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Chapter 469: Flawless Card

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Regal Sword Killer performed much better than Lin Huang expected. It had the ability of an immortal-level, so it would be even more powerful if it gave it everything it had. As Lancelot’s Dark s.h.i.+eld was broken in one hit, Lin Huang realized that the defense that he had been proud of was like a piece of paper to the Regal Sword Killer. If Lancelot had not appeared before him, Lin Huang would have been dead.

Given the Regal Sword Killer’s powerful ability, Lancelot and Kylie, who were both on crimson flame-level, were disqualified from the fight. The same applied to Lin Huang whereby all he could do was to watch the three fiends fighting the Regal Sword Killer. The three fiends had responsibilities of their own on the burnt ground. The Witch contained the Regal Sword Killer with all sorts of skills, and the Malachian Fiend was responsible for defending while the Inferior Imp attacked it.

Although it was three against one, and the three fiends were three ranks higher than the Regal Sword Killer, they were not on the winning side. The Witch had limited abilities to contain the Regal Sword Killer with her skills as it always managed to break free within seconds. All the controlling skills could only contain it for one to two seconds. The more the Witch tried to restrain it, the shorter the duration of containing it became. It seemed like the Regal Sword Killer was becoming immune to the Witch’s skills.

Meanwhile, the Malachian Fiend’s defense was affected as the Regal Sword Killer had not managed to break its defense layer yet.

However, the attacks from the Inferior Imp seemed to be ineffective. Even with the Witch’s restraint, the Regal Sword Killer’s armor managed to block all the attacks despite being hit face on. Lin Huang frowned as he summoned the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. Although the crimson flame-level Sanguine Skeleton Spirit could not join the battle, all Lin Huang needed from him was to tie it up with its Punishment Chains. Even if the chains only managed to seal the Regal Sword Killer’s Life Power for a second, the Inferior Imp should be able to break its defense within that short period of time.

Sensing the appearance of the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit, the Regal Sword Killer looked at Lin Huang’s direction with mockery. It did not seem to mind the appearance of one more monster.

“Work with the Witch’s controlling skill to seal its Life Power with your Punishment Chains,” Lin Huang communicated with the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit in his mind. The Sanguine Skeleton Spirit nodded lightly to Lin Huang. He did not attack immediately as he was waiting for the perfect time.

Around two to three minutes later, the Regal Sword Killer experienced delays in its movement as it had been attacked by the Witch’s numbing venom. Seizing the opportunity, the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit flicked his nine flaming Punishment Chains towards the Regal Sword Killer. Soon, one of them got hold of one of its arms while the remaining eight chains were tying its body down.

Meanwhile, the Inferior Imp seized the opportunity as well by mauling the Regal Sword Killer’s head. As soon as the Inferior Imp reached the Regal Sword Killer’s head, a black glow flashed in the air. The Inferior Imp’s right arm was sliced off, and black blood was oozing out. As its attack was successful, the Regal Sword Killer dashed towards the Inferior Imp without thinking twice.

Suddenly, the Malachian Fiend came between the both of them and blocked the Regal Sword Killer’s second hit with its fist. Since its second hit failed, the Regal Sword Killer that was tied by the Punishment Chains turned around and looked at Lin Huang with a mocking smirk while showing its sharp teeth.

“Human kid, don’t you know that G.o.d’s blood monsters are immune to most of the restraining abilities?”

The Punishment Chains broke as soon the Regal Sword Killer said that. They disappeared soon after they fell to the ground.

“I’m sorry. It seems like I’m no help here,” the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit said helplessly to Lin Huang.

Although the Inferior Imp’s broken arm was restoring at the rate that could be seen with the naked eye, the restoration itself drained its Life Power. The three fiends were stuck in the same situation as the Regal Sword Killer’s sword.

As Lin Huang recalled the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit, he looked at the Regal Sword Killer below as he frowned.

