang as well. The triple mutated monster had high intelligence, let alone a phoenix blood pet. It could tell that Lin Huang did not have any bad intentions.

“Be careful. It spits fire when it’s mad.” Yi Yeyu was worried that Xiao Hong might attack strangers. Luckily, it did not look like it was going to attack Lin Huang.

Lin Huang took out a molten crystal from his storage s.p.a.ce and placed it on his palm. Xiao Hong seemed to sense the fire attributes energy in the crystal and walked towards Lin Huang. It then swallowed the crystal that was bigger than its mouth.

“What did you give it?” Yi Yeyu asked immediately.

“A Molten Crystal.”

“Will it be okay?” Yi Yeyu was concerned.

“Don’t worry, the Seventails that I have at home eats that too. Yours has pure phoenix blood. It’ll be fine.” Lin Huang realized that Yi Yeyu was not familiar with how to feed her pet.

“So, what do you usually feed it?”

“My great-grandfather told me to feed it food with fire attributes, so I have been feeding it monster flesh and fruits of fire attributes. But it seems to eat everything, so sometimes I feed it what I eat,” Yi Yeyu said. Soon, she recalled that Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor.

“Is there any problem with the way I feed it?”

“The way you feed it is very wasteful. You don’t have to trouble yourself. Just feed it some fire minerals. The effect of minerals is better than monster flesh, and it’s also much cheaper. Some high-quality minerals are no less compared to fruits,” Lin Huang explained.

“Wouldn’t minerals be difficult to digest?” Yi Yeyu hesitated.

“Big sister, it’s a phoenix blood, not a human. It has a different digestive system compared to humans’. We humans can’t digest minerals, but to phoenix blood pets, it’s like eating rice. Can you not digest rice?” Lin Huang was speechless.

“Oh is it?” Yi Yeyu just realized that she had been feeding her pet wrongly all the while. She thought that basic things that humans could not eat would apply to her pet too.

“Then, is it normal that it likes to eat monster bones?”

“That should be normal as it can digest the bones.” Lin Huang nodded.

Yi Yeyu was speechless because the last time Xiao Hong was eating a piece of bone, she had overreacted by jumping up and down to get the bone out of its mouth.

Xiao Hong seemed to understand their conversation while it glared at Yi Yeyu like it was judging her. Yi Yeyu noticed its stare and looked at Lin Huang instead.

“Erm… Let’s get to business.”

Lin Huang nodded and looked at Xiao Hong. He took a handful of molten crystals from his storage s.p.a.ce and placed them before Xiao Hong.

“Xiao Hong, I would like to get three drops of your blood. Can I trade that with this bunch of molten crystals?”

Xiao Hong looked at the molten crystals for a while and chirped three times at him.

“Alright then, three handfuls of molten crystals for three drops of blood.” Lin Huang grabbed another two handfuls of molten crystals and put them on the carpet.

Xiao Hong nodded while Yi Yeyu was shocked.

“You can understand what it’s saying?”

“It’s not difficult to understand.” Lin Huang did not actually understand. He was just guessing and relating what he said to its response.

“I’m so envious of Imperial Censors now.” Yi Yeyu misunderstood but Lin Huang did not bother to explain.

After communicating with Xiao Hong, Lin Huang took out a syringe and used it to poke Xiao Hong’s leg. Soon, the syringe of a thumb size was filled with blood. Lin Huang removed the syringe immediately. The injury on Xiao Hong’s leg healed almost instantly.

“Thanks!” Lin Huang patted Xiao Hong’s back.

“I’ll need to use this blood within three hours, so I won’t stay. I’ll treat you to a meal in the future,” he then stood up and said to Yi Yeyu.

“How many meals do you owe me now?” Yi Yeyu smiled.

“Don’t worry. I’ll pay you back slowly. We have many opportunities in the future,” Lin Huang said with confidence.

“It doesn’t make any difference anyway since you already owe me so much. Go on now.” Yi Yeyu waved her hand.

“Thanks!” Lin Huang summoned his dimensional relic and stepped into it.

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