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Chapter 516: I Don’t Want to Play with You Anymore

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just when Lin Huang was done discussing with b.l.o.o.d.y, dozens of powerful aura appeared out of nowhere. They were pus.h.i.+ng towards where Lin Huang and the rest were.

“They’re here!”

Lin Huang looked in the distance as he saw shadows descending from the sky. Their aura was much more powerful than the 60 monsters that had been sent earlier. It was like comparing domestic dogs to hungry lions.

Lin Huang knew that it was a tough battle. The bunch of immortal-level rank-2 monsters were on par with the abilities of the three fiends. The only flaw the monsters had was that they had no intelligence. Without waiting for the monsters to come closer, the 60 monster that were controlled by the Witch charged towards them. At that same time, the Witch performed a hand seal immediately while strands of vines came out of the ground. Besides the purple Crippling Vine, there were also black Paralyzing Vines.

The Paralyzing Vines could inject paralyzing poison into the creature’s bodies. As soon as the vine broke, the poison that shot out of it would be a few times even more powerful. The two types of vines crawled swiftly towards the monsters. The 30 immortal-level rank-2 monster that had lost their minds had their eyes on Lin Huang. They did not avoid the vines that were reaching towards them and soon, all of them were slowed down by the 60 monster as well as the vines.

The Malachian Fiend and the Inferior Imp’s bodies started growing tremendously. The Malachian Fiend grew from two to five meters, its greenish rock body now became blue. The scales on its arms had crystallized into a bluish-black, jagged matter. Its aura was also a few more times more powerful than before. Meanwhile, the Inferior Imp that was next to it was no longer five meters tall as well. Its body was burning in a crimson-black flame. The flame was hot, so fiery that the air around was distorted and its aura was much more terrifying than ever.

As the both of them grew, they darted towards the monsters that were slowed down. The movement of the 30 immortal-level rank-2 monsters was interfered by the 60 monsters and the Witch’s vines. Meanwhile, the Malachian Fiend and the Inferior Imp dashed into the monster crowd. Lin Huang did not join the fight as he watched. b.l.o.o.d.y that was hiding in his sleeve released transparent flecks everywhere. It could now change the color of its Leech Pods to whatever color that it wanted, including making them transparent.

Among the monster crowd, the Malachian Fiend targeted its first opponent. It looked like a deformed human monster. It was over two meters tall and walked on both legs. However, its head was twice the size of a normal human’s and its entire body was covered in citrine scales, including its face. The monster was entangled by two vines while two immortal-level rank-1 monsters attacked it. However, it did not seem to be hurt at all. It then mauled one of the monster with its claws, leaving a ma.s.sive hole in its chest. Had the monster carca.s.s been alive, it would definitely have been killed by that single attack. However, under the control of the parasitic worms, the monster carca.s.s was not affected by the attack and it proceeded to attack the monster that was filled with scales.

The Malachian Fiend then headed towards the scaled monster and punched hard on its chest. The scaled monster had turned purple from the Crippling Vine since the beginning and its defense had fallen by tenfold. However, the Malachian Fiend’s punch only managed to cave its chest in and break some of its ribs. It did not die and instead, it attacked the Malachian Fiend back in pain.

The two monsters started fighting each other aggressively. However, due to the vines that were entangling it as well as the two monster that were surrounding it, the scaled monster soon lost the battle. In less than half a minute, the Malachian Fiend smashed its skull and the monster was dead. Although the fight took less than a minute, it was a tough one for the Malachian Fiend. Meanwhile, the Inferior Imp was experiencing almost the same situation. Without its Abyssal Fire, its strength was weaker than the Malachian Fiend’s. With the burning of the Abyssal Fire, it took less than half a minute to kill its first opponent.

“This isn’t very efficient…” Sensing that the Life Fire in his body growing, Lin Huang was not relaxed at all. Looking at the monsters that were slowly being killed, he pulled out his battle sword and ran into the monster crowd. A white glow enveloped his sword as he dashed among the crowd like a lightning bolt. He did not stop moving. Each of his sword swings were quick and each attack left a couple of deep cuts on those immortal-level rank-2 monsters. That was the maximum that he was performing as his aim was to injure the monsters and not kill them as he would not obtain any Life Power if he were to kill the monsters himself.

