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Chapter 452: All Grown Up

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was introduced to his 16 colleagues before the orientation started. With his amazing memory, he had memorized all of their names because it would be awkward if he called the wrong names in the future. The orientation started at 9 a.m. sharp. The first one to speak was Dean w.a.n.g. He talked about the history of the college as well as the famous people who were born from the college. The second one who was speaking was Dean Zhang, who only did the formalities.

They did not speak too long. The both of them only spoke less than twenty minutes combined. Later on was the speech by the registrar’s office director, Li Feng. He mainly talked about the college management and some of the things that the students should take note of. He finished in less than ten minutes. The longest speech was from the director of cultural studies. Perhaps, he got used to giving three hours of lectures, so he spoke for half an hour, which was longer than the previous three combined. He only stopped speaking after the secretary reminded him.

Finally, it was the student representative called Mu Xiao. He was one of the students who had gotten full scores in his graduating exam in Division 7. He was also the only one among the three who had enrolled into Martial Hunter College. Everyone had their attention on Mu Xiao as he walked onto the stage.

“Hi, everyone, my name is Mu Xiao. I’m top 1 among all the new students in the college. I plan to sit on my spot until I graduate. The rest of you can fight to get to second place.”

“My goal is to get to Transcendent within three years and become the youngest Transcendent in Division 7! I want to be the mountain that all students in Martial Hunter College won’t be able to cross in 100 years!”

Mu Xiao walked off the stage obnoxiously after giving his speech. Lin Huang smirked as he heard the kid’s goal to become the youngest Transcendent in Division 7.

“Young people are full of energy!”

“Lin Huang, how long would you take to get to complete gold-level?” Mu Xiaolan who was not far away asked while smiling.

“The most would be a month.” Lin Huang grinned back at her.

“Then, the kid’s dream will be ruined. Even if he managed to get to holy fire-level in three years, he would be top 2.” Mu Xiaolan giggled while covering her mouth.

“It’s great that the young people are ambitious.” Lin Huang could tell that Mu Xiao was only 15, but he was already bronze-level rank-1. He definitely had the right to be obnoxious.

“This kid is in kendo. It seems like the department will be ahead of us this year.” Qin Tianxing shook his head.

Lin Huang just realized that the compet.i.tion among departments was much more compet.i.tive than he thought. After Mu Xiao’s speech, the orientation ended after the secretary spoke. The students and teachers left accordingly.

“Lin Huang, there’s a dinner tonight, but teachers who don’t want to join can skip the dinner,” Qin Tianxing reminded him.

“I won’t be joining then. You guys have fun. I’ll be preparing my teaching materials these few days,” Lin Huang rejected directly.

“Sure, focus on your teaching materials. I shall not disturb you then.” Qin Tianxing knew that the teachers who were teaching for the first time would be nervous as he had experienced the same thing before.

“Your cla.s.s will be next Friday afternoon, right? I’ll sit in,” Qin Tianxing said.

“Please do!” Lin Huang knew that Qin Tianxing was worried that he could not manage. He probably planned to help him when that happened.

As Qin Tianxing left, Lin Huang saw Lin Xin running towards him.

“So, have you met your cla.s.smates?” Lin Huang smiled.

“I guess so. There are just too many people in cultural studies. There are a total of 200 of them. It’s good that I can remember some of the names.”

“It’s the first day of school. You shouldn’t have any, should you?” Lin Huang asked. He only knew his cla.s.s would be next Friday, but he had no idea about the other students and teachers.

“ will officially start tomorrow. It’s just going to be this orientation and student ID registration this morning and moving into the dorms in the afternoon. Year 1 and Year 2 students aren’t allowed to stay outside of school, so I’ll drop by your dorm in the afternoon to move out my stuff.” Lin Xin was excited as it was her first time staying in school. She had stayed outside previously and had never stayed together with other girls in the dorm. Moreover, now that Lin Huang was teaching at the Martial Hunter College, she could see him anytime she wanted so it made no difference to her.

However, Lin Huang was upset as it felt like he was letting go of his child. Although he was a traveler, Lin Xin had become his family member that he could not lose over the years.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll take good care of myself. Since you’re in the college as well, I’ll definitely call you if anybody bullies me,” Lin Xin comforted him as she noticed that he was upset.

“If anybody, no matter who, dares to bully you, I’ll make them pay the price,” Lin Huang said in all seriousness.

“Alright then, go pick up your student ID. I’ll help you move in the afternoon.” Lin Huang patted Lin Xin’s head while smiling.

“It’s okay. You can prepare your teaching materials. I don’t have much stuff anyway. I’ll just have to throw all of them into my storage s.p.a.ce.” Lin Xin waved her hand.

“Alright, I’m leaving now!” Lin Xin ran and joined the queue.

“Ling Xue, who’s that person?” A tall girl asked Lin Xin.

Ling Xue was Lin Xin’s alter ego that Lin Huang had created for her when they arrived in Winter City half a year ago to prevent the Purple Crow from finding them. Lin Xin had used the name to get into the Martial Hunter College.

“He’s so handsome!” The two girls next to her commented.

Lin Huang stood where he was while watching Lin Xin leave. He set his alarm clock on his Emperor’s Heart Ring and headed to the library. After reading for more than an hour, his alarm clock rang at 11:30 p.m. Lin Huang turned off the alarm clock and headed to the dorm. He stopped walking when he arrived not far away from his dorm as he could see someone moving in the dorm through the window on the second floor.

Lin Xin seemed to have completed her packing and was cleaning. Lin Huang thought about it and stayed where he was while watching Lin Xin from the window. She was smiling, and Lin Huang could sense that she was humming like she usually did. Half an hour later, Lin Xin seemed to finish what she was doing and opened the door. Lin Huang quickly hid behind the tree. Lin Xin looked around, seeming to be upset. She closed the door and walked slowly towards the path under the trees.

After a while, Lin Huang leaped from the tree and looked at the direction where Lin Xin left. He then headed to the dorm after she disappeared. The dorm was clean. Even the living room that was usually messy was tidy now. Lin Huang walked to the second floor. Besides the furniture, everything in Lin Xin’s room was moved out. Looking at the empty wardrobe and the little lamp on the table that Lin Xin loved the most which were now gone, Lin Huang felt empty.

He walked out of her room and headed to his own room, which was being cleaned. There was a note on the bed head. He walked over quickly and looked at the note that was slipped under the lamp.

“Brother, I’ll learn to be independent from today onwards. I’ll take care of myself without having you to worry about me. Please take good care of yourself, eat when it’s time, and rest when it’s time. Don’t forget about the time whenever you’re training,” Lin Xin had scrawled gracefully on the note.

“This girl has really grown up…”

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