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Chapter 52: The Last Three Hours…

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The Last Three Hours…

In the middle of the night, there were millions of monsters outside the mouth of the canyon of Snowy Mountain Town.

Many of them started to trample on the other monsters’ back to surge through the defense line.

Many monsters died from the weight they had to bear while some were stomped to death as they fell from the monsters’ backs. Although many died, there were still many more that marched forward, fearless.

Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng were forced to join the defense line to kill the monsters that successfully breached the giant rock.

Yi Zheng’s fine sword changed forms into a three-meter-long giant sword. He leaped and started killing the monsters.

With every slash, he beheaded tens of monsters.

On the other side, Yi Yeyu reloaded Life Crystals inside her treasure tool and continued shooting at monsters beneath where she stood.

Although her aim was inaccurate, since there were monsters everywhere, no matter which direction she shot at, there were bound to be monsters dying.

The 20 Gold Hunters taking refuge beneath the giant rock were exhausted from the battle that spanned two days and one night but they persevered.

They were replenis.h.i.+ng their Life Power with Life Crystals in between killings.

However, no matter how many monsters they killed, there were others that managed to avoid their attacks and slip through into the second defense line.

There were just too many monsters; they could only handle those that were within their reach while the rest had to be handled by the Silver Hunters to their rear.

Silver Hunters who were on the second defense line consisted of the most people. There were more than 1000 of them, yet all of them were overburdened with the bulk of the monster horde which penetrated past the first line of defense. The pressure on them was similar to the Gold Hunters in front and none of them could spare a moment to rest, not even for a minute.

The monsters were getting too close and there was not much s.p.a.ce between them. 90% of the monsters that got to the second line of defense was killed by the Silver Hunters as they knew that the Copper Hunters in the third defense line were few in number. If too many monsters broke into the third line of defense, it would be spell calamity for the Copper Hunters.

Therefore, they tried their best not to let any monsters succeed.

Lin Huang and the gang were on the third line of defense, which was the most relaxed one as the burden was eased by the Gold and Silver Hunters in front of them. The monsters that managed to break into the third defense line were less than a tenth of the monsters that were in the mouth of the canyon.

But as time went by, Lin Huang and the gang began to feel the pressure again because the monsters increased their attack frequency to an interval of six minutes per wave instead of the thirty in the past.

Thankfully, Bai’s attack rate did not lower for he was a killing machine. He ma.s.sacred as many monsters as Lin Huang did.

His Blood Power wings morphed into a variety of forms during battle and depending on each form, he could either chop off a head or pierce through a heart.

He was highly efficient, so much so that Lin Huang was both amazed and ashamed.

Of course, Lin Huang’s performance was not too bad. With his iron sword, he transformed into a fine soldier. With the help of the ‘Great Sword Scripture’, almost nothing could dodge his sword.

As he obtained more experience in an actual battle, he now only needed three slashes to kill a monster instead of the usual five slashes.

As long as the monster was not an iron-level rank-3, he could kill them in only one slash.

He was also getting used to the Spectral Snowsteps movement technique where he moved like a ghost on the battlefield.

Zhou Le and the rest a.s.sumed that Lin Huang was of royalty. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to possess such incredible abilities and terrifying combat strength.

They were already iron-level rank-3 but they were far behind Lin Huang when it came to killing monsters.

Lin Huang did not care about the number of cross-ranking kills he had done, how many card pieces he had acc.u.mulated or how many reward cards he had obtained. He even reduced drinking water and only took a sip when he absolutely needed to because there was no time for other distractions.

Xiao Hei knew that he was in his combat mode and did not send any notifications to prevent Lin Huang from becoming distracted.

Time pa.s.sed by on the battlefield. Each pa.s.sing minute and second felt like torture.

Everyone was antic.i.p.ating for the sun to rise and for dawn to arrive.

As long as they held on until dawn, the human transcendent Yu Chanli would be here to kill that transcendent monster and everything would be over.

Lin Huang surpa.s.sed his limit again and again. Compared to the rest, he was the only ordinary person on the battlefield.

The physique he was born with could not be remedied by his combat strength.

Even Zhou Le and the other young men who were iron-level rank-3 were extremely exhausted. Imagine Lin Huang who was not even iron-level.

Many people noticed Lin Huang’s performance; not only Zhou Le and the gang, but even the Copper Hunters around him were impressed by his skills.

They clearly understood that Lin Huang was pus.h.i.+ng himself beyond his capacity.

Lin Huang knew his body condition very well. He did not stop swinging his sword because if he did, his body would collapse. He might not even be able to stand later.

He told himself countless times, “I can’t stop! I can’t stop! As long as I hold on for a couple more hours, it will be time!”

The monsters’ attacks on the battlefield became increasingly intense. Monsters roared throughout the battle.

At approximately 3 o’ clock in the wee hours of the morning, a terrifying monster roar echoed from a distance.

The roar originated from beyond the Snowy Mountains but the shockwaves propagated through the people and dissipated in the gra.s.slands outside the canyon.

Everyone’s heart pounded when they heard the roar. Even Lin Huang’s heart started racing fast, he felt like they were being watched by something terrifying. It gave him gooseb.u.mps.

The roar bolstered the monsters’ morale and many of them began to ram against the giant rocks even though Lin Huang could tell that it would be painful.

Many of them even started to stack onto each other to get through the defense lines.

Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu frowned upon watching the monsters attempts to climb through the giant rocks. They did not expect this to happen during the last three hours.

Just when Yi Zheng was thinking of what to do, he heard some noise coming from the Snowy Mountains.

He turned around and saw something black covering the sky heading right towards his direction at an alarming pace. He took a closer look and gasped.

“Oh no, the crows are back…”

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