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Chapter 493: Fight

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The Imperial Censor that both of you are looking for… Is actually me!”

Just when Lin Huang was pointing at himself, he contacted Xiao Hei through his mind.

“Use the Provisional Transformational Card. Transform into the Inferior Imp but maintain the human form.”

“You will lose all the abilities of the monster by activating the Provisional Transformation Card in the human form. There will only be an increase in your combat strength. Are you sure that you would like to transform by maintaining in the human form?”

“Yes, I’m sure!” Lin Huang answered firmly.

He unintentionally found out from Charcoal a few days ago that the Provisional Transformation Card could be used as a combat strength increment card. It could stop changes that occurred during the transformation while there would be a temporary increase in his combat strength. However, he would be unable to use the power of the monster transformed, and he would not possess the physique of the monster.

Furthermore, despite part of the function of the Provisional Transformation Card being restricted, each of the cards could still be used for only an hour. The usage was similar to the normal extent. The effect of the increment in combat strength would automatically disappear after one hour.

“Using the Provisional Transformation Card x 1. Restricting transformation effect… There is a provisional increase in your combat strength to gold flame-level!”

As Xiao Hei’s voice was heard, there was an increase in Lin Huang’s combat strength. In less than a second, he upgraded from a white flame-level to a gold flame-level. He could unmistakably feel that his abilities were improving insanely.

Sensing that there was an explosion in Lin Huang’s combat strength, Yu Wenbin and Wu Fa were shocked. They then recovered from their thoughts.

“You can alter your combat strength! Your combat strength is actually on gold flame-level… No wonder you could kill Lu Feng.” Wu Fa was shocked. He then realized that n.o.body had tampered with the result of the detection. The Death Hair had been pointing at Lin Huang as Lin Huang was the master of the dragonkin!

Lin Huang’s performance was confusing. As his combat strength was only on white flame-level, Wu Fa and Yu Wenbin had a.s.sumed that he could only control a crimson or blue flame-level monster. It was less likely that he was capable of controlling a monster that was higher than blue flame-level. Even if he was capable of summoning a group of monsters, it was impossible that he had managed to kill someone who was on immortal-level since the gap in combat strength was too big.

This had also caused the both of them to make a serious mistake in estimating his combat strength and they thought that somebody had tampered with the detection result when they saw Lin Huang at the very first moment.

However, since his combat strength was now on gold flame-level, there was nothing unusual even if he owned an immortal-level summoning monster. It was not difficult for him to defeat Lu Feng’s immortal-level Combat Soul and kill him.

“d.a.m.n little brat! How dare you lie to me!?” Yu Wenbin’s face turned maroon in fury. He would never have expected to be cheated of his supreme relic. It was an utter humiliation whereby people would still laugh at him even after 10,000 years.

He could imagine that even until the day he died, the people who pa.s.sed by his grave would still be pointing at his grave and mocking, “Yo, he’s the idiot that got cheated out of his supreme relic!”

Yu Wenbin’s temper rose higher and higher. Soon, a long supreme relic spear was quickly formed in his hand.

It was a long, black spear which was about two meters long and seven centimeters thick. If one ignored the tip of the spear, it looked more like a long, black pole in Yu Wenbin’s hand.

There were fine, complicated patterns on the shaft. The refinery had set the sigils. They were actually engraved within the long spear where they were kept secret from the public, and n.o.body could detect it. However, based on the complexity of the patterns and the faint glow that appeared on the surface of the long spear, Lin Huang could easily determine that the long spear was similar to his Zenonia which was given by Liu Ming. Both of them were supreme relics.

“Go to h.e.l.l!” Yu Wenbin attacked without hesitation, directing his long spear towards Lin Huang. The moment the tip of the spear was flung out, black streaks shot into the sky like arrows.

It seemed like he was not holding a spear but a gun that could release quick consecutive shots. At this moment, he did not look like he had taken a major in spearing which would benefit him in close combat. Instead, he looked like a gunmaster who was skilled in ranged attacks.

The black flares flashed through the air like arrows at a speed that was a few times faster than sonic speed, resulting in a sonic boom in the air. It stirred up a fierce wind which swept the forest below it away. All the trees fell whenever the beacons pa.s.sed by.

The streaks were akin to torrential rain, correlating with Yu Wenbin’s anger like he wanted to vent his rage on Lin Huang.

Countless black flares struck. However, Lin Huang did not look nervous at all. He grinned and moved a step forward. He then disappeared from his original position in an instant.

Yes, he had not moved to dodge but had directly dissolved into thin air.

At almost the same time when Lin Huang disappeared, infinite black beacons engulfed the entire region where he was standing at earlier.

Black beams struck the ground and loud rumbling thunder echoed throughout the land more than 1,000 kilometers away.

The ground was shaking and an earthquake seemed to reverberate in the area within more than 10 kilometers. It resembled the eruption of volcanoes.

After a short while, the attack finally stopped. Before the smoke cleared, one could vaguely see that the entire surface of the ground looked like a meteor storm had stricken it. A large number of huge pits with a depth of about 100 meters were formed all over. The region surrounding it looked like the surface of the moon with an uneven surface.

Within four kilometers, there were no traces of plants. All the plants had been wiped out by the attack. Only a bare land with pits all over remained.

“It’s difficult to look for his dead body…” Wu Fa covered his forehead, feeling awkward. He never knew that Yu Wenbin would attack in anger without considering the dilemma of bringing his dead body back.

“Eh…” Yu Wenbin then recovered from his thoughts and recalled he had to report to Lu Yuan. His face turned stiff.

“Hey, why are both of you looking for my dead body? Do you guys have any bad habits?” A voice was suddenly heard coming from the forest.

Yu Wenbin and Wu Fa immediately turned around and saw Lin Huang standing on the branch of one of the big trees.

Lin Huang waved at them and smiled cheekily. “Why are the both of you looking for me?”

“Your dragonkin has killed the second elder of the Saint’s grandson,” Wu Fa hesitated for a while before answering him.

“Oh, are you talking about the guy who uses the Combat Soul? I’ve said that earlier that he won’t be able to control such a Combat Soul. It’s because he has someone to back him up.” Lin Huang then admitted, “My summoning monster indeed killed him.”

Yu Wenbin and Wu Fa exchanged glances with each other after listening to what he said. Lin Huang’s description matched what Lu Feng had said. They confirmed that Lin Huang was the murderer.

“Since you’ve admitted that you’re the murderer, that’ll be easy for us.” Yu Wenbin smiled bitterly. “Little brat, make a choice. Do you want us to catch you alive or do you want us to bring your dead body back?”

“I’m not interested in becoming a Saint member as I’ve always heard that the Saints are a group of idiots that have been brainwashed,” Lin Huang insulted.

“What do you know about us?” Yu Wenbin said in a deep voice.

“I know whatever I’m supposed to. The Saint members pretend to be the heretics to cast the blame on them.” Lin Huang gazed at Wu Fa. He could sense that his aura was rather weak and that he must be Wu Tian’s brother. “Oh yeah, I knew all this from Wu Tian.”

“Xiao Tian?! What did you do to him?” Wu Fa could no longer remain calm.

“What’s the point of keeping him alive as I’ve gotten the information I want? Of course, I’ve killed him!” Lin Huang answered with a wry smile.

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