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Chapter 523: Part of Qi Muxiong’s Memory

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The flow of time in the isolated s.p.a.ce was the same as the world outside. It was past seven in the evening, and the sky was getting dark. Lin Huang was hungry. He started reading the detailed description of the Blood Thickening Card while he munched on snacks.

“Blood Thickening Card: It can be used on monsters that have their bloodline awoken to increase the thickness of their bloodline.

“Remark 1: The higher the level of the bloodline, the more cards are required. Only one card is required to increase low-level to mid-level. Two cards are required to increase mid-level to high-level. Five cards are required to increase high-level to pure blood.

“Remark 2: Ineffective on pure blood monsters.

“Remark 3: Consumable. Each card can only be used once, and many cards can be used at once.”

“Five cards to increase a high-level to pureblood? That’s ridiculous! I only have seven cards now.” As Lin Huang had obtained too many cards earlier, he had missed the description of this card.

“I initially thought that only one card is required to increase the bloodline, then I could upgrade Bai and Charcoal to pureblood monsters while considering which monster to use the remaining cards on. It seems like I was too naive…”

He then summoned Bai and Charcoal while explaining the function of the Blood Thickening Card roughly. Charcoal was excited. As the cards were limited, he could not upgrade Charcoal to full dragon blood. The most he could do was to upgrade it to high-level dragon blood, but that was good enough for Charcoal. Meanwhile, Bai was calm, but Lin Huang could tell from his eyes that he was thrilled as well.

“Alright, stand away from each other.”

Lin Huang got the both of them to stand tens of meters away from each other while taking out the five Blood Thickening Cards. He crushed the cards and targeted Bai and Charcoal.

“Use three on Bai to increase his bloodline from low-level to high-level G.o.d’s blood and use two on Charcoal to increase its bloodline from mid-level to high-level dragon’s blood.”

The crushed cards transformed into two glimmers of light and penetrated Bai and Charcoal’s bodies respectively. A while later, coc.o.o.ns wrapped around their bodies. Although there was no glow shooting down from the sky, the both of them were soon completely shrouded in black, b.l.o.o.d.y coc.o.o.ns.

“Who should I use the remaining two Blood Thickening Cards on?” Lin Huang thought about it for awhile and summoned Tyrant. He used one of the cards on Tyrant after explaining it to him. Tyrant was soon wrapped in a b.l.o.o.d.y coc.o.o.n too. Since the last card could not be used on Ghastly or b.l.o.o.d.y, he thought he would keep it for Kylie.

Since Tyrant and the rest would take some time to complete their transformation, Lin Huang proceeded to eat after using the upgrading cards. Ten minutes later, he put the snacks away and started organizing Qi Muxiong’s memories that had been released earlier. In the memory, besides the memory of before his leveling up to imperial-level, a portion of them was about him communicating with the other travelers. From what Lin Huang saw, the other travelers were unfriendly. Although they were powerful, they were selfish. Some of them even bullied travelers who were weaker. As Goldfingers could overwhelm each other, most of the travelers had their guards up when they came in contact with others.

In Qi Muxiong’s memory, he had a good relations.h.i.+p with only one traveler. The traveler seemed to be like Lin Huang who was from Earth. However, Lin Huang did not naively think that the traveler was not a threat to Qi Muxiong despite their amicable relations.h.i.+p. Although he had the traveler’s contact details, he decided to not contact the person. Of course, he was not even sure if the traveler was still alive.

Besides the travelers, there were many Supreme Geniuses that could fight humans that were one level higher during that time in Qi Muxiong’s memory.

“Although the number of Supreme Geniuses now are much lesser than then, there should be some of them who are on the same level in the core zones. Their abilities must be much more powerful than mine. This world is pretty dangerous…”

A couple of hours had pa.s.sed as Lin Huang indulged himself in Qi Muxiong’s memory. Tyrant was the first one who got out of the coc.o.o.n, followed by Charcoal. It was almost midnight when Bai broke out of the coc.o.o.n. Tyrant looked the same, but his aura was much more terrifying now. He was like a human beast with an invisible suppressive effect when people stood around him. Charcoal had significant changes. Its scales were now clear, black crystals. Although it was still black, it looked more like a quaint piece of art now. Its appearance did not change much, but it was so much better-looking now.

“It’s true that good skin plays a big role in appearance!” Lin Huang exclaimed after taking a close look at Charcoal. Meanwhile, Bai looked the same with his silver hair, but there was a light pattern on his forehead. There were red patterns on his black robe, making it much more vibrant than his boring, plain black robe before. Bai looked more confident now.

After the observation, Lin Huang recalled the three monsters into card forms. He shook his head as he saw Kylie’s progress was still stagnant, so he built a tent in the isolated s.p.a.ce.

The next morning, he summoned Bai to practice sword skills after breakfast. Now that he knew more about other travelers, he was eager to upgrade his abilities. He would not attack the other travelers. However, he would be in trouble if his ident.i.ty was revealed to other travelers. He did not want to lose Xiao Hei, which was a powerful Goldfinger, so he needed to have the ability to protect himself.

It was quite impossible to reveal his Goldfinger to other travelers, but if his performance were too absurd, it would definitely gain their attention. He might not be busted immediately, but he might be suspected.

“I have to be more low-key now. I can’t be afraid. I’ll try not to bring trouble to myself.” Lin Huang initially thought that not many people could be a threat to him since he was a holy fire-level now. However, it seemed like he was too naive.

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