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Chapter 449: Conflict

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was 8.10 a.m. when Lin Huang arrived at the registrar’s office after breakfast. He had no idea what had happened in the registrar’s office and in the dean’s office earlier. The Year 1 teacher’s office was on the first floor, and the registrar was on the fourth floor while the dean’s office was on the fifth floor. They were all on different floors.

Meanwhile, the teacher’s offices were not arranged according to the levels of but types of instead. Those teaching sword skills would be in one office, blade skills in another while martial skills were in the next. The arrangement was made as there was a fight that broke out among teachers of different weapons before. The teachers in cultural studies were arranged into a few offices. There were 200 students in one cultural studies cla.s.s whereby the programme was different from battle If the battle used the same method, it would take forever for a cla.s.s to correct the students’ skills one by one. The cla.s.s would be chaotic if there were too many students in one battle cla.s.s.

Including Lin Huang, there were a total of 17 teachers teaching Year 1 blade skills. It was the second biggest programme after sword skills. Among the 3,000 new students, almost a third of them had enrolled in the sword realm programme. Many looked puzzledly at Lin Huang as he walked into the office as he was simply too young. It was obvious that he was not even 20; perhaps he was not even 18.

“Which cla.s.s are you from? Do you need help?” A hot, short-haired female teacher asked Lin Huang.

“I’m actually the new teacher.” Many were shocked at what Lin Huang said.

However, some of them soon sensed his aura that was gold-level rank-3. Lin Huang did not hide his aura. Instead, he just slightly shrouded it without displaying it. It was not difficult to sense his combat level. However, everyone focused on how young he was instead.

“Are you the new teacher who is replacing Zhang Xu?” A skinny middle-aged man looked at Lin Huang.

“Replacing Zhang Xu?” Lin Huang had no idea what he was talking about.

“You’re teaching Cla.s.s 2 sword skills, aren’t you?” The female teacher asked Lin Huang.

“Yes.” Lin Huang nodded.

“That’s you then. Zhang Xu has been teaching Cla.s.s 2 for the past seven years. Since you’re replacing him, he might look for trouble with you. Be careful.” The short-haired female teacher looked at Lin Huang with sympathy.

Some of them looked at Lin Huang with pity, others were cynical while some of them could not care less. Although they could sense that Lin Huang was gold-level rank-3, there was a huge difference between that and complete gold-level. Moreover, Zhang Xu had been complete gold-level for three years now. He had powerful battle abilities. Lin Huang was considered a genius since he managed to get to gold-level rank-3 when he was not even 20. However, to the teachers, they figured that they had to be weaker than Zhang Xu.

None of them knew that Lin Huang was only 16. They thought he looked 17 or 18, but perhaps he just looked young and might be over 20 now. They thought he had just graduated college with no battle experience.

“Thanks for the reminder.” Lin Huang just found out that he had replaced someone after hearing what the short-haired teacher said. Looking at the others’ reaction and from her description, he could tell that Zhang Xu was difficult to handle.

“What’s the occasion?” Just when Lin Huang said that a voice came from the entrance. A tall person walked into the office. It was a man who was around 1.9 meters tall. He looked like he was in his 40’s, and had a buzz-cut with a beard. He wore metal chains around his neck and did not look friendly. Lin Huang checked him out and figured he must be Zhang Hu who was finding fault with him.

“Yo, you must be the new teacher for the sword realm!” Zhang Xu recognized Lin Huang immediately as he had seen his photo and doc.u.ments, so he walked straight towards him.

Lin Huang wanted to see what Zhang Xu would do to him. As he walked over to him, he patted Lin Huang’s shoulder and smiled to the rest of them in the office.

“Let me introduce you. This is our new teacher. His family name is Lin, and he’s only 16 this year. A 16-year-old teaching at the Martial Hunter College, isn’t that great?”

Many looked in shock at Lin Huang. They did not expect him to be so young.

However, some of them looked puzzled. Since Lin Huang was already a gold-level rank-3 at the young age of 16, he must be talented or must come from a powerful family. They thought he must have an influential background since he was sent to teach at the Martial Hunter College at 16 and managed to pa.s.s through the dean and Vice Presidents. Zhang Xuefeng did not dare to question Lin Huang as he knew Liu Ming would not have sent him here for nothing. Although he had no idea who Lin Huang was, he decided to just watch what would happen.

What he told Zhang Xu was just to comfort him. If Lin Huang really had a powerful background, no matter how horrible his teaching skill was, he would not be kicked out just like that. If Lin Huang were really horrible, he would definitely work something out for his grandson. However, Zhang Xu did not think about all that. He was poor in academic studies since he was young. He depended on Zhang Xuefeng to get into the college. That was how he managed to teach in the college.

He had been an adventurer for many years since he graduated from college where he achieved great battle ability after years of killing. He was considered a talented teacher from all the experiences that he had acc.u.mulated. However, his talent was mediocre. Hence, he had remained stagnant on complete gold-level for a few years now.

He was protected by Zhang Xuefeng throughout all the years that he was teaching in the college. n.o.body would offend him no matter how much of a bully he was in the college. Now that he was being replaced by a kid after teaching for seven years, he could not move on if he did not do something about it. He did not think deeper into the matter. He thought that all he would get for beating Lin Huang up was some scolding even if Lin Huang was Liu Ming’s relative. He had his grandfather to protect him since Liu Ming was not in the college at the moment.

“Err… You must be Sir Zhang Xu.” Lin Huang could tell who that was from Zhang Xu’s tone.

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