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Chapter 49: A Piece of Bad News

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Most of them started to get tired of the intense attacks they were being pummeled with.

At four o’clock, right before dawn, the duration of attack was then almost 20 hours.

Lin Huang felt drained from all the fighting.

If not for his pa.s.sive skill ‘Robust’ that was supporting him, he would not even have the strength to lift his sword.

The young men’s condition was slightly better than Lin Huang but they were not in any form to continue holding the line.

Lin Huang did not know how many monsters he and Bai killed.

The Life Wheel in his body had been filled with Life Light and it was almost overflowing. There were 357 columns that were filled with white light, and there were only three gray columns left in his Life Wheel.

“Xiao Hei, cut off the Life Light transfer between me and Bai now!” Lin Huang instructed Xiao Hei immediately when he noticed what was happening to his Life Wheel.

“You have requested to cut off the transfer of Life Light with Bai. Disconnection is complete!”

Xiao Hei fulfilled Lin Huang’s request immediately.

The disconnection was to allow the Life Light to be transferred to Bai as the Life Light in Lin Huang’s Life Wheel was almost full.

Once the 360 columns were full, Lin Huang could get a Life Light Baptism if he was to kill an Iron-level monster and he would be upgraded to iron-level.

However, the upgrade to Iron-level would come together with a Life Seed.

The Life Seed was used to strengthen talents that one was born with or had the potential to wield so it was crucial to choose wisely.

Life Seeds were categorized into five which were the Elemental System, Strengthening System, Psychic System, Special System and Compound System.

Lin Huang knew which Life Seed he wanted since the beginning. He wanted the Sword Strengthening System, which could only be obtained by killing monsters with his sword.

However, no monster that fit the criteria existed in the monster horde so Lin Huang chose not to upgrade to iron-level at the moment.

It was six in the morning. The sun rose from the horizon shedding light on the battlefield.

Lin Huang just chopped off a monster’s head, panting as he did. He looked up to the direction of sunrise.

“The sun is finally out…” he thought.

The past two hours was h.e.l.l as every minute and every second was a torment to them.

He chose not to upgrade to iron-level. Although he had his pa.s.sive skill ‘Robust’ to support him, his strength was not comparable to the young men of iron-level rank-3.

Every swing of the sword was getting harder for him.

“Lin Huang, are you okay?” Zhou Le and the rest noticed that Lin Huang was slowing down.

“Shouldn’t be a problem over a short period of time. But if the situation persists, I think I won’t be able to take this anymore,” Lin Huang honestly voiced out his concern. He estimated that he could stand for a maximum of two hours.

“Why not you take a rest. We can handle it,” Zhou Le suggested although he knew that without Lin Huang, the task would be much more difficult.

“It’s no use even if I rest, the most I could take would be a couple more hours. Furthermore, it’s not only me, everyone is exhausted. The line will collapse if we give in, it’s just the matter of time,” Lin Huang shook his head while looking at the gap at the canyon mouth. “We need to solve the root of the problem!” he concluded.

“What is the root of the problem?” Zhou Le asked immediately.

“The breakthrough of the defensive line is caused by the amount of monsters which is far too many. Our people are limited, our strength is depleted too. The solution is easy to say, but very hard to do. We have to minimize the size of the entrance and funnel down the monsters. We have to make the gap at the canyon mouth smaller,” Lin Huang said.

“However, looking at the situation now, we can’t move the giant rocks to the canyon mouth. Each giant rock is the size of a small mountain, none of our storage s.p.a.ces are big enough to contain it. All we can do is rely on the residents in the foothold. Even with tools, we would need a few hundred people to move the giant rocks to the canyon mouth. Now that the battle is this intense, the residents can’t be moving the giant rocks as they would be the targeted by the monsters once they enter the battlefield,” he said. Although Lin Huang found the root of the problem, he could not think of a suitable solution.

“It’s not necessary that we use giant rocks to block the canyon mouth, am I right? Why not we just pile up the dead bodies to block the canyon mouth? Since most of the monsters have strong solid bodies, the corpses would work great. If not, we can pile even more together to further strengthen the wall,” Zhou Le said casually.

Hearing what Zhou Le said, Lin Huang was stunned and let out a laugh, “I didn’t think of that. It’s brilliant!”

Lin Huang then proposed the idea to Yi Yeyu.

Yi Yeyu checked the message that was sent by Lin Huang. She was stunned at first, but soon she showed her excitement and forwarded the message to Yi Zheng.

Yi Zheng was happy too. He then spread the proposal to some of the Gold Hunters and they started to collect dead bodies.

Soon, the dead bodies were piled up into a small hill which became a line of defense by itself. Yi Zheng spilled oil on the dead bodies to avoid the monsters from climbing over them.

With the piling corpses, the canyon mouth became smaller and smaller.

When it was near noon, the canyon mouth was only about 300 meters wide, which was what Lin Huang had hoped for at the beginning of the attack.

The people’s fear was finally reduced.

The monsters which attacked Lin Huang’s third line decreased from every few minutes to every half an hour.

Even the second line of defense was much relaxed now.

Yi Zheng stood on top of the giant rock and gave Lin Huang a thumbs up.

Lin Huang then pointed at Zhou Le who was next to him and sent a message to Yi Yeyu to explain that it was Zhou Le’s idea.

The next afternoon, everyone was more relaxed. They even had time to eat and rest.

Seeing that the sun setting behind the mountains, Yi Yeyu prayed that nothing would go wrong that night and that the human transcendent would arrive on time to kill the transcendent monster to end this once and for all.

It was six in the evening, and the sky was getting dark. The monstrous roars were getting more intense.

Yi Zheng stood on top of the giant rock and looked into the distance.

He saw a pack of what looked like 100,000 monsters approaching the foothold. He was about to say something when his Emperor’s Heart Ring vibrated.

Lin Huang and the rest’s ring vibrated at the same time.

Since he had a moment to respond, Lin Huang opened his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

A news alert popped up on the page.

“Since eight in the morning yesterday, a monster outbreak happened on the east side of Division7. The density and coverage of the attack this time was at the small footholds No.7D120, No.7D122 and No.7D123. A wide area was destroyed by the beasts. There were no survivors. The death toll has reached 670,000 people. The same has happened to the small foothold No.7D121, but the condition there is unclear. There are transcendent humans making their way there. We will give you a full update when we receive more details….”

Seeing the news, most of them who were relaxed became tense.

“That’s not good…”

Lin Huang frowned. The footholds nearby had been destroyed by monsters. The only one standing was Snowy Mountain Town. The transcendent monster must be targeting Snowy Mountain Town next. Since it was hurt by the human transcendent around that area, it would not stop until it has killed all the people around the foothold!”

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