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Chapter 507: Please Stop Dreaming

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

On morning, Lin Huang had decided on his first destination. It was a severe danger zone with more than ten commander-level monsters or at least three chief-level monsters. Only the top-ranked people dared to enter such a precarious zone. There were a total of 28 severe danger zones in Division 7. This time, Lin Huang’s target was a chief-level monster in the zone, which was also an immortal-level monster.

“Xiao Hei, a.s.suming I get ten reward card draws for a quadruple cross-ranking kill, do I get more card draws if I kill more than that?” Lin Huang grinned while he was on the road.

“s.e.xtuple cross-ranking kills – Reward Card Draw x15!”

“Septuple cross-ranking kills – Reward Card Draw x20!”

“Octuple cross-ranking kills – Reward Card Draw x25!”

“Nonuple cross-ranking kills – Reward Card Draw x30!”

“Decuple cross-ranking kills – Reward Card Draw x40!”

“Above decuple cross-ranking kills – you’ll receive Reward Card Draw x10 for every rank.”

“Now that I’m on white flame-level, if I use a Provisional Transformation Card to increase my combat level and use another two Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards, I can get to immortal-level rank-2. Then, it won’t be too difficult to kill an immortal-level rank-7 monster. It’s 11 ranks from white flame-level to immortal-level rank-7, so I can get 50 card draws. If I use the Double Reward Card, I’ll get 100 card draws and 10 kills would mean I get 1,000 card draws…” Lin Huang sat on Thunder’s back and smiled into the sky like an idiot.

“You’re thinking too much. The cross-ranking kill depends on your combat level. If you’re using the card to upgrade your combat level temporarily, the calculation will start from the combat level that was upgraded from. That would be no different from you killing an immortal-level rank-1 when you’re on white flame-level. To be able to obtain more cross-ranking rewards, you should think about how to increase your combat level.”

“Ah, is that so? That’s disappointing.” Lin Huang had been fantasizing about obtaining a ma.s.sive amount of cards but his dream was crushed.

“Please stop dreaming. Thank you!”

“If that’s the case, I shall get my fiends to help me to kill immortal-level rank-2 monsters. Too bad the fiends have limited abilities, so they can’t do much if we encounter immortal-level rank-3 monsters. Maybe I should try my luck and see if they can kill such monsters.

“Then again, killing immortal-level rank-3 monsters would mean a s.e.xtuple cross-ranking kill, which means 15 card draws and that’s 30 card draws if doubled. Ten kills mean 300 card draws, which is 100 more cards than a quadruple kill,” Lin Huang recalculated how to obtain more cards.

Before obtaining the new monster skills, he could already cross one level to kill an immortal-level rank-1 monster. Now that he had five new monster skills with upgraded abilities, he thought it would not be difficult to kill an immortal-level rank-2 monster with the help of the three fiends. However, Lin Huang wanted to spend some time exploring the severe danger zone before he did his hunting. He wanted to know the exact location and the abilities of each chief-level monster.

Although he had the preliminary information from the black market, most of the information was from many years ago. Some of them were as long as 20 years ago, and only a few them were refreshed last year. After all, there were 28 severe danger zones and not everyone would go into them every year. Since more than 20 years had pa.s.sed, the monsters might have upgraded, be killed or moved away. Those were the possibilities. He wanted to confirm the accuracy of the information and pin his next destination on the dimensional relic.

One and a half hour later, Thunder brought Lin Huang to their first destination, Big Devil Island. He was familiar with the name of the island as he had been to Little Devil Island when he joined the Hunter a.s.sessment a year ago. There was not much relations.h.i.+p between these two islands as one was on the southeast while the other was on the southwest of Division 7. Both of the islands were across half of the division. Their names were similar as both islands had the shape of a devil’s face. The one that was bigger was named the Big Devil Island while the smaller one was named Little Devil Island.

However, the two islands had the same ecosystem with the existence of demons, the undead and soul-type monsters. Of course, the Big Devil Island was a severe danger zone which was incomparable with the grade-4 wild zone of the Little Devil Island. From what information Lin Huang had obtained, there were a total of six chief-level monsters, two immortal-level rank-2 monsters, one immortal-level rank-4 monster, two immortal-level rank-5 monsters and one immortal-level rank-7 monster on the island. There were hundreds of commander-level monsters on the island. However, the statistic was as old as 11 years.

Initially, Lin Huang was here for the immortal-level rank-7, but armed with the knowledge of the cross-ranking kill rewards from Xiao Hei, he changed his target to the two immortal-level rank-2 monsters. It was just before 9 a.m. when Thunder landed on a beach at the border of the island. Lin Huang sat on its back and summoned b.l.o.o.d.y.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, check where the chief-level monsters are on this island and their combat levels,” Lin Huang said to b.l.o.o.d.y.

Purple specks spread out from b.l.o.o.d.y and flew away. Twenty minutes later, b.l.o.o.d.y’s voice came to Lin Huang’s ears.

“There are only three chief-levels, one immortal-level rank-2, one immortal-level rank-3 and one immortal-level rank-4. They’re spread out…” b.l.o.o.d.y marked the locations on Lin Huang’s map. It marked the immortal-level rank-2 in red and another two in white.

“Only three of them? The statistic from 11 years ago isn’t reliable,” Lin Huang sighed.

“I’ve cast my Leech Pods on a blue flame-level monster. According to its memory, someone was here three years ago and fought the overlord-rank monsters on the island. The person killed the three most powerful ones,” b.l.o.o.d.y explained.

“Is that so?” Lin Huang nodded and patted Thunder’s back.

“Thunder, let’s go to the location marked in red.”

Half an hour later, Lin Huang arrived 50 kilometers away from where the immortal-level rank-2 monsters were. The immortal-level monsters had a much stronger sensing ability than holy fire-levels. They could sense an enemy that was tens of kilometers away. It was risky for Lin Huang to appear 50 kilometers away. If he got a little closer, the monsters might attack him. His plan was not to fight them but to mark down their coordinates.

He had limited Double Reward Cards; there would be enough cards if he used one of them for every kill. The only way was to complete ten cross-ranking kills using a Double Reward Card within the given time. After pinning the coordinates in his dimensional relic, Lin Huang smirked at the direction of the first targeted monster.

“I’ll kill every one of you after I’ve completed marking down all your locations!”

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