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Chapter 522: Batch Transformation

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The black streak of light fell from the sky like a meteorite from hundreds of kilometers away. Without Xiao Hei’s reminder, Lin Huang would have swung his sword at it from the beginning. Within seconds, the black ray of light had traveled hundreds of kilometers, heading towards Kylie. Before Lin Huang could catch the movement of the light, it penetrated straight into the golden coc.o.o.n that Kylie was wrapped in.

The coc.o.o.n’s surface trembled slightly as its golden glow that was s.h.i.+ning brightly remained. However, ever since the black ray penetrated into the coc.o.o.n, it had dimmed. The initial golden color had become completely black within seconds. On the black surface were lightning bolts that were covering the coc.o.o.n, the black electrical arcs spreading out. The coc.o.o.n was now a few times bigger than before.

Lin Huang watched the coc.o.o.n’s odd transformation without blinking. After confirming that the coc.o.o.n was now dormant, he spoke to Xiao Hei again, “Is this a good or bad change for Kylie?”

“It’s a good change. It’s now stable. She completed her double mutation from that rock since the beginning. Due to the condition of the card, the black rock has officially integrated with her.”

Lin Huang was relieved after confirming that Kylie was alright. He was excited to unveil all of the monsters’ transformations as he looked at the colorful coc.o.o.ns. He looked at the remaining cards that he had.

“Lancelot and Thunder are the only epic-level cards left. I must fulfill Lancelot’s secret condition and upgrade him to legendary-level in the meantime. It would be great if he could get a boost of bloodline right away so that I can give the card to the Sanguine Skeletal Spirit. For Thunder… It’ll have to wait for the next time I get an Advanced Card again.”

Thunder had a minute amount of phoenix blood in it since it was unsealed. Although it was not a pure phoenix now, it was still powerful. Unfortunately, as Lin Huang treated it as a flying mount, he ignored its powerful ability. Lin Huang might have appreciated it more if it could evolve into full phoenix blood or some other powerful ancient monster in the future.

After looking at Bai, Charcoal, and the Regal Sword Killer that was half-sealed, Lin Huang snapped out of his zone. He had summoned the maximum number of monsters that he was allowed to. The only thing that he could do now was to wait for the transformation of the nine monsters patiently. To kill time, Lin Huang lay on the field while chewing on gra.s.s and patting b.l.o.o.d.y as he stared at the sky.

It had been a long time since he had nothing to do like this after arriving in this world. He spent most of his time on training for the past year. As more and more incidents happened, he had less time for Lin Xin, let alone himself. His thoughts were flying everywhere as he stared at the fluffy clouds.

“If I didn’t have Goldfinger and my Life Wheel was perfect when I traveled here, I’m sure I would just be an ordinary person, living an ordinary life under the protection of others. Perhaps the furthest place I would have traveled in this world would be the two B-grade footholds, the Bamboo City and Xiagong City… Thinking about it now, living an entire life of ignorance isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

“Unfortunately, my fate seems to have been set since I traveled here. A powerful Goldfinger… a broken Life Wheel… It feels like someone is controlling everything somewhere I can’t see. Yang Ling, Xia Hao, Qi Muxiong, they’re all travelers like me. There must be more travelers in this world, but what is the meaning of us being here?”

Just when Lin Huang was pondering the meaning of his existence, a portion of Qi Muxiong’s memory was unsealed and released. He was attracted by the content and looked at it immediately. A few hours pa.s.sed. As the glow from the sky faded away, the coc.o.o.ns started breaking, revealing the transformed monsters. As Lin Huang had fallen into a deep sleep, they did not disturb him and stood guard next to him. Three hours pa.s.sed. Besides Kylie, the remaining eight monsters had broken out of their coc.o.o.ns and stayed near him. Some of them were staring at Kylie’s coc.o.o.n, lost in their thoughts.

