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Chapter 499: Lin Xin’s Secret

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I heard that you guys are looking for a guardian…”

A woman gracefully walked out from the trees.

She was wearing a white blouse, showing her midriff and the underside of her could be seen. Her busty fit her cropped top that was already very figure-hugging.

She also wore a black leather skirt and her pair of long legs that were about 1.3 meters long looked soft and fair under the dim light.

Just when she appeared, Lin Xin and the rest were stunned, fixing their crimson gazes at the collar of her cropped top.

Soon, the five of them noticed that there was the symbol of the heretics on the left side of her neck, instantly putting everybody on alert.

The woman laughed softly and a man’s b.l.o.o.d.y head suddenly appeared in her right hand. “I guess you guys are looking for him?”

Seeing the blood still dripping from the head in her hand, despite not being able to identify who the man was, their backs were all drenched in sweat.

“Can’t you see it clearly? I’ll bring it closer to you.” The woman grinned, moving forward to them in her boots.

Each step she seemed to be treading on their hearts as their heartbeats started racing fast. Perhaps they were overly frightened which caused them to turn stiff and could not even flee!

At this moment, Nangong Qing suddenly shouted and regained his ability to move. He then picked up his bronze combat sword and pounced on the woman in the leather skirt. “Run away quickly! Escape in four separate directions!”

The woman in the leather skirt giggled softly and did not bother to stop Nangong Qing. She did not even dodge, allowing him to hit her.

His bronze combat sword that was surrounded by black Life Power instantly pierced through her stomach.

It was out of everybody’s expectation as blood did not splatter around, but a “ding” was heard. The waist of the woman in the leather skirt was not injured, and there were no traces left. However, Nangong Qing’s bronze combat sword had broken into pieces.

Nangong Qing’s face turned grave and he gradually lifted his head, looking at the woman in the leather skirt. “You’re a Transcendent…”

“Only now you realize? It seems like there’s still room for improvement in terms of your observation skills.” The woman in the leather skirt than took a few steps in the air. “It’s not convenient to wear high heels here. I’ve been walking in the air all this while.”

Lin Xin and the rest of them then discovered that she did not step on the ground at all. Instead, she always kept a distance of about ten centimeters away from the ground. Because the ground was covered by gra.s.s, Lin Xin and the rest had not noticed that.

Five of their hearts sank. Encountering a Transcendent, it was impossible for them to escape. Their enemy could fly. Regardless of how fast they could run away, their attempt would be rendered useless.

“It’s impossible for us to escape. Let’s fight!” Lin Xin suddenly shouted in a deep voice. At almost the same time, she changed the bullets used in her GrayEagle 17 to armored bullets and she was the first to launch an attack.

The armored bullets were fired out of the bore of the gun, making consecutive hits in front of her head.

As Lin Xin attacked, Ai Li and two of the boys picked their weapons up and rushed towards her.

However, before the three of them could approach her, the sound of Lin Xin’s bullets exploding could be heard.

The woman was not trying to avoid the attacks at all, letting the bullets strike her. She did not even blink. After the explosion, no traces were left on her face and her eyelashes did not even flutter.

“Hey, girl, didn’t you know that it’s impossible for any guns other than relics to hurt a Transcendent?” The woman was looking at Lin Xin while she giggled.

Immediately, the three of them then rushed towards her, making several cuts on the woman’s body. Ai Li felt that her bronze relic was connecting with a hard diamond as it did not affect her. The next moment, three of their long swords had broken into pieces.

Five of them stood in their original positions hopelessly as the there was a huge gap between them. The opponent was like a big mountain which they could not overcome.

“That’s enough, follow me.” The woman smiled as she waved her hand. In an instant, Ai Li, Nangong Qing and the other two had disappeared.

“What did you do to them?” Lin Xin was still aiming at the woman. She dared not let her guard down at all. She was frightened as Ai Li and the others had suddenly disappeared.

“Eh, that’s amazing… You can’t be stored in my Dark Sphere…” The woman sized Lin Xin up curiously. “Theoretically, if I activate it with my combat strength, be it human or monster that is weaker than a Transcendent, they’ll be stored in it. It’s obvious that you’re not even an iron-level yet you can’t be stored in it. Girl, can you tell me who are you?”

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Seeing that she was approaching her, Lin Xin took a few steps back. Soon, she backed up into a big tree. “Don’t come near me!”

Lin Xin was nervous and simply fired a few shots at her. However, she was unable to stop her from moving forward.

“Little girl, I told you before that your gun is like a baby toy to me.”

The woman smiled as she approached her. Eventually, she slowly walked towards Lin Xin and crushed the GrayEagle 17 that she was holding in her hand. She then touched Lin Xin’s face cautiously. “You look like an ordinary person that has not even achieved iron-level. There must be something hidden in your body. It’s okay if you don’t know about it. I’ll bring you back and I’ll know the answer after the autopsy…”

As soon as she finished her words, the woman pointed at Lin Xin’s forehead and soon, Lin Xin fainted.

When she was about to extend her hand and pick Lin Xin up, the moment when she touched Lin Xin’s body, she immediately retreated. She felt that she had experienced a strong electric shock which could be fatal.

The woman lowered her head and looked at her right hand that had touched Lin Xin’s body. She then realized that a black spot had begun to spread upwards from her fingertip. In just a blink of an eye, her right palm had turned black as if it was charred and the black rot was still spreading further up.

The woman took prompt action. The sharp blade in her hand streaked across the sky, chopping off her right arm.

Her right arm fell to the ground and quickly turned black. Her wound remained unaffected. The woman then raised her head, staring at Lin Xin with fear.

“Who are you?!”

Lin Xin, who had fainted, gradually floated up into the sky. Her black hair rapidly turned purple and continued growing until it reached her waist.

All of a sudden, Lin Xin suddenly opened her eyes. Her pair of eyes that were originally black had now turned gold.

As she heard what the woman said, Lin Xin grinned. “Don’t you want to know the answer? I’m the answer that you’re looking for…”

When she heard the voice of the purple-haired Lin Xin, the woman was terrified and she could feel that death was imminent.

She did not even turn back and immediately fled. She wanted to escape from the purple-haired girl at her fastest possible speed.

“It’s useless to do so. Regardless of where you are going, as long as you’re still within the gravel world, I’ll only need one word to kill you,” Lin Xin mumbled. Her purple hair moved without any wind and her voice rang out clearly, “Die!”

Right when the word left her lips, the woman in the leather skirt that tried to escape started collapsing and soon, she fell into a heap onto the ground.

Lin Xin extended her hand. The Emperor’s Heart Ring and the Dark Sphere of the woman in leather skirt automatically fell into her palm.

After handling her, the purple-haired Lin Xin suddenly turned her head and s.h.i.+fted her gaze towards another direction.

A faint white light lingered in the gap between tree branches, hardly noticeable.

“Forget!” The purple-haired Lin Xin’s eyes became swirly.

Lin Huang and b.l.o.o.d.y were terrified as they witnessed the unbelievable scene through the Leech Pods. As the word “forget” was heard, they fell into a trance…

Lin Xin’s body gradually fell onto the ground and her long purple hair gradually faded. Her pair of eyes returned to their original color. Soon after, she became limp, leaning against the big tree and had lost her consciousness…

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