“I must win this battle, or else I’ll lose three legendary-level cards!” Lin Huang could not accept such failure as four of his legendary-level Monster Cards were sealed at the moment including the Supreme Overlord, Bai, Charcoal, and b.l.o.o.d.y. Besides the Supreme Overlord, the remaining three leveled up following his own upgrade. He did not want to lose any of them, especially Bai, which was Lin Huang’s first ever summoning monster. He definitely could not afford to lose Bai.

“The only way is to use the Provisional Transformation Card to upgrade my combat level later,” Lin Huang looked at the three fiends as he thought to himself. The three of them were on purple flame-level, which was perfect for him to use the card. He looked at them for a while and locked his target on the Inferior Imp.

“It seems like I’ll have to transform myself into the Inferior Imp.”

The reason why he had chosen the Inferior Imp was that the Witch was not suitable for him to perform a close-distance attack since her physique was weak. Meanwhile, the Malachian Fiend was too plump whereby it would not be suitable for it to perform fast sword skills. On the contrary, the Inferior Imp was the perfect choice as it had sufficient strength and defensive abilities. Although it was bulky, it was agile.

Lin Huang did not mind what kind of new ability the card could bring him as all he needed was to perform the sword skills that he already had after leveling up his combat level.

“Too bad the pseudo Life Wheels that the Life Power Storage Card can create can’t be transferred to my new body. I can’t splurge my Life Power like I usually do,” Lin Huang mumbled to himself as he frowned. Just when he was ready to take out the Provisional Transformation Card, Xiao Hei’s notification came into his ear.

“You could use the Flawless Card on yourself to make the pseudo Life Wheels real, so even if you transformed yourself, you’ll have ten Life Wheels like you usually do. Besides that, the Flawless Card will carry out a full restoration on your entire body.”

“The Flawless Card?” Lin Huang had almost forgotten that he had a few of those cards. He still remembered that the card was used to restore his body, but he could not recall its exact function.

“What does the card do again?” He asked immediately.

“The Flawless Card is used to restore the user’s body, remove all pain in the body, including but not restricted to Life Power columns, Life Wheel, and blood issues. Just like the broken Life Wheel that you used to have, you can use this card to restore it.”

After Xiao Hei’s reminder, Lin Huang finally recalled that he received the Flawless Card as his last reward after activating his first Mission Card. However, before he could even do anything, Xue Luo had activated the card instead.

“I’ve used one Flawless Card once on Bai a year ago so that his blood wouldn’t be affected by the septic divisor, and I haven’t used the card since then. I should’ve acc.u.mulated three of them throughout the year, am I right?” Lin Huang remembered the time when Xiao Hei had explained it to him when he obtained the card.

“That’s right.”

“Alright then, activate one Flawless Card!” Lin Huang instructed without thinking twice.

“Are you sure that you want to activate Flawless Card?”


“Consuming Flawless Card x1, please select your target.”

“The target will be me.” Lin Huang looked at his own body.

Soon, a golden glow came out of nowhere and rushed into his body. It turned into countless tiny, golden dust and ran through his entire body. He could feel warmth in his bones like the warm sun was s.h.i.+ning on him in the winter. Within seconds, the golden glow had flowed all over his body and towards his Life Wheels. The pseudo Life Wheels seemed like nothing was happening to them, but Lin Huang could feel an odd sensation spreading out of his body. It felt like the nine pseudo Life Wheels that were like lifeless tools had just come alive. Just like the sword that had become a part of his life, these nine pseudo Life Wheels became a part of his body. They felt no different from his real Life Wheel.

Lin Huang even found out that he could activate his ten Life Wheels to absorb and release Life Power at the same time. The speed of Life Power restoration and release were ten times faster than before. He could only use his real Life Wheel to do this. No matter whether absorbing or releasing Life Power, he had to perform that using his real Life Wheel. Meanwhile, his remaining nine Life Wheels were used as Life Power storage tools and could neither absorb nor release Life Power.

Lin Huang felt his abilities increase invisibly after activating the Flawless Card. As the golden glow disappeared, he then snapped out of the zone. He could feel clearly that his abilities were upgraded. He then looked at the Regal Sword Killer with a golden card in his hand.

“It’s time for the battle to end now!”

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