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Chapter 450: Defeated in One Hit

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Many knew that they were in for an exciting show as soon as they saw Zhang Xu walking into the Year 1 sword realm cla.s.s office.

“You’re… Sir Zhang Xu, aren’t you?” Lin Huang knew he was in trouble.

“Yes, I’m Zhang Xu who’s been teaching Cla.s.s 2 for seven years and am now replaced by you.” Zhang Xu smiled as he looked down at Lin Huang. Even the blind could tell that there was sarcasm in his smile.

“Sir Zhang, it’s not I who decides which cla.s.s to teach. I was just informed about that this morning. Before I stepped into this office, I didn’t know that I was replacing you.” Lin Huang shook off Zhang Xu’s hand that was placed on his shoulder casually and turned around to look at him.

“I’m just starting my career here. I don’t want to make the situation awkward for us since we’re colleagues who’ll be spending a long time together. I can see that you’re also a professional hunter, Sir Zhang, so why not we solve this conflict like hunters?”

Most of the teachers were professional hunters. They knew what the hunter way meant. There were the occasional conflicts among hunters even if they knew each other for years. To solve such a situation, they would usually fight. No matter who won, as long as the anger was released, the conflict would be over after the fight.

What Lin Huang suggested was what Zhang Xu wanted. He was just thinking how to get Lin Huang to agree to fight him but now Lin Huang had suggested it himself.

“The hunter’s way… I like it.” Zhang Xu grinned.

“We must solve the conflict after all! I didn’t expect a boy as young as you to have a temper like mine. But let’s agree that no matter who wins, our conflict will end here. The one who loses won’t play the fool behind the winner’s back.”

“Deal.” Lin Huang smirked.

“Since we’ve agreed to solve this by fighting, let’s do this as soon as possible. Let’s do it today. We’ll go someplace after the orientation.” Zhang Xu grinned, not wanting to drag this out for too long.

“Why the trouble? Let’s do it now.” Lin Huang looked at the time projected from his Emperor’s Heart Ring and smiled at Zhang Xu.

“We still have three minutes before 8:30 a.m.”

Zhang Xu was surprised at Lin Huang’s suggestion, but soon he figured that it was a trap. Since they only had three minutes, even if he won, he would not have enough time to beat Lin Huang up. Many of them who were watching thought Lin Huang was smart to set the battle to be three minutes long. They knew that Zhang Xu would agree to Lin Huang’s suggestion based on Zhang Xu’s temper. However, some of them were shocked at Lin Huang’s suggestion as they knew he was not afraid of being beaten up. Instead, he had the confidence to defeat Zhang Xu within three minutes.

“Three minutes will be sufficient!” Zhang Xu agreed. He thought that with his ability, he would be able to defeat Lin Huang in a couple of minutes. Although three minutes was short, it was sufficient to teach Lin Huang a lesson.

“Let’s do it here then.” Lin Huang looked around and thought that the office was wide enough for them to fight. However, to the others, s.p.a.ce was restricted as it was not as large as the training room. A gold-level human could easily damage the floor, walls and other equipment in the office. With the restriction, Zhang Wu would not be able to perform at his peak.

Zhang Xu had the same thought, but he grinned as he knew he had Zhang Xuefeng behind his back even if he destroyed the office. He did not mind the restriction; all he wanted was to beat Lin Huang up.

“Sure, since Sir Lin thinks here will do, let’s do it here then.” A 1-star sword relic appeared in Zhang Xu’s hand. He did not plan to let Lin Huang speak any further so that he would not come up with more restrictions. The rest got out of the office and watched from the entrance so that they would not be affected.

Looking at the relic in Zhang Xu’s hand, Lin Huang took out a golden weapon ring from his storage s.p.a.ce and turned it into a golden sword.

“You don’t have any sword relics?” Zhang Xu raised his eyebrow. He was considering if he should change his relic into a normal sword so that he would not be called a bully.

“This is good enough.” Many thought what Lin Huang said was obnoxious as a relic was much more powerful than a weapon. It was clear that Zhang Xu was nothing to Lin Huang.

Zhang Xu became furious when he heard what Lin Huang said. He was still considering if he should change his sword, not caring even if he was called a bully!

They stood less than 20 meters across each other. Lin Huang stood where he was without any intention to attack. Zhang Xu was getting madder. He thought that since he was the senior here, he should be a gentleman and let Lin Huang attack first. However, now Lin Huang looked like he was dragging out his time.

The rest of the spectators thought that Lin Huang was playing it well as he was delaying. Some of them even looked at the time. It was only two minutes to 8:30 a.m.

“This kid is cunning!” Zhang Xu thought to himself.

“If you’re not attacking, I shall attack then!” Zhang Xu said.

Lin Huang nodded with a smile.

Zhang Xu then dashed towards Lin Huang. There was a golden glow all over his body, and he looked majestic. The audience at the entrance exclaimed as the fierce aura came from his battle experiences. They started breathing heavily. Most of the teachers could not do what Zhang Xu was doing. Meanwhile, Lin Huang stood where he was without moving.

Within seconds, Zhang Xu appeared before Lin Huang. His sword relic that was like a golden torch was going for the sword in Lin Huang’s hand instead of for his body.

“d.a.m.n kid, let me destroy your sword and I shall beat the s.h.i.+t out of you!” Zhang Xu grinned as he saw Lin Huang stood where he was without reacting.

Just when the swords collided, the sword in Lin Huang’s hand flashed with a golden glow. He seemed to move a bit, but again, he seemed like he had not moved at all. Zhang Xu had no idea how he had pa.s.sed through Lin Huang’s body.

As he was trying to figure out what had happened, the body of his sword relic broke and fell on his feet. Later on, he heard another crunching sound. He looked down and saw the 1-star armor relic that he was wearing with a 20-centimeter crack at his waist. He could even see his tummy that was unhurt through the broken armor.

“Lin Huang did this?” Zhang Xu’s body became stiff. His back was soaked in cold sweat. The people who were watching at the office entrance were stunned. As Zhang Xu’s back was facing them, they could not see that his armor had broken. They only saw his broken sword.

A golden weapon sword broke a sword relic?! A white flame-level might not be able to do such a thing! Lin Huang had been underestimated. Now, everyone noticed that Lin Huang who was a gold-level rank-3 at the age of 16 was not only a genius in cultivation, he was a real genius himself.

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