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Chapter 488: Charcoal Versus Herculean Ape

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Battle spirit…” Charcoal became serious from its initial apathy towards the Herculean Ape. There was a detailed explanation of human battle spirit in the dragonkin’s inherited memory. The battle spirit was extracted from the monster and put into the human’s spirit in a unique way. The battle spirit could be summoned to join battles by inserting Life Power.

The battle spirit on top of Lu Feng looked like it was formed completely using Life Power but that was not the truth. The Life Power was used to activate the battle spirit while the forming of the battle spirit came from the battle spirit itself. If Lu Feng were to activate the battle spirit with his Life Power, a single attack would drain his Life Power completely.

Battle spirit was different from weapons as it was not a dead thing that was mastered by humans. It contained their intelligence and battle experiences from the time when they were alive whereby their battle modes were not much different from when they were alive. Their battle ability would grow together with the host, so people would usually pick monsters that had the most potential to cultivate the battle spirit.

However, Lu Feng’s battle spirit seemed to be of a higher level as its aura had already surpa.s.sed the holy fire-level before it had fully formed. On top of his head, the battle spirit was unfolding. It was a giant ape that was more than ten meters tall with thick, turquoise hair. It held a gray staff that looked like it was made of stone in its hand, and it had a terrifying aura. Although Charcoal could not tell what monster it was, it could clearly feel that its alarming aura could not be on holy fire-level.

“It’s immortal-level…”

Charcoal became serious as it knew very well that although it could fight a holy fire-level, it might lose fighting an immortal-level battle spirit.

“The battle spirit is a double mutated beginner fiend Herculean Ape with demonic ape’s blood in it. From the aura, it could have been an immortal-level rank-1 when it was alive. Theoretically, the monster spirit’s ability wasn’t as powerful when it was captured, so it must have been some other person,” b.l.o.o.d.y said as Charcoal extended its foreclaws.

“This battle spirit is very powerful, especially its strength that has no rival with monsters of the same level. It has a powerful defensive ability as well, and its speed has surpa.s.sed the normal monsters with the same combat level. It doesn’t seem to have any weaknesses; even some triple mutated immortal-level monsters wouldn’t want to fight it. Please be careful, try not to fight it head on. Bai and Master are on their way. Bai will reach in six minutes and Master will be here in 17 minutes. If you can’t fight it, just hold on for a couple of minutes.”

“Thanks for reminding me, but doesn’t it have any weaknesses at all?” Charcoal seemed to be unsettled. It did not hope for its first mission to fail since it was its first time out since it had been unsealed.

“It does have weaknesses. Its spirit is weak, but that’s to monsters of the same level. You’re only a blue flame-level. Even spirit abilities can hardly touch it,” b.l.o.o.d.y explained.

“But as a battle spirit, it has two weaknesses that its orginal form didn’t, which are the weaknesses that all battle spirits have.”

“What are they?” Charcoal asked immediately.

“First, the battle spirit’s appearance comes from the host’s Life Power. The more powerful its attack is or the more powerful attacks it encounters, it’ll drain more Life Power from the host. The host has limited Life Power. The more Life Power is drained, the shorter the battle spirit can exist.

“Secondly, when the host dies, the battle spirit dies as well. Also, the host’s Life Power was cut in half when he had to support the battle spirit’s activation. His attack and defense abilities will drop tremendously, so it’s a good target. But usually, the battle spirit will protect the host when the host is being attacked,” b.l.o.o.d.y explained in detail.

“Got it!” Charcoal looked at Lu Feng.

Lu Feng recalled two of his other summoning monsters after summoning his battle spirit. After seeing Charcoal kill the Violent Demonic Ape in one hit, he knew that his summoning monsters were like paper to Charcoal. Keeping them on the battlefield would mean that they would be Charcoal’s sacrificial lambs.

“Herculean King, teach this baby dragon a lesson. Don’t kill it,” Lu Feng glared at Charcoal like a psycho and instructed the battle spirit above his head.

The Herculean Ape glared at Charcoal with its golden eyes like two spotlights as it received the instructions. As soon as the Herculean Ape looked at Charcoal, it could feel a sense of power rising. It released its dragon power immediately to suppress the Herculean Ape. As it locked its eyes on Charcoal, the Herculean Ape attacked without thinking twice. It hurled its staff towards Charcoal, crimson red Life Power covering the staff with a threatening aura. Instead of a whistling sound, thunder rumbled where the staff pa.s.sed through.

If b.l.o.o.d.y had not reminded it, Charcoal would definitely fight the Herculean Ape face on as it was confident in its ability. However, it changed its usual strategy. It flapped its wings and avoided the Herculean Ape’s staff easily. It then opened its mouth and spat black Dragon Flame at Lu Feng’s direction, choosing to attack its host instead of the Herculean Ape. Its Dragon Flame covered half of the sky towards Lu Feng like a tsunami.

Lu Feng did not expect Charcoal to bypa.s.s the Herculean Ape and attack him instead. He backed off immediately when he saw the Dragon Flame that was coming after him. He had seen how the flame had burnt the Violent Demonic Ape into ashes. The relic on him aside, his body was nothing like the Violent Demonic Ape. He would be dead if the flame touched him.

As Lu Feng backed off, the Herculean Ape noticed that its host was in danger. It recalled its staff and turned its attack into defense mode while waving its staff at the Dragon Flame. The flame was blocked, but Charcoal had moved to another direction and spat its flame at Lu Feng again. Helpless, the Herculean Ape obstructed the flame again. Charcoal flapped its wings and attacked with its flame in another direction again…

The Herculean Ape became clumsy. Its rhythm was affected by Charcoal since the Dragon Flame coverage was pervasive. To protect its host, it had to block the Dragon Flame again and again. It did not have any opportunities to attack. Soon, there was Dragon Flame on its body. Although it was not harmed, the flame was draining Lu Feng’s Life Power. To Charcoal, the Dragon Flame was a unique ability that dragonkins possess. Performing such an ability required little Life Power which gave it the ability to perform the attack thousands of times.

Soon, Lu Feng realized that Charcoal’s plan was to drain his Life Power with the attack.

“Since you’re a dragonkin, fight me face to face if you dare!” Lu Feng shouted furiously.

“Firstly, I don’t care if I’m called a dragonkin or not. I know I’m an intermediate dragonkin. Secondly, if you dare, don’t summon your battle spirit,” Charcoal said and spat Dragon Flame again.

“You’re scared to fight face on despite being a dragonkin. Don’t you feel shame?” Lu Feng taunted.

“No,” Charcoal said and spat Dragon Flame again.

“Herculean King, kill him!” Lu Feng was completely mad now.

“Initially, I wanted to keep you alive and make you my summoning monster, but it seems like that’s not necessary anymore. I shall kill you, take your soul and make it into a battle spirit,” Lu Feng said.

“You wis.h.!.+” Charcoal spat Dragon Flame again.

Suddenly, the staff in Herculean Ape’s hand enlarged It held the staff and threw it towards where Charcoal was. The staff expanded like Poseidon’s trident, rooted deep into the sea. An invisible force came from the staff and blocked the Dragon Flame. The staff covered the Dragon Flame completely, smas.h.i.+ng Charcoal in its chest as it did not have the time to avoid the attack. Charcoal was like a reversed cannon, and all the trees tens of thousands of meters behind it were destroyed.

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