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Chapter 479: Come and Chase Me

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When the clock struck noon, the five of them gathered at a peaceful lakeside at a position marked with a tree branch earlier.

“Let’s discuss the current update on finding the badges.” Shangguan Hui gazed at the three of them other than Zhou Ling.

“We did not discover any monsters, but we managed to find three silver badges very quickly,” Yang Jie and Zhao Ze updated her about the outcome of their discovery.

“I encountered an iron-level rank-2 Ironhide Pig and immediately came back. However, I found two silver badges on my way back,” Si Tuhao told her what he had discovered as well.

“The both of us didn’t encounter any monsters as well. We’ve found three silver badges and a gold badge,” Zhou Ling said with a smile.

“According to the number of badges we have, we’ve now acc.u.mulated 18 points. We can collect 30 points by killing an iron-level rank-2 Ironhide Pig. We should think of ways to hunt it down,” Shangguan Hui suggested.

“It’s a bit difficult for an iron-level rank-2,” Zhou Ling hesitated.

Since most of the students were the ordinary people that could not even get to iron-level, it was considered an accomplishment if they managed to kill an iron-level rank-1 together. The difficulty of killing an iron-level rank-2 or iron-level rank-3 monster would be double of that. This was also the reason why the points given by the college were relatively high for killing an iron-level rank-2 and an iron-level rank-3 monster.

“It’s not difficult to kill an Ironhide Pig. However, it has a terrifying defense ability. Its weakness is apparent though.” Shangguan Hui continued, “Firstly, it isn’t quick and agile. Secondly, it can’t climb trees. Thirdly, its stomach is its biggest weakness. It can be severely injured by attacks from a.s.sailants who haven’t even reached iron-level. As long as we’re well prepared for it, it’s not difficult to kill it. It depends if you guys are willing to take the risk…” Shangguan Hui then looked at four of them after finis.h.i.+ng her sentence.

“I think we should give it a try. Even if I can’t fight it face to face, we will be able to retreat safely.” Si Tuhao nodded in agreement.

“If we retreat because we encounter an iron-level rank-2 monster, we definitely won’t be able to score high marks. Let’s give it a try. We can retreat if we can’t fight it since the monster can’t climb trees,” Zhao Ze approved.

“I agree with killing the monster too. However, we have to plan well before that,” Yang Jie agreed with her.

They then turned their heads and looked at Zhou Ling, waiting for her to make her decision.

“Why are you guys looking at me? I’ve said earlier that I’d listen to Xiao Hui,” Zhou Ling immediately said.

“Okay. Then, let’s discuss the plan in detail.” Since all of them agreed to kill the monster, Shangguan Hui started telling them her plan.

“First of all, we’ll have to make it blind so that it’ll lose its vision. Then, look for a chance to tie both of its forelegs with a load-bearing rope. Then, tie another end of the load-bearing rope to the tree. One of us must be the bait, luring it to chase after us. Once it falls down, the rest of us can start attacking it. That’s my overall plan. Is there anything that you guys want to add?”

They continued discussing the details of the plan.

At about 12.40 p.m, Shangguan Hui’s team went deeper and deeper into the forest.

“The target is discovered!” Si Tuhao, who was walking in front of them, gestured to them. The rest of them immediately stepped slowly and softly.

Shangguan Hui took out her GrayEagle 18. It was the modified version of the GrayEagle 17 that had been used by Lin Huang last year, which was the female version. The gun was smaller, and it suited female palms better. There were light patterns on top of it and no longer looked as cold as the metal GrayEagle 17. Its recoil force had been reduced, given that its power had been slightly reduced as well.

In order to keep up the sales of GrayEagle 17, the Eagle Company had put in a lot of effort. When GrayEagle 18 was launched in May, the advertis.e.m.e.nt marketed GrayEagle 17 and GrayEagle 18 to couples. A set of the guns was going at a 12% discount, causing many of them who were single to disagree with them on the Heart Network.

Shangguan Hui did not like to be engaged in close combat. Similar to Lin Xin, she had registered for the gunmaster programme as well and had also scored full marks in her graduation examination. She had mastered 16 types of entry-level gunfighting techniques and two types of beginner-level gunfighting techniques. Despite being weaker than Lin Xin, she was still considered remarkable.

She gestured to the rest of the teammates to keep quiet. Shangguan Hui then quietly moved towards the direction of the Ironhide Pig.

When she moved less than ten meters forward, she could then see the target discovered by Si Tuhao — the Ironhide Pig.

It was an omnivorous monster with a hulking body. Its body measured a length of more than five meters and a height of more than two meters. It looked like an abnormally large wild boar. However, it had two big teeth that looked like an elephant’s tusks. Two big horns that resembled the horns of a rhinoceros were on its nose. There was a porcupine-like armor on its back that looked like it was made of black metal. This also explained where the name of the monster came from.

Despite there was no armor on both sides of the Ironhide Pig, it had very thick fur. Its defense ability was one of the best among monsters of the same level. Therefore, there would not be much impact done to it by attacking the side of its body. The only weakness was its soft belly which was white.

As they took a closer look at the monster, some of them were nervous. However, Shangguan Hui still remained calm.

She lifted her gun and aimed at the Ironhide Pig that lowered its head while eating gra.s.s.

Bang! Bang!

Two gunshots were heard at almost the same time, and soon, they could hear the Ironhide Pig growling in pain. Both of its eyeb.a.l.l.s were pulverized and could no longer look at its enemies. The pain drove it on a rampage.

“It’s getting crazy. Be careful when you’re about to tie its legs,” Shangguan Hui said in a low voice. “Si Tuhao, please get ready.”

Yang Jie took out the rope that had been prepared earlier, tying it around Ironhide Pig’s left foreleg.

Realizing that its left foreleg had been chained, the Ironhide Pig started struggling. However, the load-bearing rope could withstand a few tons of force, and the Ironhide Pig was unable to get rid of it.

On the other hand, Zhao Ze found a chance to tie the Ironhide Pig’s right foreleg. It growled angrily and loudly.

“Be careful. It might be shooting its quills!” Seeing the Ironhide Pig’s body turn red, Shangguan Hui immediately reminded.

The rest of them immediately hid behind a tree.


Hearing the whistle coming from the Ironhide Pig, the quills on its back were crazily shooting in all directions. Some of them had pierced deeply through the trees. Its power could be compared to the firing power of the bullets of GrayEagle 17.

Perhaps, if it struck an iron-level rank-3 monster, it could cause a huge impact on it. Fortunately, a few of them were prepared for it and managed to avoid the danger.

Zhou Ling suddenly sneaked out of the forest and gave the “OK” gesture. “I’ve already tied the other end of the rope.”

“It’s my turn now!” Si Tuhao was excited.

A few moments later, Si Tuhao appeared behind the Ironhide Pig and sent his sword through the Ironhide Pig’s fat b.u.t.tocks. The sound was dull as the metal collided with its thick hide. However, only a layer of light c.h.i.n.ks appeared on the Ironhide Pig’s fur. Not even a strand of blood could be seen.

“Eh, pig, over here!” Si Tuhao called loudly.

When it sensed that it was being attacked from the back, the Ironhide Pig immediately turned around. Its pair of eyes that were bleeding looked extremely ferocious.

Si Tuhao turned back and fled. He then shouted while he was running away, “Come and chase me! If you can chase after me, I’ll let you hahaha…”

The Ironhide Pig immediately chased after him, following the direction of his voice.

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