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Chapter 502: Yellowbird

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the western ocean waters of Division 7, there was a gigantic building underneath an island that looked like a skull 3,000 meters below on the seabed. The lights were all turned on. Nestled on the seabed, in the building was a huge, bustling base. In one of the surgery rooms on the lowest floor in the base, the knife in the hand of the man with disappeared.

“This defective product is useless now. Destroy it.”

The man took off his medical gloves and looked solemnly at the surgery table. The man that was lying on the surgery table had his chest cut open. A few young people, who were surrounding him, could see that his heart was still beating hard. Besides his chest, his head had been cut open too. The greyish-white brain tissues were there for everyone to see. The man’s green eyes were wide. The pair of eyes would look terrifying on usual days, but right then, tears poured from them. He seemed to be conscious.

“Sir, the color of his eyes is pretty unique. Can I keep them as a sample?” A girl with her golden hair in a bun asked. Although she was wearing a medical mask, her voice was sweet.

“Anything, you guys can take whatever you want. But I can only maintain this for another half an hour. Just remember to get rid of the parts that you don’t need. Also, don’t mess up the surgery room.” The man left without turning his head.

In the surgery room, a few young people in green scrubs started discussing among each other.

“The size of his p.e.n.i.s isn’t bad. I could keep it in my collection.”

“Is there anything in his head that anyone of you would like? I would like to keep his skull. If none of you want any part of his head, I’ll chop it off and bring it back.”

“If you want the skull, then I don’t want his teeth anymore. Give me his brain. I’ll take it out myself later.”

“Wait! Give me his scalp. I want to try if I can grow his red hair from the part that he’s shaved off.”

“Such a healthy heart. Don’t take that away from me! Including this heart, I’ll have 99 of them! I’m one step closer to collecting 100 hearts. Yay!”

As the man with the left the surgery room, he took off the green scrubs and put on a white coat while heading to an office that was on the top floor of the building. There was an old man with white hair and a beard in a white coat reading his Emperor’s Heart Ring. The man with the knocked on the door that was open.

“Come in!” The old man nodded.

The man with the walked in and stood before the old man’s desk with respect.


“So, did you get anything from the kid?”

“His body is quite disappointing whereby his gene integration did not upgrade since he was created 12 years ago. It has been maintained at 17%,” the man with said without any expression.

“That’s expected as he’s a failed product from the first generation.” The old man did not react.

“How much does he know about the Saints?”

“I have been trying to unseal his brain memory for the past two days. I must say, the Saints are impressive when it comes to this. Although I managed to unseal his memory, his core memory of their G.o.d isn’t there. I can’t be sure if he doesn’t have the authorization or the Saints have taken control of that part of his memory. All I got from him is basically what we already know,” the bespectacled man frowned as he explained.

“It shouldn’t be about his authorization. Besides the First Elder, the rest of the elders have the same authorization. The elder is already the Saint’s core hierarchy. He was an elder too. Although he couldn’t reach their G.o.d directly, he should be able to learn something about their G.o.d. His memory of their G.o.d might have been deleted from the Saint’s side,” the old man thought to himself and speculated.

“Is there anything else?”

“We got something unexpected,” the man in the smirked as he said.

“There’s a special young man in the recycled memory…”

“Oh, a person that even you think is special. Do tell.” The old man noticed the smirk on his face and became interested.

“The young man is only white flame-level, but he could force himself to level up to gold flame-level. Besides that, when he became gold flame-level, he was so powerful that he managed to kill an immortal-level rank-5!” The man in the was excited as he spoke.

“A gold flame-level killing an immortal-level rank-5. He’s considered a supreme genius already. But leveling up from white flame-level to gold flame-level, are you sure that he did not conceal his combat level?” The old man thought the hiding of combat level was a likelier situation.

“I’ve looked at the part of that memory for a couple of times. I confirm that the young man’s real combat level is only white flame-level.” The bespectacled man nodded.

“A gold flame-level killing an immortal-level rank-5?” The old man’s eyes lit up.

“Show me!”

Suddenly, a strand of the old man’s hair floated up like it was alive. It looked like a sharp thorn. From the other end, a strand of hair from the man in the floated up as well and connected with the old man’s hair like a snake biting a thorn. Soon, the two strands of hair disconnected and went back to normal.

“Sir, I would like to capture him for research,” the man in requested.

“You can’t do anything to this kid just yet…” The old man frowned after looking at the clip.

“He has a powerful background?” The bespectacled man raised his eyebrow.

“This kid is called Lin Huang. He’s old man Fu’s apprentice. It’s too risky to offend him because of this kid.” The old man shrugged helplessly.

“That Mr. Fu’s apprentice?” The man in the looked upset.

“Old man Fu has got himself a great apprentice. For a white flame-level killing an immortal-level rank-5, he would be rare even if he’s placed in Division 1… Why aren’t I as lucky as he is?” The old man sighed and shook his head.

The man in the was unhappy.

“Sir, we can capture him when Mr. Fu isn’t in Division 7,” the man in said after a moment of silence. He did not seem to want to let it go.

“I won’t stop you if you insist, but I have two things to warn you. First, do it cleanly and leave no trails. Second, if old man Fu finds out it’s done by you, not only will I not help you, I’ll draw a clear one with you. You know that I won’t be living too long. I can’t be bearing a burden like this.”

“Understand, I’ll remember that!” The man in the replied with his head held down.

“There’s one more thing that I need you to do.” The old man changed the topic immediately.

“The Union will be fighting the Saint together soon. The Saint will definitely go for an escape plan by sacrificing the elder in their organization. I need you to get more elder bodies to dig more secrets about the G.o.d. Do a clean job!”

“Yes sir, I’ll do my best!” The man in the nodded.

“You can leave now if that’s all that you have for me.” The old man then focused on the Emperor’s Heart Ring’s panel in front of him.

“I shall be going now.” The bespectacled man bowed and left.

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