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Chapter 512: The Unknown Ape

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After communicating with Xiao Hei, Lin Huang had a better understanding of the Goldfinger than he did before. He did not know that Xiao Hei was powerful enough to control the entire world. A while later, he snapped out of his shock and recalled what he wanted to ask.

“So, you mean that the three fiends have been here before since they find it familiar?”

“Yes, there’s no other reasonable explanation for that. It could be a coincidence if only one fiend feels the deja vu but it’s definitely not a coincidence if the three of them are experiencing the same thing.”

“Haven’t you seen this part of their memory before?” Lin Huang thought Xiao Hei’s explanation was odd.

“I realized that the information in their bodies was messy when I was returning them to their card forms. Some of their memories had been erased earlier. While I was organizing their memories, I didn’t find anything that’s related to this area, so I have no idea what was the memory that was erased.”

“I first saw them at the Mystery Auction. They were brought by the Purple Crow. If they’ve been here before, could that mean that this is one of the footholds under the Purple Crow’s territory?” Lin Huang frowned as none of his encounters with the Purple Crow had ever been a positive one.

“That could be possible… Do you remember that I told you that these three fiends were modified by humans before?”

“I remember. The three of them looked much more ferocious at the auction. I even asked you what happened to them before.”

“I found out from b.l.o.o.d.y’s Leech Pods’ surveillance that there’s a similar aura coming from the creatures on this island. The same aura as before the fiends were returned to their card form. I suspect they were modified on this island!”

“This entire island could be a creature laboratory, but I can’t confirm at the moment if it’s been formed by nature or if it’s man-made. This is also why I picked this place as the final destination. I need you to kill as many monsters as you can on this island so that I can a.n.a.lyze the monster modification.”

“I understand now.” Lin Huang nodded.

If this foothold belonged to the Purple Crow, he did not mind causing damage to this place. Even if it was not, it was perfect for him to kill more monsters to grow his Life Fire.

“Let’s go!” Lin Huang waved to the three fiends.

“Don’t do anything at the moment, let me try to kill it first,” Lin Huang said, then activated double acceleration immediately and scooted towards where the ape was. It only took him a moment to arrive at his destination. This ape was 200 meters tall. Although it was nothing comparable to the Black Serpent he had encountered earlier, its aura was even more powerful.

The ape had green hair with three gigantic heads. There were six white eyeb.a.l.l.s on each of its head, and its teeth were as sharp as a beast’s. As its teeth were too huge, its mouths could not be closed completely. Its six arms were muscular, each of them a few times bigger than its thighs. It was obvious that its upper body strength was terrifying. Its palms were gigantic and were no smaller than its faces.

From the front, it had detailed golden scales from its neck all the way to just above its thighs. On its back, there was a metal golden armor from its neck downwards, appearing like an enlarged metal spine that extended all the way to its tail. It did not only cover two-thirds of its back; its entire tail looked like it had been galvanized. The end of its tail looked like a golden metal needle.

Although its legs were thinner than its arms, compared to normal apes, they were much more muscular and powerful. Its black feet created odd cracking sounds when walking on the ground, sounding very much like snow being crunched on. It was the sound of the gravel becoming powder under its feet, leaving deep footprints on the ground.

“A strength-type monster with powerful defense…” Lin Huang checked it out and figured what type of monster it was.

“The only weakness is both sides of its body but it has two heads and four arms on both sides. This is tricky…”

Just as Lin Huang was checking the ape out, it noticed his presence. Three of its heads turned around while its 18 white eyes that seemed devoid of pupils stared at Lin Huang. Fortunately, he was not trypophobic, or he would have had gooseb.u.mps all over his body.

As the ape locked eyes on Lin Huang, it did not seem to bother if he was friend or foe. It tore right at him.

“Attacking directly… It seems to only have battle instincts,” b.l.o.o.d.y mumbled.

“Perfect!” Lin Huang shouted and held his battle sword in his hand. He dashed towards the ape after activating his Seraphic Speed and Thunder Steps.

“Thunder Sting!”

White sparks shone brightly on the sword while electric arcs dashed into the sky. The combination of the Seraphic Speed, Thunder Steps, and Thunder Sting was so fast that Lin Huang looked like he transformed into a white electric bolt.

The crescent moon sword glow raced towards the ape that was charging towards Lin Huang. The ape swung its muscular arms at Lin Huang, and a loud explosion was heard. A strong gust of wind blew as a shockwave exploded in the air. The white glow collided with the gigantic fists.


The collision was not like a thunderclap. Instead, it was like a nuclear bomb explosion. Green and white shockwaves shot into the sky in the center of the collision. Circles of energy waves rippled in the air and spread out. The area within 78.5 square kilometers was completely destroyed.

The collision lasted less than two seconds before a figure shot out like an arrow…

The one remaining was the gigantic ape.

“Such powerful strength!” Lin Huang exclaimed. Although the ape was only an immortal-level rank-2, its strength surpa.s.sed an immortal-level rank-3’s standard and was almost equivalent to an immortal-level rank-4’s. Looking at his deformed right hand, Lin Huang could tell that the single collision had broken every bone in his hand.

Fortunately, he managed to heal his hand immediately with the Demonic Regeneration Monster Skill that he had just obtained. Within seconds, his broken bones were completely healed, and the injury seemed like an illusion to him.

“It doesn’t seem to be affected by Thunder Sting at all…” Lin Huang looked solemnly at the monster.

“I need to try something else…”

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