Lin Huang did not know that his thoughts had resonated with Qi Muxiong’s which triggered the release of more of his memories from when he had first achieved holy fire-level. Almost all of the content below imperial-level was now open to him. He indulged himself in the memories. He was shocked when he realized that more than six hours had pa.s.sed and that the monsters were surrounding him when he woke up.

As Kylie’s coc.o.o.n did not show any sign of breaking anytime soon, Lin Huang looked at the monsters that had been transformed. Tyrant looked more like a human now. The armor that enveloped his entire body was now gone; it was replaced by a burnt golden armor. His hair was now a crimson red, and his eyes were dark brown. The only thing that remained the same was his messy beard. As compared to before, he looked exactly like a human, but a much bigger human that was over 2.5 meters tall.

“Which bloodline is this?” Lin Huang asked in antic.i.p.ation.

“The Celestial Giant bloodline from the archaic period,” Tyrant replied with confidence, proud of his bloodline. Although Lin Huang had no idea how powerful the celestial giant’s bloodline was, he nodded anyway and looked at the rest. Ghastly had not changed much. He was garbed in a luxurious golden robe with a crown on his head. He had lilac waist-length hair, and he smiled mischievously at Lin Huang with his long, narrow eye slits. The difference was that the golden mask that had covered half of his face was now gone.

“Ghastly, how about you?”

“Master, can I please get a new name? I don’t like being called Ghastly…” Ghastly was unwilling to accept his name. However, since Lin Huang did not say a word while staring at him, he answered accordingly, “I’ve awoken the t.i.tle ‘Deceiver’, but I didn’t awaken the bloodline.”

“Awoken a t.i.tle?” Lin Huang was puzzled, but since he had learned about t.i.tles from Xiao Hei earlier, he did not ask further.

“It’s possible to awaken a t.i.tle,” Xiao Hei affirmed after hearing what Ghastly said.

Lin Huang looked at the Wicked Witch. The two horns on her head were gone. Her complexion was rosier than before. With her long, black hair, she looked like a human lady in a black dress.

“I’ve awoken the Ancient Witch bloodline…” The Wicked Witch said softly, seeming not to want to have eye contact with him. Lin Huang nodded at her and looked at the Inferior Imp. He had a pair of bat wings on his back and a black tail.

“I’ve leveled up to h.e.l.lion Imp,” it said without expression.

Lin Huang then looked at the remaining two giant snakes and apes. They were now much smaller than before. The two snakes were still black in color. They were now less than three meters long and looked identical. Their four b.l.o.o.d.y eyes were now down to two, and their eyeb.a.l.l.s were now an emerald green like two green precious stones mounted on their heads. Their abdomens had a shade of white that was different than before.

“We’ve awoken the Dark Crescent Snake bloodline,” the two snakes hissed at the same time.

Lin Huang nodded and looked at the last two apes. Both of their scales had now become hair of a completely different color. One of them had golden armor sitting atop its golden hair, while another one was completely white in color whereby a part of its body seemed to be covered in white flames. It was clear that their transformations were on different paths.

“I’ve awoken the Ancient Mighty Ape bloodline,” the gold-haired ape said.

“I’ve awoken the Ancient Frost Flame Ape bloodline,” the white ape said.

Besides Kylie and b.l.o.o.d.y, the remaining eight monsters had transformed, and most of them had awoken powerful bloodlines. After recalling all of them into card forms including b.l.o.o.d.y, Lin Huang looked at Kylie that was still in the coc.o.o.n.

“Xiao Hei, how long will Kylie take to come out of the coc.o.o.n?”

“Looking at the progress, she’ll take at least three days.”

“Three days?! But I have cla.s.s on Friday…” Lin Huang thought that he would have enough time since he came on Tuesday, but he did not expect this to happen to Kylie.

“Never mind, I shall wait until Friday afternoon. If she’s still in the coc.o.o.n by then, I’ll have to get Bai and the rest to keep an eye here, and I’ll come back after cla.s.s.”

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