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Chapter 459: Leveled Up to Complete Gold-Level

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On Monday morning, Yu Yang led 42 Sword Dao students from Year 1 Cla.s.s 2 to the registrar’s office.

“What are you guys doing so early in the morning?” The director of the registrar’s office, Li Feng, frowned. He could guess why the students were here.

After Lin Huang’s cla.s.s ended last Friday, some of the students recorded a video in which Lin Huang said he would disqualify the students from joining the battle drills for the entire semester. The video had been shared all over after omitting the front part of what Lin Huang said. Some teachers in the group chat forwarded the video too.

“We request the school to fire Sir Lin Huang! He’s not fit to be a teacher!” Yu Yang who led the cla.s.s shouted.

What was happening in the registrar had gotten the other officers’ attention on the fourth floor. Everyone gathered around and talked among themselves.

“The one who’s leading can speak.” Li Feng looked at Yu Yang pointedly.

Yu Yang who represented the cla.s.s walked proudly to Li Feng.

“You’ll need a legit reason to fire a teacher. Tell me, what is the reason to get us to fire Sir Lin?” Li Feng raised his brow at the young man while he leaned back in his office chair.

Yu Yang projected the video that he had edited. It was the part where Lin Huang wanted to disqualify the students from joining the battle drills for the entire semester and giving them zero marks.

“He doesn’t know how to teach. All he does is threaten us by disqualifying us from the battle drill. Moreover, a teacher who has never been to college isn’t qualified to be our teacher,” Yu Yang explained before he projected the video of Lin Huang admitting that he had never been to college on his first day of cla.s.s.

“All of us agree that he’s not suitable to teach us. So, either the school fires him or relocates him to other We Cla.s.s 2 students can’t accept such a teacher to teach us.”

“So, you think I have no idea what really happened?” Li Feng smirked after Yu Yang was done talking. Yu Yang’s heart skipped a beat. Li Feng then showed a video clip of the Cla.s.s 2 students practicing their sword skills. It was recorded by Qin Tianxing, and the clip included all the students’ performance and the reason why Lin Huang was mad. In reality, after Yu Yang and the rest had shared the edited video on Friday, Li Feng had questioned Qin Tianxing when he saw someone forwarding the video to the teachers’ group chat. He found out what had really happened after watching the complete video that Qin Tianxing had recorded.

“How dare you turn the tables around when you didn’t manage to accomplish the mission that’s been set by your teacher? Look at what you guys were doing! All you did was dance instead of giving it a full week of practice! Sir Lin was right. Students from worse colleges are even more powerful than all of you. At least, they’re serious about what they do! You even edited the video and made it viral everywhere to create a scene! Now, you’re here to tell me how bad your teacher is and asking me to fire the teacher?!” What Li Feng roared made Yu Yang turn pale.

“Do you know that Lin Huang saw the video that you guys edited from the beginning? I asked him to share the video of your performance to show the reason why he got mad and let everyone judge for themselves. But Lin Huang refused to as the video might affect you guys. He bore all of the accusations that you guys spread. He had the opportunity to prove himself, but he chose to remain silent.”

Not only Yu Yang, the rest of the students had their heads hanging low in shame.

“I’m ending this matter here. We’re standing on Sir Lin Huang’s side. Those who sent out the video, please delete the video that you beautifully edited within 24 hours and the registrar’s office will set this aside. But I would like to emphasize that if any of you got zero for the battle drill, we, the Martial Hunter College, will expel you from the school! It will be the same even if you complain to the dean.” Li Feng was determined to support Lin Huang as he knew that Lin Huang had Liu Ming behind his back, and he did not want to offend him.

Yu Yang walked out miserably from the office, and the rest of the students departed like they had just lost a battle. They did not expect that the proof that they had created would backfire. Without any other choices, they practiced the sword skill honestly. The matter had been contained by Li Feng just like that. Lin Huang just smiled when he heard what happened. Although the video was deleted, the matter was still a hot topic in the college. Even students from Year 2 and Year 3 heard about this new teacher with a powerful background who managed to get away with his ridiculous decision. Even though the video was deleted. Lin Xin contacted him again because of the matter, but Lin Huang succeeded in comforting her.

Soon, it was Friday of the third week, and Lin Huang had cla.s.s in the afternoon. Lin Huang did the same thing whereby he examined the students’ progress, and he was pretty satisfied this time.

“There are 36 students who have pa.s.sed today. I’ve said this before. It’s not difficult to each my expectations as long as you practice. I hope all of you manage to reach my standards and won’t be disqualified from the battle drill on the fifth week.”

Lin Huang did not mention the scene that the students had created during the entire cla.s.s like it had never happened. Many of the students who wanted revenge were relieved. Even Qin Tianxing was glad as he was worried that Lin Huang might find fault with the students again to increase the tension among the students. Luckily, the cla.s.s was pretty harmonious.

After the cla.s.s, Lin Huang was reading in the library at night. Suddenly, he felt the Life Power in his body completely stabilize. With a slight s.h.i.+ft of aura, he had leveled up to complete gold-level.

He did not rotate his Life Power this time as he had leveled up from gold-level rank-3 to complete gold-level. Besides training swordsmans.h.i.+p, he allowed his Life Power to rotate by itself. After spending almost three months, he had finally completed his upgrade.

It was the longest time for him to stagnate on the same combat level. However, throughout the learning and digesting process, his foundation was now stable.

“Congratulations, your epic-level monster Gold Armored Genie (Tyrant) has leveled up automatically to crimson flame-level.

“Congratulations, your epic-level monster the Ruthless Sword Master (Lancelot) and the other sword slaves have leveled up automatically to crimson flame-level.

“Congratulations, your epic-level monster Nephilic (Kylie) has leveled up automatically to crimson flame-level.”

A few notifications from Xiao Hei popped up as he leveled up.

“Now that I’ve broken through my combat level and my Monster Cards have leveled up, it’s time to hunt for Life Fire monsters!” Lin Huang smirked.

“But among the Life Fire monsters that I have shortlisted earlier, which one should I choose?”

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