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Chapter 525: Lin Huang’s Cousin Sister?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was past 1 p.m. when Lin Huang arrived at the Martial Hunter College from the Meteorite Desert. He returned to his dorm, took a shower, and headed to the office after changing. Although it was unnecessary for him to shower since his Life Power would be released from his body automatically together with any dirt while preventing foreign elements from entering his body when he achieved holy fire-level, he desperately needed the shower after sleeping in the tent for three consecutive days.

He arrived at the office at 1.30 p.m. Qin Tianxing chuckled as he strolled into the office ten minutes later as Lin Huang was looking at his teaching material.

“Sir Lin, you’ve been missing from the college for a week. I went to your dorm, but you weren’t there.”

“Oh, I was out running errands. I just got back today.” Lin Huang did not bother explaining that he had been back in the college for more than an hour on Tuesday.

“Is there anything that you needed me for?” He asked as Qin Tianxing had a funny expression on his face.

“It wasn’t me who was looking for you. A hot lady has been waiting for you for days.” Qin Tianxing winked at Lin Huang. “We’re so close. Why didn’t you tell me that you have such a hot older sister who looks like a G.o.ddess?”

“Hot lady? My older sister?” Lin Huang had no idea what Qin Tianxing was talking about.

Just when he was going to explain that he did not have an older sister, an alluring lady in a black dress walked into the office.

“Oh, little brother, it’s only been a year, and you can’t recognize me anymore?” The lady in black looked at Lin Huang with her head tilted to the side. The high slit at the side of her dress only increased her s.e.xual appeal. Although her small eyes were not impressive, they added a mysterious touch to her face when all of her features were put together. Her eyes were especially seducing. Those were definitely irresistible to men. The most attention-seeking part of her was her red lips that made every man want a piece of her.

Lin Huang was shocked to see the lady. Never had he thought he would see her again in the Martial Hunter College. Although half of her face was covered, revealing only her red lips, Lin Huang recognized her immediately. She had not changed any part of her appearance.

“Hong Zhuang from the Purple Crow… Why is she here?!” Lin Huang took a while to snap out of his thoughts. Although she was not in the Purple Crow’s signature coat, he could tell who she was right away. He then glared at Qin Tianxing who was star-struck by Hong Zhuang.

However, Lin Huang soon noticed that Hong Zhuang’s aura was only blue flame-level.

“Did she seal her combat level? No wonder she could enter the White Capital…”

If she were on her normal immortal-level, Lin Huang would have to hide her. However, she had sealed her combat level instead of suppressing it just to enter the White Capital.

This world did not have the same concept of capitals like Earth did, but the White Capital was like the capital of Division 7 with more than one imperial-level guardian. The guardians would find out if an immortal-level person entered the city. There were many holy fire-level persons in the White Capital, at least tens of thousands of them, so the guardians could not be looking for them one by one. That was probably why Hong Zhuang had sealed her combat level so that the imperial-level guardians could not get her.

However, such behavior was risky as sealing her combat level would mean that there would be many restrictions on her abilities. As soon as her ident.i.ty was busted, she would face more risky consequences than entering as an imperial-level. The sealing of her combat level could not be unsealed immediately. It would take a couple of minutes. She would be dead if she encountered someone powerful when her combat level was sealed.

“Xiao Lin Zhi, do you really not remember me, Sister Hong?” Hong Zhuang grinned when she saw Lin Huang in shock while she walked towards him.

“Sister Hong, how could I forget you? I was a guest at your place last year where I stayed for some time.” Lin Huang was relieved as he confirmed that Hong Zhuang was not a threat to him at the moment since her combat level was sealed.

“Sister Hong, are you here for me?” Lin Huang asked in a friendly tone.

Hong Zhuang stopped in her tracks as she was surprised to find that Lin Huang was talking to her like nothing had happened.

“You left without saying goodbye the last time. I’ve missed you throughout the last year, but I’m not here to visit you. I’m here to be a teacher.” Hong Zhuang smiled.

“A teacher?” Lin Huang was stunned. He had no idea what she was trying to do.

“Yeah, Miss Zhuang Hong pa.s.sed our teacher a.s.sessment on Monday and she’s now one of us in the Martial Hunter College.” Qin Tianxing was excited as he thought Lin Huang and Zhuang Hong had a close relations.h.i.+p.

“Miss Zhuang Hong has been asking about your whereabouts from the two Vice Presidents since Monday. The Vice President couldn’t get to you, so he got her to look for me. I’ve brought her to your dorm two to three times, but you weren’t there. Since you guys are cousins, why don’t you guys have each other’s contact details?”

Lin Huang was cursing Qin Tianxing secretly in his heart for his recklessness. It was funny that Qin Tianxing did not find it suspicious that both of them did not have each others’ contact details.

“It’s my fault. I lost all of my contacts as my Emperor’s Heart Ring was broken last year. I lost many of my friends’ number,” Hong Zhuang explained. Lin Huang now found out that Hong Zhuang was pretending to be his cousin. Since she managed to deceive the two Vice Presidents, that meant she had obtained a fake ident.i.ty about him for herself.

Lin Huang was not in a hurry to expose her real ident.i.ty. He wanted to know why Hong Zhuang was really there in the White Capital.

“I’ll head to cla.s.s now. Let’s talk when we’re free.” Lin Huang ended the conversation as it was almost time for cla.s.s. Although he had many questions for Hong Zhuang, he did not have the time to talk to her right now.

“Can I sit in your cla.s.s if you don’t mind?” It was clear that Hong Zhuang had managed to learn about the college rules within the short few days to come up with such a request.

“Sure, if you’re willing to. Please don’t make fun of me if I’m not good.” Lin Huang nodded and accepted Hong Zhuang’s request.

It was not even 1:50 p.m. Lin Huang brought Qin Tianxing and Hong Zhuang to the Cla.s.s 2 Sword Dao cla.s.s.

The students were familiar with Qin Tianxing as he was teaching Cla.s.s 1 and he would always sit in during Lin Huang’s cla.s.s. However, they were curious when they saw Hong Zhuang, especially the boys in the cla.s.s. They could not get their eyes off her svelte body. Meanwhile, the girls were gossiping among one another, guessing whether Hong Zhuang was Qin Tianxing’s or Lin Huang’s girlfriend or if they were in a love triangle. Some of the girls were coming up with absurd stories in their head…

“This is Miss Zhuang Hong. She’s a teacher that we have just hired this week…”

“Miss Zhuang Hong is Sir Lin’s cousin,” Qin Tianxing added before Lin Huang could finish what he was saying. Hong Zhuang smiled lightly while Lin Huang was speechless. Hearing that Hong Zhuang was Lin Huang’s cousin, many students started asking questions about Lin Huang’s childhood since the cla.s.s had yet to start. Hong Zhuang made up stories that never happened, including Lin Huang wetting in his bed until he was 11, being scared of bugs when he was already 13, and being beaten up by a pet.i.te girl sitting next to her in cla.s.s when he was 12…

Besides the students, even Qin Tianxing was shocked to hear those stories. Lin Huang did not expect Hong Zhuang to use her fake ident.i.ty to come up with these, but he did not bother to explain. He frowned as the stories she made up were getting more and more ridiculous.

“Alright, return to your seats. Cla.s.s starts now!”

Lin Huang slammed on the podium when it was 2 p.m. sharp. The sudden impact turned the entire podium into dust, and a terrifying aura spread out in the cla.s.sroom. The cla.s.sroom became silent.

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