The monsters that were cut by Lin Huang experienced an instant deterioration in their abilities. The two fiends then proceeded to kill the monsters that were hurt. They aimed their attacks at the wounds that Lin Huang left on the monsters, successfully killing the monsters within two to three seconds. The immortal-level rank-2 monsters were killed one by one. As they fell to the ground, the Life Fire in Lin Huang grew tremendously within minutes.

When all of the monsters were dead, he looked at the Life Fire in his body.

“Each immortal-level rank-2 monsters gives a growth of over ten meters but it stopped growing at 300 meters…” Before Lin Huang started the battle, his Life Fire had been burning at over six meters. From his observation, each immortal-level rank-2 monster would give him a boost of over ten meters. Theoretically, killing all 30 monsters would at least give his Life Fire a boost of at least 330 meters. However, it had stopped at 300 meters.

“It seems like 300 meters is the limit of my tinder.”

After confirming that, Lin Huang knew that his mission had come to an end and it was unnecessary to stay any longer.

“b.l.o.o.d.y, did you manage to pick up on how they are monitoring us?” Lin Huang contacted b.l.o.o.d.y secretly as he picked up the monster

“I’ve tried looking around with my Leech Pods but I can’t find anyone who is monitoring or if there are any monitoring monsters around,” b.l.o.o.d.y answered helplessly.

“I suspect they’re using the defense layer on top of us to watch us. The areas that are covered by the s.h.i.+eld should be within their surveillance.”

Lin Huang looked up into the sky.

“If that’s the case, we can’t carry out the plan that we had earlier…”

The old man spoke again before Lin Huang finished picking up the monster, “Young man, it seems like your parasitic worms can only control immortal-level rank-1 monsters… Will you lose if I increase the difficulty to level-4 by releasing 100 immortal-level rank-2 monsters?! I want to know the answer so badly…”

“You crazy old man!” Lin Huang shouted, furious that the old man treated him like a toy.

“Xiao Hei, I definitely can’t handle the fourth wave. Are these 90 monster enough for your research? If not, we’ll have to come back next time. I might be captured by this crazy old man for his research if we stay any longer,” Lin Huang contacted Xiao Hei secretly.

“Yes, they’re enough. Remember to store all of the monster before you leave,” Xiao Hei replied immediately.

“Witch, relieve all the parasitic worms,” Lin Huang turned around and instructed the Witch.

The Witch performed a hand seal and the monster fell onto the ground one by one. They were put into Lin Huang’s storage s.p.a.ce immediately.

“What? Are you giving up now?” The old man spoke again. It was clear that he was watching whatever Lin Huang was doing.

Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders and recalled the three of his fiends as well as b.l.o.o.d.y. It was just him alone.

“You’re smart. As long you’re willing to cooperate with my research, I’ll consider keeping your conscience and modify you, making you a truly powerful person.” The old man thought Lin Huang had completely given up fighting back.

“May I know how to address you?” Lin Huang asked while looking into the sky.

“You can call me Professor Jin.” The old man did not bother hiding his ident.i.ty.

“Professor Jin, I’ll remember you…” Suddenly, Lin Huang smirked and pointed a finger into the sky. A white glow acc.u.mulated at his fingertip, growing brighter and brighter.

“Still trying to fight?” Professor Jin sounded sarcastic.

Within seconds, the white glow blossomed into a white sphere that was the size of a fist. Lin Huang flicked his finger and the white sphere exploded in the sky as it was flung a few meters high. The bright white glow covered a few kilometers.

“Crazy old man, I’ll remember what happened today. I’ll come back to end this one day. I have things to do, so I won’t play with you anymore for now. Bye!” Lin Huang’s voice came softly among the white light. He then crushed a card between his fingers, then his body turned into a cloud and he disappeared into the ground…

As the white glow faded, Professor Jin was stunned to see that Lin Huang was no longer where he stood.

“He’s gone?”

He got all his staff to scrutinize the surveillance cameras on the entire island. However, half an hour had pa.s.sed but Lin Huang was still nowhere to be seen. He finally realized that Lin Huang had escaped and was furious.

“I don’t care how you do it. You guys have to find that kid for me!!!”

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