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Chapter 492: I Know Who the Imperial Censor That You Are Looking For Is!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang recalled Charcoal. b.l.o.o.d.y kept a few of the Dark Spheres and the Emperor’s Heart Ring with it.

Despite knowing that recalling Charcoal would cause the Saint elders to s.h.i.+ft their focus to him, Lin Huang did not choose to run further away. Instead, he went deeper into the forest. He raced against the clock to look for the Saint members and to rescue his students.

In mid-air, Wu Fa who was flying at breakneck speed suddenly stopped.

“What happened?” Yu Wenbin who was following him stopped and asked curiously.

“The strand of hair suddenly changed its direction… Perhaps they have found out that I’m tailing them or the summoning monster has been recalled.” Wu Fa’s face took on a grim expression and looked at Yu Wenbin. “This indicates that the current coordinates of the hair should be showing the position of the Imperial Censor.”

“If he manages to find out that you’re tailing him, his spiritual strength must be higher than yours. From this, we know that his combat strength is at least an immortal-level rank-4. I’ve no idea where the Martial Hunter College found an immortal-level rank-4 Imperial Censor…” Yu Wenbin had a grave expression. Despite the fact that he was an immortal-level rank-5, he was reluctant to encounter such an enemy.

A demiG.o.d had once commented on Imperial Censors, “Fighting an Imperial Censor is equal to engaging in a battle with a group of trained monsters.”

This was also the reason why many of the people admired and respected Imperial Censors.

The stronger the combat strength of the Imperial Censor, the higher the number of monsters one could summon, resulting in a higher probability of summoning a triple mutated monster. The ability of a triple mutated monster could be compared to a genius. Therefore, performing a rank-crossing kill was an easy feat for an Imperial Censor.

“Are you still going to chase after him?” As soon as they were able to predict the combat strength of the interrupter, Wu Fa intended to retreat.

“Let’s go and have a look. If we don’t even meet him, it’s hard for us to explain to Lu Yuan.” Yu Wenbin hesitated for a moment and finally decided. “If we really can’t fight him, take a photo of him and immediately retreat. I’ll think of ways to get rid of him.”

“Alright.” Listening to what Yu Wenbin said, Wu Fa had no choice but to nod in agreement.

Since the both of them had mistakenly predicted that Lin Huang was an immortal-level, they had a false estimation of Lin Huang’s combat strength and treated Lin Huang as an unprecedented enemy.

Fortunately, Lin Huang knew nothing about it. Otherwise, he would be secretly smirking at them as he was just a newbie who had just got to white flame-level. He could not even fly, but they a.s.sumed he was an immortal-level rank-4.

At the Mist Forest, where the mist was slowly thinning, Lin Huang’s battle sword streaked across the sky, and a skull fell onto the ground from the air in a parabolic curve. Soon after, fresh blood sprayed out from the neck of the corpse to a distance of a few meters high, splattering all over the trees and plants.

Lin Huang picked up the Dark Sphere around the corpse’s waist with the tip of his sword and pa.s.sed it to b.l.o.o.d.y. He then chopped off the finger that was wearing the Emperor’s Heart Ring and took the ring.

When he was about to leave, he sensed a threatening aura approaching him.

“Both of the Saint elders are here?” Lin Huang raised his head, looking into the sky.

The next moment, Wu Fa and Yu Wenbin arrived above him.

Seeing that there was only Lin Huang who was a white flame-level, Yu Wenbin ignored him and looked around. However, there was no one else. “Are you sure that this is the location being traced?”

Wu Fa then gazed at Lin Huang in doubt. “The strand of hair is pointing at that guy who’s only a white flame-level.”

“A white flame-level?” Yu Wenbin then s.h.i.+fted his gaze towards Lin Huang. After sizing him up, still, he could not believe it. “Are you sure that you didn’t get it wrong?”

“Now, there’s only one possibility — the Imperial Censor has been tampering with the result of my detection.” Wu Fa did not think that Lin Huang was capable of summoning an immortal-level dragonkin to kill Lu Feng who was on immortal-level rank-1.

“Eh, little brat, did any Imperial Censor from the Martial Hunter College come over here to a.s.sist?” Yu Wenbin asked.

“You’re asking him this way? How possible is it that he’ll answer you?” Wu Fa was speechlessly gawking at Yu Wenbin.

“Imperial Censor? Yes!” Lin Huang immediately answered.

“Does the Imperial Censor own a dragonkin?” Yu Wenbin immediately continued asking.

