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Chapter 475: Ability Explosion

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Monster Card

“Rarity: Mythical (Pseudo)

“Name of Monster: Regal Sword Killer (Incomplete)

“Type of Monster: Protoss (Beginner)

“Combat Level: Blue Flame-Level

“Major: Sword Dao

“Major Skills: Killer (DemiG.o.d’s sword skill), other sword skills (Nine types), Sword Realm (Small), Holy Power

“Minor Skills: Enhanced Regeneration, Seraphic Speed, Superhuman Strength

“Summon Authority: Restricted Summoning

“Card Remarks: Recommended to train with maximum effort!”

“Monster Card: Charcoal

“Rarity: Legendary

“Name of Monster: Undead Evil Dragon

“Type of Monster: Dragonkin (Mid-Level)

“Combat Level: Blue Flame-Level

“Major: True Dragon Dao

“Major Skills: Black Dragon Flame, Dragon Power, Dragon Breath, Draconic Secret Skill, Dragon Realm

“Minor Skills: Elemental Immunity, Absolute Defense, Enhanced Regeneration, Combat Instinct

“Summon Authority: Activated

“Card Remarks: Intensive training is recommended!”

“Monster Card: Bai

“Rarity: Legendary

“Name of Monster: Vampire Monarch

“Type of Monster: Protoss (Beginner)

“Combat Level: Blue Flame-Level

“Major: Blood Bond

“Major Skills: Vampire Particles, Holy Power, Blood Secret Skill, Vampire Realm

“Minor Skills: Seraphic Speed, Instantaneous, Wing Slayer, Enhanced Regeneration

“Summon Authority: Activated

“Card Remarks: Intensive training is recommended!”

“Monster Card: b.l.o.o.d.y

“Rarity: Legendary

“Name of Monster: Violethaze

“Type of Monster: Parasite

“Combat Level: Blue Flame-Level

“Major: Parasitism”

“Major Skills: Parasitic secret skill, Absolute Control

“Minor Skills: Supreme Intelligence, Limitless Ingestion, Immortal Pods

“Summon Authority: Activated

“Card Remarks: Intensive training is recommended!”

“Monster Card: Ghastly Clown

“Rarity: Legendary

“Name of Monster: Supreme Overlord

“Type of Monster: Undying Species (Mid-Level)

“Combat Level: Blue Flame-Level

“Major: Control

“Major Skills: Doll Secret Skill, Deceptive Secret Skil, Spiritual Secret Skil

“Minor Skills: Supreme Intelligence, Unknown Trap, Telekinesis

“Summon Authority: Activated

“Card Remarks: Intensive training is recommended!”

“I’ve finally unsealed all of them!”

Late at night, Lin Huang carefully looked at the legendary-level cards that had been unsealed.

He had never expected that these monster cards would turn into a book like his Character Card.

Flipping through the pages, he could see the skill trees of both the major and the minor skills. Each skill was described in detail compared to the past.

Many of the monster skills did not disappear but were included in the secret skills instead. Although it seemed like the number of monster skills displayed on the main page had reduced, it had, in fact, increased.

Within b.l.o.o.d.y’s Parasitic secret skill, there were more than 100 types of parasitic skills. Also, Ghastly Clown’s Doll secret skill included the Doll Subst.i.tute, Puppet Control, and all other doll-related skills. Furthermore, Bai’s Blood secret skill contained various types of skills that utilized the power of the Blood Bond.

Moreover, the learning abilities of the monsters that had gone through their third mutation were comparable to the human genius. They could obtain more skills through the learning process.

The unlocking of the legendary-level cards and the obtaining of the pseudo-mythical level card, the Regal Sword Killer, had caused Lin Huang’s summoning monsters to become extraordinarily stronger.

In addition to Lin Huang leveling up, his Sword Dao had improved significantly. Four of the Life Seed talents were transformed into secret skills that were even stronger.

