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Chapter 47: b.l.o.o.d.y Scarred Hyena

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There was a gap broken in the third line of defense. It was out of everyone’s expectation, after all, the monster outbreak had just started for an hour.

Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng who were standing on top of the giant rock was shocked to see the monsters broke through the defense line.

Just when they wanted to fight, they saw Lin Huang who was a few hundred meters away summoning Tyrant to chase after the monsters.

The gang behind him saw and chased after the monsters too.

The monsters that broke through were five Demonic Hyenas, they belonged to the disease-cla.s.s.

Although they were also called hyenas, they were far different from the hyenas on earth.

Their fur was grayish-black and they were three meters long. Their limbs were long and their bodies were light.

There were two deformed horns on their heads, there were a ferocious, white, sharp bones on their back, extended from their neck to their thigh.

The rest of their bodies were filled with red pustules. Some were bulging and some were popped and rankled. Their bodies were exuding a disgusting stench.

Lin Huang knew this monster very well as he had read about them before.

As there were not many monsters that were categorized in the disease-cla.s.s, these Demonic Hyenas were the most common one.

According to the record, they carried more than 300 viruses on their bodies and more than 10 of those viruses were life-threatening to humans.

If proper treatment was not administered in time, it would cause serious infections and even death.

If one was bitten or scratched by them, the consequences would be very serious.

Lin Huang sat on Tyrant’s shoulders and took out his GrayEagle17, aiming at the Demonic Hyenas that ran past.

“Bang, bang, bang…” Shots were fired.

The Demonic Hyenas were caught off guard. They were hit and howled in agony.

A few of them were bewildered and became furious when they saw they injured companion. The pack then changed their course and set their sights on killing Lin Huang. They started running at him with murderous intent.

The armored bullets did not hit the Demonic Hyenas’ weak spots and the damage done was minimal. However, the same couldn’t be said for the pain it had caused.

The gunshots did not scare them away, instead, the shots triggered their vicious rage.

Looking at the Demonic Hyenas running at him, Lin Huang was not surprised. He was actually getting excited.

He slid off Tyrant’s shoulders, recalled the beast and summoned Bai.

In terms of combat strength, Tyrant and Bai were almost the same, but in terms of killing, Bai was one level stronger than Tyrant.

He possessed level-2 Blood Power which gave him a pair of sharp blades so the area of attack he had was bigger than what Tyrant had.

A few hundred meters was a short distance, and the five Demonic Hyenas were closing in on Lin Huang.

He just noticed half of the pustules on one of them were torn away and had turned into stripes of scary b.l.o.o.d.y scars.

Bai stood in front of Lin Huang with his red eyes, the pair of Blood Power wings were out and at full span, blocking the path of the five Demonic Hyenas.

Lin Huang slowly holstered his GrayEagle17 and took out his iron sword.

He locked his eyes on a mutated Demonic Hyena and said to Bai, “Bai, save the one on the left for me.”

Bai had got his orders and was ready to execute. He bent his left wing and stabbed it at the closest mutated monster that rushed at him.

The Demonic Hyena that was filled with b.l.o.o.d.y scars stared at Lin Huang with its grayish-white eyes. It then lunged at him and opened its mouth that was filled with sticky drool in an attempt to bite Lin Huang’s head.

However, Lin Huang just stood there with his sword in hand, poised and ready. He then swung his sword, and black blood was splashed to the side as he nearly split the attacking beast in half.

The b.l.o.o.d.y hyena let out a loud groan and fell to the floor. Its abdomen that was now exposed to Lin Huang had a one-meter long cut running through. Its intestines could be seen, spilling out on the ground.

“Such amazing skill!” Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng exclaimed in unison as they watched from afar on the giant rock they stood on.

Especially Yi Yeyu. Her eyes sparkled with admiration. She thought since Lin Huang was an Imperial Censor, he might be able to use a gun but she had never seen him using his sword.

She was stunned when she saw Lin Huang swing his sword for the very first time.

“This Great Sword Scripture skill is amazing! If I had the same strength as that monster, I might have killed it in one slash,” Lin Huang thought, surprised at the extent of damage he had inflicted.

As its bewilderment faded, the b.l.o.o.d.y hyena was woken up by Lin Huang’s attack.

Now that it noticed the human upon it was dangerous, it was going to turn around to run away in the other direction.

In its panicked state, it did not notice that it was heading to the foothold where the humans were.

Seeing its attempt to run, Lin Huang took a few steps towards it with his sword in hand. He ran at it with bloodl.u.s.t in his eye. The b.l.o.o.d.y hyena saw him attacking and when it tried to duck, Lin Huang launched himself at it and stabbed his sword into its neck.

The iron sword pierced through the b.l.o.o.d.y hyena’s neck like he was slicing tofu.

The sword went all the way into its body until only the handle was showing.

It was not that the sword was sharp, but because the Great Sword Scripture was terrifyingly powerful.

But it was not the end. Lin Huang held the sword firmly and pierced it further into the dying beast.

The sword was completely buried in the hyena’s throat. The cut was one meter long and almost 80 centimeters deep. A big part of its throat was cut open, and its head was crooked to a side.

Black blood flowed out of its wound like a waterfall on the ground. The ferocious b.l.o.o.d.y hyena was dead.

A notification came from Xiao Hei.

“Congratulations, you have obtained a b.l.o.o.d.y Scarred Hyena Monster Card piece x1”

“You have completed a cross-ranking kill. You have obtained a random Skill Card (Rare) x1”

This time Lin Huang did not even look at the cards that he had obtained as he had just killed the b.l.o.o.d.y hyena. Just then, Zhou Le and the rest caught up to him.

Bai had killed two Demonic Hyenas on his own, while the remaining two were chased away by the group of young men.

Soon, the remaining two were killed.

Lin Huang brought the young men to the gap that broke earlier and ran at it, his sword held tight in his hands.

A Copper Hunter’s face was pale and he looked like he was about to give up. He was fighting so many monsters alone.

Lin Huang and the rest went to help and killed the monsters. They then asked the cause of the breakthrough of the line of defense.

They found out that when this Copper Hunter was fighting with the hyenas, one of them had mutated out of nowhere. With the ma.s.sive gain of speed, the mutated b.l.o.o.d.y hyena bit the hunter’s left hand while the other hyenas ran onwards.

“You should treat your wound right away. If you don’t treat the virus immediately, there will be consequences,” Lin Huang advised him after hearing what happened.

“But what about the battle…” The Copper Hunter said, torn between fighting on or saving himself from an infection. If he retreated, there would be another gap in the line of defense, in his place.

“We will fill the gap for you,” Lin Huang a.s.sured him, in all seriousness.

“It would be okay if the monsters were smaller. There are many of them, can you guys handle it?” The hunter asked. He was worried about the group of boys before him.

“Sir, please do not underestimate us, especially this fella. He killed that b.l.o.o.d.y hyena on his own just now with only two slashes,” Zhou Le said proudly. He had stood aside earlier as he was afraid that the hunter would not let them pa.s.s. He knew that if he told the hunter what Lin Huang had done earlier, he would not think so little of them.

Yi Yeyu’s then spoke to them, “Lu Yang, please go back to the foothold to treat yourself. Please let Lin Huang and the gang handle this.”

Lu Yang, the Copper Hunter handed over his responsibilities to them with regret in his eyes.

He then left with Zhou Le.

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