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Chapter 518: Special Cards

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The Scarborough Workshop was a powerful organization that was founded in the olden days. They mainly researched genetics where they were looking into genetic elixirs in the beginning, but they also secretly worked on genetic modification and artificial humans. Later on, as the new era came, the organization started researching on various monsters and modifications. They integrated the genetics of monsters and humans to come up with modified humans.

Scarborough’s owner, Si Nan, was not only powerful. He was also a genius scientist who supported human evolution. He said the new era was a world of new human beings. Those humans who refused to be modified would die with history. Lin Huang retrieved the basic information about the Scarborough Workshop from Mr. Fu. Although Mr. Fu only knew that the organization headquarters was located in Division 2 200 years ago, he had no idea where it was now. However, he asked Lin Huang not to worry about the organization as they were not a threat to him.

“It seems like the Scarborough Workshop sold the three fiends to the Purple Crow or they had some collaboration going on,” Lin Huang speculated from what Mr. Fu told him.

The Scarborough Workshop had modification businesses which many underground organizations worked with since hundreds of years ago. It was highly possible that the Purple Crow had bought the fiends from the Scarborough Workshop to join their army. However, both the organizations could be collaborating with each other.

Lin Huang thought it was normal that Professor Jin did not recognize the three fiends as they looked a lot more different than before. The fiends had appeared much more terrifying when Lin Huang found them at the Mystery Auction. When they were made into cards, their appearances were restored back to how the fiends usually looked like. However, according to Xiao Hei, the fiends’ modification data remained in their memories, which made them powerful enough to fight immortal-level rank-2 monsters when they were only double mutated gold flame-levels.

Lin Huang did not dwell on it further after finding out that the Scarborough Workshop was not a threat to him. However, he remembered clearly that Professor Jin had treated him like a toy and wanted to turn him into his guinea pig. He did not plan to look for Professor Jin at the moment as he was incapable of fighting him now. He would go back for him when he was more powerful in the future.

It was clear that Mr. Fu would teach the Scarborough Workshop a lesson as he had said that he would talk to Si Nan soon. Lin Huang decided to forget about the incident while browsing through the rewards that he had obtained in the past few days.

“The mission took me a total of four days, and the ten Life Fires in my body are burning at 300 meters now, which exceeds the 50-meter limit of rank-3 tinder. I also got four epic-level monsters, two Black Serpents, and two Tri-headed Apes. However, as my combat level is restricted, these four monsters are suppressed at gold flame-level instead of its previous immortal-level rank-1. The main reward is the cross-ranking rewards…” His eyes lit up when he thought about that.

“300 card draws!”

Before Lin Huang reached white flame-level, he had less than 100 functional cards excluding Monster Cards. The mission this time had rewarded him with 300 card draws. It was like a lousy player who gotten $5 million and became a platinum player.

“300… Hehehe…” As he giggled to himself, Xiao Hei’s notification came through.

“You have acc.u.mulated 100 card draws this time, and that has activated a new function. I didn’t remind you earlier. I shall explain to you now before you draw the cards.”

“A new function?” Lin Huang was excited.

“The first new function would be a specific card draw whereby you’ll get one specific card that you desire for every ten card draws. Of course, the specific card may be either a Skill Card, an Item Card, a Function Card and even a Monster Card but not a Special Card.”

“Special Card?” Lin Huang was surprised to hear that. He was familiar with the four types of card that Xiao Hei had listed, but it was his first time hearing about a Special Card.

“A Special Card is a supreme card such as the Revival Card that can revive a dead person, the Invincible Card that makes a person immune to all harm and the Time Freezing Card that can stop time… The Deceiving Card that you used the last time is also a Special Card which allows you to hide away, deceiving every living thing in the world.”

Lin Huang was stunned at what Xiao Hei informed him as the effect of these cards were incredibly attractive.

“How about the second new function?” He only snapped out of his daydream zone a while later.

“The second new function will be the ability to obtain a Special Card. This function allows you to obtain one Special Card with 100 card draws. The card that you’ll get is random; there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“So that means I’ll only get three Special Cards for 300 card draws and what I get is random…” Lin Huang was tempted after hearing the effects of the Special Card. However, he remained rational.

“Xiao Hei, if I draw my cards now, I’ll definitely have the chance of getting a Special Card. Am I right?”

“Yes, but the probabilities are slim.”

“Do you have a more specific ratio?” Lin Huang asked.

“No. All I can tell you is that if you’re not lucky, the probability of getting it will be zero.”

“That depends on my looks then…” Lin Huang became gloomy after hearing Xiao Hei’s answer. He always hated games that depended on looks. Although he thought he had become luckier when he got to this world, he was still traumatized from playing ‘Master XX’ the last time.

Lin Huang made his decision a while later.

“Never mind then, I shall keep a hundred card draws for an emergency. If I ever encounter something threatening, at least I’ll have something that I can depend on.” He was insecure ever since he got to this world. After thinking about it, he decided not to draw all of the cards now.

“I should have enough for 200 card draws.”

“Xiao Hei, show me the cards that I can choose from!” Lin Huang said to Xiao Hei.

“I have randomly picked 3,600 cards for you. Pick 200 cards from these 3,600 cards as your reward.”

Lin Huang was surrounded by an ocean of cards as Xiao Hei spoke. It was like a card frenzy had set upon him…

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