A teleportation skill with flickering effect was added to the Seraphic Speed secret skill. The subst.i.tute effect of the Subst.i.tute secret skill had increased from being able to use it once a year to twice a year. Also, the Micro Territory had evolved into Small Territory whereby its territory had expanded to a radius of 300 meters. Sly Hand was transformed into Demon Hand as well, turning into an attack type secret skill with speed and strength.

There was an explosive change in Lin Huang’s overall abilities compared to prior to leveling up to holy fire-level.

When it came to encountering an immortal-level of a lower rank, Lin Huang dared to fight it, let alone a gold flame-level.

Upon returning to the Martial Hunter College, Lin Huang did not visit the library anymore. He spent most of his time in the training room.

He wanted to verify the monster sword skills that had been inherited and at the same time, he was practicing a set of body training skills called Undefeatable Warrior.

The body training skill was provided by Mr. Fu whereby Lin Huang could quickly improve the strength of his body during this period of time at a rapid pace.

However, it was a huge burden to his body. Lin Huang could no longer continue after practicing for about two hours. He could only use the remaining time to practice his sword skills.

As he practiced every day, it took him less than a week until his practice sessions for the Undefeatable Warrior could be increased to six hours a day.

In a blink of an eye, it was already Friday. It was the first battle drill in this week.

When Lin Huang appeared at the Sword Dao faculty office early in the morning, all the teachers there were shocked the moment when they saw him.

“Teacher Lin, have you leveled up to holy fire-level?” Mu Xiaolan who was closest to Lin Huang asked.

Aside from Qin Tianxing, all the teachers in the office were on complete gold-level. In addition to the fact that Lin Huang had just leveled up and could not shrink his aura, everyone could clearly feel the advancement in Lin Huang’s combat strength.

“Yes, I just did.” Lin Huang smiled, nodding his head.

“When did you level up?” Mu Xiaolan immediately asked.

“Last,” Lin Huang said.

Right at this moment, Qin Tianxing walked into the office. He saw the upgraded Lin Huang at a first glance. His pupils dilated as he sensed the terrifying aura released by Lin Huang.

“Fellow, you managed to level up so quickly. I thought that you’d spend a lot of time preparing.” Qin Tianxing smiled as he walked in.

“I did actually spend a week preparing for it,” Lin Huang smiled as he explained.

The rest of them had a strange expression on their faces as they heard what he said. Normally, the people would prepare for a few months or even a few years to kill a Life Fire monster. Moreover, the probability of failing to kill the monster was high. Lin Huang had spent only one week for the preparation and had even succeeded. Many of them were overwhelmed as they heard that.

Qin Tianxing walked towards Lin Huang with a smile, covering half of his mouth with a palm and whispered to Lin Huang, “You have just leveled up and you exude a really strong aura. Did you really kill a triple mutated monster?”

“Make a guess.” Lin Huang smiled and did not answer his question.

A flicker of fury flashed through Qin Tianxing’s eyes. Despite Lin Huang not answering him, he knew the answer from the smile on Lin Huang’s face.

“You’re great!” Qin Tianxing gave him the thumbs up.

“Oh yeah, Brother Qin, tell me about the battle drill.” Despite already achieving holy fire-level, he was still being responsible for his students. He would not give up his job even if he was not going to work for exactly a year. He would at least complete his teaching for one whole semester.

“All the Year 1 students will join the battle drill. It is based on the points acc.u.mulated by each cla.s.s. However, there can only be a maximum of five students per group. Therefore, there’ll be ten teams for each cla.s.s,” Qin Tianxing explained.

“You have 100 students in your cla.s.s. Are you taking great advantage of it?” Lin Huang raised his brows.

“That’s good if it works in this way. However, to ensure that it’s fair, the total score obtained by our cla.s.s will be divided by two,” Qin Tianxing said with his palms up.

“I do think that the rules established by the school are awesome.” Lin Huang smiled.

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