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Chapter 465: Winning by Pretending to be Weak

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing that the Blacksword Killer had disappeared from the hole and a shadow appeared suddenly next to him, Lin Huang activated his Dark s.h.i.+eld without hesitation. A terrifying murky green Life Power collided with the Dark s.h.i.+eld. As its attack was blocked, the Blacksword Killer changed its sword position, attempting to pierce the top of the s.h.i.+eld. A direct shockwave was created as the black sword collided with the golden battle sword.


As the impact exploded in the air, a loop of air pressure created a perfect circle between the both of them. Trees and flowers hundreds of meters surrounding them were destroyed, and the smithereens went in all directions. As a result, the both of them flew away almost at the same time. Lin Huang landed hundreds of meters away, the ground cracking as he landed. Meanwhile, although the Blacksword Killer was not flung as far away as Lin Huang was, it was no better.

Lin Huang’s ability could not compare to the monster if they were to fight face to face. The attack ended up as a tie as the Dark s.h.i.+eld drained the monster’s first attack and the impact of its second attack dampened. The Blacksword Killer was forced to change its attack to two forms as its first attack was blocked by the Dark s.h.i.+eld. As it knew that Lin Huang’s Dark s.h.i.+eld was difficult to penetrate, it was redundant to fight him forcefully since it would render its next attack useless. Although the second attack was much weaker and could not fling Lin Huang away like it did earlier, it was better than being attacked outright.

Since it learned its lesson, Blacksword Killer then changed its attack mode. Lin Huang noticed that the monster before him was much more intelligent than he expected. Even if he were fighting a human, not many of them would be determined enough to change their attack mode if they were to face the defense of the Dark s.h.i.+eld. Most people would choose to test the Dark s.h.i.+eld’s defense limit and only switch their mode of attack after multiple failed attempts of breaking through.

Meanwhile, the Blacksword Killer only took one attempt to determine that it had to change its attack mode without hesitation. Among humans, perhaps only people with extensive experience would manage to come up with such a plan.

“It changed its attack to two forms to defend against me instead of fighting me. Perhaps it chose to do that as it still has no idea of what I’m capable of and it daren’t drain its Life Power. This fella is smart!” Lin Huang could speculate what the monster was thinking.

“It must want to spend some time testing my limits before coming up with its plan, so it chose to defend against me instead. If I perform well, it might choose to drag the fight on so that it can use its Life Power minimally in hopes that I’ll drain my Life Power first. On the contrary, if I perform poorly, it might choose to unleash everything it has to defeat me once and for all…”

His smirked as he came up with an idea. In the dense jungle, the both of them leaped again and collided with each other. Lin Huang maintained his strategy of holding a s.h.i.+eld in one hand and a sword in the other while the Blacksword Killer used the two-form attack that it had used earlier. Intense blows rumbled on Elam Island like it was in the midst of a thunderstorm. Within minutes, the both of them had struck each other hundreds of times, but none of them were harmed.

However, hundreds of kilometers of the jungle were affected. As the both of them collided, everything around them was almost destroyed. Many trees with thick trunks fell, most of them smashed from the impact of their fight. The flowers and bushes on the ground were damaged, and even the ground flipped upwards from the strong wind. All the plants that were not rooted deeply in the earth were uprooted. Whatever ground they stood on was swept away like a grade-12 hurricane. Besides the sh.o.r.e, the island had been lush with greenery, but now, the edge of the east was a bald patch.

It was almost like a fight between two gold flame-levels. On the Elam Island, many monsters ran away while those that could not run burrowed deeply in their lairs. They s.h.i.+vered under the intense thuds and rumbles. Many holy fire-level monsters near the island sensed the shockwaves of the battle and watched the island in fear. None of them dared to go closer.

When Lin Huang noticed that the first Life Wheel in his body was almost drained, he started to insert less Life Power into his battle sword. He slightly decreased the amount of Life Power on his first attack on purpose; it was insignificant. However, the sensitive Blacksword Killer sensed it. No matter how minute the change was, the monster could sense it. As it realized the human’s odd behavior, the Blacksword Killer’s green eye lit up and it took the opportunity to attack without hesitation.

It started swinging its sword at Lin Huang without pondering if it could break his defense anymore as it sensed that Lin Huang’s Life Power should be nearing to an end considering that he started decreasing the amount of Life Power in his sword. Without thinking twice, Lin Huang picked up his Dark s.h.i.+eld and backed off it an instant.

“Gotcha!” Lin Huang smirked and thought to himself.

Looking at his reaction, the Blacksword Killer confirmed its speculation, so it did not want him to get away. It swung its black sword repet.i.tively in an attempt to drain Lin Huang’s Life Power as soon as possible. Lin Huang had given up attacking while he ran and defended himself with his Dark s.h.i.+eld. Between attacks, he even drank a bottle of Life Power recovery elixir and pretended to let the monster notice him do so.

Upon seeing that Lin Huang started to refill his Life Power with the elixir, the Blacksword Killer knew who was on the winning side of the battle. Smugly, it thought to itself that winning was just a matter of time. Keeping the elixir bottle, Lin Huang started running again while the Blacksword Killer chased after him…

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