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Chapter 511: Xiao Hei’s Ability

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Congratulations, you have completed s.e.xtuple cross-ranking kill with reward card draw x30!”

Lin Huang looked at the time when he heard the notification from Xiao Hei.

“This took five minutes. Looking at the progress, I have just enough time. It seems like we need help.” Lin Huang frowned. The fight started one-on-one. As the both of them collided together, the three fiends could not find a way to help, so it took more time than the previous fight.

If he had not used Thunder Sting on the Arachnid Enchanter, the fight might not have ended so easily. After concluding the experience silently while standing, he put his sword and the Arachnid Enchanter’s carca.s.s away, then summoned the dimensional relic again.

“Let’s go!” He waved to the three fiends and stepped into the dimensional relic. After completing two kills, he grasped the basic understanding of immortal-level rank-2 monsters. With b.l.o.o.d.y’s help on each monster’s weaknesses and abilities together with the fiends’ a.s.sistance, Lin Huang managed to kill seven monsters in less than half an hour.

“There are 23 minutes left. We should be able to kill all of them.” Lin Huang became excited after winning battle after battle. He stepped into the dimensional relic and appeared on an island. It was the Enigma Island where there were many peculiar, unknown monsters. There were new monster types that could not be found in the monster encyclopedia. Some of them were transformed from other existing monster types.

Lin Huang’s target was an unknown ape on the island. Although b.l.o.o.d.y could not distinguish the type of monster, he could still use it as his target because it was also an immortal-level rank-2. It was Xiao Hei’ that suggested making this island their final destination. Its reason was that there were many odd monsters that it wanted Lin Huang to kill for research. Since he had completed all the cross-ranking kills, it was the perfect timing as he needed to kill monsters to obtain more Life Power to grow his Life Fire.

“This ape looks a little like the Mighty Ape from the ancient epoch. The Mighty Ape was a triple-mutated ancient beast and its ability was the top of the triple-mutated monsters. Not many same level monsters could fight it with its strength. However, according to the monster encyclopedia, The Mighty Ape had three descendants, but none of them looks like this one,” b.l.o.o.d.y said.

“There’s something that I’m not sure if I should tell you about…” b.l.o.o.d.y hesitated.

“Just tell me everything.” Lin Huang nodded.

“This ape gives me an odd feeling that I can’t describe… In reality, since the first time we came here a few days ago, besides this ape, I feel that all of the monsters on this island give me an… uncomfortable feeling…” b.l.o.o.d.y said out loud.

“Really?” Lin Huang thought that was odd.

“This island is a little familiar to me. Like… I’ve been here before,” the Inferior Imp that was standing next to Lin Huang said after looking around.

“I have the same feeling too. It’s like I’ve been here before.” Just when Lin Huang was stunned by what the Inferior Imp said, the Witch nodded and agreed.

“Me too.” The Malachian Fiend nodded in a.s.sent.

“Did that happen before you guys became my summoning monsters?” Lin Huang thought it could not be a coincidence that the three fiends shared the same feeling.

“I think so, but my memory is unclear. I feel the familiarity when I look around the place,” the Inferior Imp replied.

“Xiao Hei, do the Monster Cards retain their memories before they die?” Lin Huang contacted Xiao Hei secretly.

“That would involve the forming of Monster Cards. You have the authority to know about this now, but are you sure you want to hear about it?”


“The forming of the Monster Card is actually the breakdown of the dead monster’s flesh and soul, transforming it into a particle that can be made into cards. To explain this in Earth language, it’s like a three-dimensional creature that’s placed into the data world in a computer.

“To make it simple, you’re a three-dimensional human and I’m the computer that you’re using while your Monster Cards are the data on the computer.”

“If that’s so, how does the Monster Card appear in the world with body and flesh? On Earth, the data in the computer can’t be transformed back into a three-dimensional creature.” Although Lin Huang understood what Xiao Hei was saying, he now had more questions.

“That’s because of my existence. I allow the ‘data’ to interfere with reality!”

Lin Huang became silent before nodding.

“I understand now. That means all the Monster Cards retain their memories before they died.”

“When they are broken down, all of the information in their heads, even the information that was inherited from their genes will be completely copied. To avoid trouble, I have categorized their memories. Most of their memories remained while some of them are sealed. However, to retain their intelligence and character, the memories aren’t completely sealed, so they feel the familiarity whenever they encounter familiar environment and incidents.”

“So, what happened to the Supreme Overlord who managed to escape from its card form earlier?” Lin Huang asked.

“As you did not have enough authority, you could only seal a living creature in a semi-card form. Once the card’s combat level your authority and I’m unable to suppress it, the living creature will escape back to the world from its semi-card form.”

“You’re my power source. The higher your authority, the more powerful I am. Before you arrived at white flame-level, my power was limited by you and I couldn’t manage legendary-level cards. That’s why I had to seal them when your Monster Cards leveled up to legendary-level. The Supreme Overlord was only in a semi-card form so I could only seal a portion of his power, not the material portion of him. That’s how he managed to escape.

“In reality, as long as you have enough authority to supply me with sufficient power, not only can I turn all the monsters in this world into their card forms, I can even make the entire world into a card…”

What Xiao Hei said puzzled Lin Huang.

As long as it had sufficient power, it could turn the entire world into a card?!

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