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Chapter 461: The Field that was Rolled Over by Swine Beasts

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Blacksword Killer was a triple mutated G.o.d’s blood monster that looked like a human with horrific abilities. Lin Huang had seen how powerful a triple mutated monster could be. When the Supreme Overlord managed to break free from him, its performance was three ranks higher than its own ability. Lin Huang could almost tell that a triple mutated white flame-level monster could have the same ability as a purple flame-level monster whereas a G.o.d’s blood would be even more powerful. It could even be on gold flame-level.

Although a complete gold-level was only one rank away from a white flame-level, in reality, its ability was two ranks apart from each other. Therefore, for a person to obtain the tinder, one must cross at least two ranks to kill the monster. That was also the reason why most people would only choose a single mutated monster when they wanted to level up to holy fire-level. Less than 1% of people would choose a double mutated monster and would usually kill the monster as a team instead of killing it solo.

Meanwhile, not only was a triple mutated monster at least 10 times more powerful than a double mutated monster, its intelligence was also higher and probably had odd and convertible abilities. The rule of tinder hunting included the possibility of the hunter’s partner being, at most, a complete gold-level with a maximum of 100 people and 10 summoning monsters. Under such circ.u.mstances, many died whenever they attempted to kill triple mutated monsters. As time went by, people gave up on that option and fewer people considered killing triple mutated monsters during the recent years.

After getting the Backsword Killer’s information from Mr. Fu, Lin Huang had been preparing himself before the battle for the past few days. He was watching the limited battle video clips that were available and a.n.a.lyzing its weakness. He was careful this time as he could not summon any of his monsters to help him since he had to fight on his own. Although the tinder rule said that one could summon a maximum of 10 summoning monsters whereby their combat levels had to be lower than the monster that one was hunting, Lin Huang’s monsters had just been upgraded to crimson flame-level a few days ago. If they were to join the battle, even if Lin Huang managed to kill the Backsword Killer, the tinder would disappear.

To be honest, Lin Huang did not have the confidence to defeat a triple mutated white flame-level monster of G.o.d’s blood on his own.

“Xiao Hei, will it affect the Life Seed if I used the Transformation Card?”

“It’ll be fine if the monster’s combat level that you transform into is lower than that of the monster that you’re hunting. But since all of your epic-level Monster Cards are now crimson flame-level, once you transform yourself, your combat level will be higher than the Blacksword Killer’s. According to the tinder rule, the tinder in the Blacksword Killer will disappear even if you manage to kill it.”

“What if I use the One-time Skill Card?”

“The One-time Skill Card has no combat level on its own, but there are combat levels to its sealed skills. If what you sealed was the attack of the previous gold flame-level that you previously fought, its gold flame-level aura will be released once activated and the tinder will disappear as well.”

All of the plans that Lin Huang came up with were rejected by Xiao Hei.

“Seems like the only way is to fight it myself. I shall depart on after my cla.s.s on Friday!” As he finalized his plans, he a.n.a.lyzed the video clips for the next couple of days, looking for ways to tackle its attacks.

Time flew by, and soon it was Friday again. As usual, Qin Tianxing sat in his cla.s.s. As it was already the fourth week, just like Lin Huang said previously, it would be the last sword skill test before the battle drill. Qin Tianxing had come up with a plan before entering the cla.s.s. As long as any student who failed this time did not perform too badly, he would get Lin Huang to show them mercy and let them pa.s.s.

As soon as the both met, Qin Tianxing sensed the change in Lin Huang’s aura.

“You’ve leveled up to complete gold-level?!” Qin Tianxing exclaimed without considering where he was. Many of the students heard and they eavesdropped.

“I’ve stayed on gold-level rank-3 for almost three months now, it would be ridiculous for me to wait further.” Lin Huang smiled and admitted as he knew people would find out anyway.

“Have you chosen the tinder monster?” Qin Tianxing asked immediately.

“Yes, I have.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Which one did you pick?” Qin Tianxing was curious.

“It’s a secret.”

“With your ability, you must have chosen a double mutated monster. Let me in on a little please.” Qin Tianxing was eager to know which tinder monster that Lin Huang had picked.

“Why must it be a double mutated monster?” Lin Huang asked him back and walked away while Qin Tianxing was left clueless.

“If it isn’t a double mutated monster, is he picking a single mutated monster instead?” Qin Tianxing mumbled to himself, but soon he realized something.

“Don’t tell me you picked a triple mutated…”

Lin Huang smiled and said nothing.

Qin Tianxing could not focus during the cla.s.s. He remembered clearly that he got 16 of his good friends to help him when he killed the double mutated monster when he was obtaining tinder last time. He spent a great effort to kill the monster. It was crazy of Lin Huang to pick a triple mutated monster! His jaw would definitely drop if he found out that not only did Lin Huang pick a triple mutated monster, but also a G.o.d’s blood and that he was going to fight it alone.

In the fourth cla.s.s, the students were practicing the Sanguinary Kill Forms as usual.

“Pa.s.s, next!”

“Pa.s.s, next!”

“I can see that everyone has given effort this week. All 50 of you have done well,” Lin Huang looked across the hall as he said while the students held their heads down. Two students had actually failed based on Lin Huang’s standards but since they were close to the pa.s.sing mark, he showed them mercy and allowed the both of them to pa.s.s.

“Since all of you are qualified to join the battle drill next week, I hope all of you will give your best and don’t embarra.s.s Cla.s.s 2.”

“For the remaining two hours of cla.s.s, I shall let you guys have some fun. Please wait here for a moment,” Lin Huang said and summoned his dimensional relic and brought back three unconscious iron-level monsters.

“These are three monsters on iron-level rank-1. One was good in strength, another in speed while the last one in defense. From now on, these three monsters are your target practice.” Lin Huang knew that this was what the students wanted.

The students were excited when they saw the three iron-level monsters. Although they did not get to go to the wild zone, the three monsters were enough to keep them busy for a while.

“Sir Lin, can we practice after cla.s.s?” A girl asked in antic.i.p.ation.

“Sure, you can practice until midnight. I’ll leave these monsters here.” Lin Huang and woke the three monsters up.

Sensing Lin Huang’s aura, the three monsters started running as soon as they opened their eyes while the students ran after them. The battle training ground became crowded.

“Are you sure the dean won’t be mad if he sees this mess when he’s back?” Qin Tianxing asked Lin Huang as he watched the chaos in the making.

“Don’t worry, he won’t.”

“This field looked like it was rolled over by Swine Beasts when I trained with him earlier,” Lin Huang really wanted to say.

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