“Yes, I’ve seen it before. It’s black.” Lin Huang nodded enthusiastically with a smile.

Wu Fa was inarticulate seeing Lin Huang’s reaction. He never expected the guy to answer their questions so easily. Under normal circ.u.mstances, Wu Fa would have to catch and torture him whereby he would rather die than give in. Eventually, the both of them would then not be able to get any information from him.

“Do you know the background of the Imperial Censor? What’s his combat strength? Which rank of the immortal-level is he on?” Yu Wenbin then asked, feeling that he had b.u.mped into an idiot who knew nothing about the situation and was willing to tell him anything he asked.

“What’s the benefit of telling you this?” Lin Huang tilted his head, smiling at them.

“As long as the information that you provide is accurate, we’ll let you go. We promise that we won’t hurt you,” Wu Fa guaranteed.

“I’m sorry. I’ll never believe a verbal promise.” Lin Huang shook his head.

“You…” Wu Fa exuded an aura with powerful killing intention. However, Yu Wenbin suppressed him.

“He’s a person who’s only looking for money. If you’re trying to force him, perhaps we won’t be able to ask anything from him in a short period of time. However, we don’t have much time here. As long as he’s not requesting for something excessive, just promise him anyway. Anything that we give to him, we’re able to s.n.a.t.c.h away later. Secretly lock the dimension with your territory to avoid him from running away after getting the item!” Yu Wenbin quietly told Wu Fa.

He then asked Lin Huang directly, “What do you want?”

“I’m not a greedy person. Each of you should give me a supreme relic.” Lin Huang picked his ear with his little finger nonchalantly.

“Do you want to die!?” Wu fa was furious as this junior who had not even achieved immortal-level dared to blackmail him.

Yu Wenbin pressed against Wu Fa’s shoulder and shook his head. He then scowled and told Lin Huang, “Young man, we sincerely want to offer you a deal, but this is an absurd request. It’s impossible to offer you two supreme relics. Please request for something reasonable since we’re just asking for some information. It doesn’t cost that much if we were to buy it from the black market.”

“It’s true that it costs nothing under normal circ.u.mstances, but the case is different now. The Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation have been informed that the Martial Hunter College is under attack. Soon, a large force will enter the Mist Forest, and you’ll probably have to leave soon. If both of you miss out on the information from me, perhaps it’s difficult for you to find out who the Imperial Censor is from the others.

“Although I have no idea why you’re so eagerly looking for the Imperial Censor, you didn’t kill me in the first place. Instead, you asked me patiently. This shows that his ident.i.ty means a lot to both of you! Therefore, the information is as rare as water in the desert, and of course, it’ll cost a lot more!”

Both of them were unable to refute Lin Huang.

Wu Fa would have killed him if Yu Wenbin did not try to suppress him.

Even Yu Wenbin was incensed after listening to what Lin Huang said.

“What if we catch him alive? We can ask him about it after bringing him back.” Wu Fa’s voice was heard.

“Lu Yuan needs a target to vent his anger. There are only two choices to cool him down. We can either bring back the dead body of the Imperial Censor or the carca.s.s of the dragonkin. If we bring him back, Lu Yuan won’t be able to calm down even though we’re able to obtain the information about the Imperial Censor. He will think that we’re useless as we can’t even obtain the information and have set the Imperial Censor free.” Yu Wenbin tried very hard to contain his anger and remained alert. “Let’s think of a way to get the answer from him since he has to give us back whatever we gave him afterward!”

“Bro, we only have two supreme relics. It’s unrealistic to ask for two.” After the discussion, Yu Wenbin said, “I have an extra armor which is a supreme relic. If you’d like to deal with us, I’ll give this armor to you. If you refuse to do so, I can’t promise that you’ll be able to get out of this place alive…”

The last sentence that Yu Wenbin said sounded intimidating.

“Alright, since you only have one, I’ll have to accept. I didn’t know that the both of you are so poor.” Lin Huang was unsatisfied and extended his hand.

Yu Wenbin was holding himself back as he took out the armor. He then threw it to Lin Huang.

As Lin Huang received the armor, he scrutinized it carefully to ensure that nothing was wrong with it. He then put it away in his storage s.p.a.ce.

“Could you please tell us what we want to know?” Yu Wenbin squinted his eyes.

“Alright.” Lin Huang nodded his head with a smile. He then extended his right index finger, pointing at himself.”The Imperial Censor that both of you are looking for… is actually me!”

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