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Chapter 473: Leveled-up to White Flame-Level!

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Right after the Regal Sword Killer had been killed, there was no need for Lin Huang to extract the tinder since the system had automatically done it for him.

Based on the normal procedure of extracting tinder, Lin Huang’s way of killing was against the rules. Not only did he summon a monster of a higher level than the Regal Sword Killer, his combat strength after the transformation was stronger than the Regal Sword Killer’s as well. According to the rules in this world, under normal circ.u.mstances, the Regal Sword Killer’s tinder would disappear after its death.

However, Xiao Hei stopped that from happening as he had extracted the tinder by force before the Regal Sword Killer died, making it into a card.

“Would you like to integrate the tinder?”

“Yes!” Lin Huang decided without a moment of hesitation.

“Integrating tinder.”

Lin Huang then transformed himself back into the normal state, feeling weak. He felt uncomfortable upon returning normal due to the sudden rise in his combat strength.

As he returned to his normal human form, the Tinder Card was transformed into dots of greenish-black with a starry glow.

Lin Huang was constantly observing the changes that occurred in his body.

The starry glow in his body then transformed into clumps of greenish-black light and dispersed, infusing into ten of his Life Wheels. They were quickly cooled, forming a solid, black object that looked like a greenish-black stone of the size of a pinky finger. It was the tinder of the Regal Sword Killer but was separated into ten parts due to the Life Wheels in Lin Huang’s body.

As the tinder entered his Life Wheels, it began absorbing the Life Power contained in Lin Huang’s Life Wheels. Lin Huang immediately took out the Life Power storage card, inserting a large amount of Life Power into his body as he noticed that. He stopped when the Life Power in the third storage card had been drained.

Clumps of white glow emptied the Life Power in Lin Huang’s Life Wheels in just a few minutes. Aside from that, the remaining Life Power in his body had been absorbed as well.

Until no more Life Power was left in Lin Huang’s body, the thumb-sized, greenish-black tinder began to explode and crack, giving off white flames. The white flame burned stronger as it became smaller. Eventually, it completely turned into a clump of white Life Fire and was placed at the center of the Life Wheel.

As soon as the white Life Fire was created, it started releasing Life Power at an insane rate to restore Lin Huang’s Life Wheel and his body that had been drained.

After his Life Wheel was filled, new white Life Power started flowing through Lin Huang’s entire body and his body was rapidly strengthened.

He could even sense that each of the cells in his body was evolving towards becoming supercells. He could feel that he was becoming stronger and stronger every second, every minute.

Lin Huang spent more time on the evolution as compared to Yi Yeyu and Li Lang. It took him exactly three hours until the changes occurring in his body slowed down.

However, Lin Huang knew that it was not going to end yet. The Life Power created by tinder would continue modifying his body. The entire process would last for more than a month before it could be completely stopped. Within one month, his ability would constantly improve.

The entire process was known as Leaving the Ordinary. Anyone who first leveled up to white flame-level would have to go through one month period of Leaving the Ordinary.

After one month had pa.s.sed, the evolution of his body would then remain stagnant, and the tinder within his Life Wheel would be completely stabilized.

As soon as tinder was ignited, Lin Huang felt that his ability was at least ten times stronger.

Be it the transformation of his body, or the Life Power in his body that had been trained; they were incomparable to the earlier ones.
The improvement in his ability was no longer the same as what he had experienced during his previous upgrades. He experienced changes from head to toe and even each strand of his hair was different from the past.

“No wonder humans are called Transcendents after they have achieved holy fire-level. I can feel that I have strength beyond human strength,” Lin Huang sighed emotionally after realizing that.

“Xiao Hei, have a look at my Exclusive Card!” A few moments later, Lin Huang said impatiently.

“Host: Lin Huang

“Gender: Male

“Age: 16

“Combat Strength: White Flame-Level

“Secret Skills: Superhuman Strength, Seraphic Speed, Subst.i.tute, Small Territory, Demon Hand

“Sword Skills: Star Dome, Wildfire, Thunder Sting, Great Sword Scripture, Hundred Flowing Blades, Mountain Blade

“Gunfighting Technique: Thunderstorm, Sandstorm, Torrent

“Body Movement Skill: Thunder Steps, Cloud Steps, Spectral Snowsteps

“Minor: Fatal Tactics, Heaven’s Wrath, Omniscient Nature

“Monster Skills: Vampire Particles, Advanced Disguise, Immense Strength, Leech Pods, Absolute Defense, Lightning Control, Dark s.h.i.+eld

“Summon Authority: Activated (Legendary Level)

“Available Number of Summons: 10

“Remarks: Finally managed to start training officially.

Lin Huang discovered that there were huge changes in the information on the back of his Character Card. His Character Card had become a book whereby his face was printed on the cover. The second page was a brief description of himself. Flipping to the next page, there were pages of skill trees and sword skills that were described in detail.

The legendary-level sword skill, Star Dome, was at the top of the skill tree, branching into Wildfire, Thunder Sting, Great Sword Scripture and the rest of the epic-level sword skills. The third group comprised of the rare-level sword skills.

The same went for the skill tree of the gunfighting technique. Advanced gunfighting techniques were at the top of the skill tree, followed by the mid-level techniques and lastly, the beginner level techniques.

There were 20 empty columns on the page describing the monster skills and currently, only seven of them were occupied.

Lin Huang noticed the improvement in his summoning authority. Not only was the summoning authority of the legendary-level monster card activated, the available number of summons had increased from five to ten.

“All the legendary-level cards have finally been unsealed!” Lin Huang was excited as he checked on the state of the monster cards of Charcoal, Bai, b.l.o.o.d.y, and the Supreme Overlord. Indeed, the cards had been unsealed whereby the grey, stone-like cards had turned purple. Moreover, the cards displayed that the combat strength of the monsters were all on blue flame-level.

Upon confirming the status of four of the legendary-level monster cards, Lin Huang gazed at the Regal Sword Killer monster card which he had just obtained.

The Regal Sword Killer card was not sealed. The card was not golden in color. It was a purple card surrounded by a golden edge. The card showed that the combat strength of the Regal Sword Killer was blue flame-level. It was apparent that its combat strength was influenced by Lin Huang’s combat level and was then improved. However, its summoning status was “restricted summoning”.

Lin Huang tapped open on “restricted summoning” to view more details about it.

“Restricted summoning: The monster can merely be summoned once for each level and can be summoned for the second time after you have leveled up.”

“Remarks: As soon as you have achieved immortal-level, the restriction will be void.”

“It’s not sealed!” Lin Huang grinned. Even if it could only be used once for each level, he could summon it five times when he was a holy fire-level.

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