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Chapter 527: Hong Zhuang’s True Ability

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Instead of heading back to the dorm, Lin Huang went to battle training ground No. 101 directly after dinner. He called Mr. Fu immediately after locking the door. As Hong Zhuang was there, he could not ignore the threat that the Purple Crow might bring.

“My dear apprentice, what trouble are you in this time?” Mr. Fu knew Lin Huang well enough that he would not ask for help from anybody if he could solve the problem on his own.

“Uhh…” He was speechless by Mr. Fu’s straightforwardness but he updated Mr. Fu about Hong Zhuang immediately.

“Oh, the Purple Crow’s operation! I know a little bit about it. It’s a game between them and the Union Government. There’s no need for you to involve yourself in this; you won’t be able to anyway,” Mr. Fu smiled and said.

“Don’t worry. It has nothing to do with the Martial Hunter College. Hong Zhuang must have used the teacher recruitment to enter the White Capital. She must be interested in you since she chose to join the college. That girl has great talent and ability. If you’re interested in her, I could talk to the Purple Crow and try to matchmake the both of you.” Mr. Fu grinned slyly.

“Please don’t! I don’t want that.” Lin Huang waved his hands vigorously.

“Alright, be serious now. Luckily, you didn’t do anything to her by taking advantage of her combat level being sealed. If you did, you would be dead by now. The leader of the Division 9 Purple Crow branch has a unique monster skill whereby he can perform aa pseudo seal on other people. It can unseal a person’s combat level to his or her original combat level. Even a person who’s on demiG.o.d-level would be able to find out about such a skill in close range.

“In reality, the immortal-level human used the same way to enter Haitian City last year. Without the skill, it was impossible to send his management staff into an grade foothold as it’s very risky. The normal seal would take a couple of minutes to unseal. If the management staff entered the White Capital just by performing the normal seal, they would die immediately if any of them were exposed,” Mr. Fu shared in all seriousness.

Lin Huang was dripping cold sweat when he heard about the pseudo seal.

“Also, Hong Zhuang isn’t as simple as you think. She has become the Purple Crow’s core member in Division 7. I heard from the Purple Crow headquarters that they’re planning to train her to become a Crow Spirit…”

“A core member… Crow Spirit…” Lin Huang was fixated on the two keywords.

As he had been to the Purple Crow training camp, he knew what the two terms meant. There was no elders or executives in the Purple Crow. The core members referred to the core group of the organization. Members who desired to become a core member of each branch in each division would have to be at least an imperial-level. It was the basic standard. Most of them were at least immortal-level rank-9; there were hardly any of them who was a rank below.

Since Hong Zhuang had managed to become a core member, that meant even if she was not imperial-level now, she had the ability to fight imperial-levels by herself!

Meanwhile, the Crow Spirit was like the Holy Son in the Saint organization and Virgen in the heretics.

They were deemed the highest level in the organization and were on the same level as the Crow Leader in the Purple Crow headquarters. However, the Crow Spirit did not have the authority that the Crow Leader commanded.

Of course, Lin Huang got another piece of information from what Mr. Fu said.

“So, you mean they have at least two imperial-level core members in this operation? Looking at their usual formation, they’ll have at least ten immortal-levels and up to a hundred holy fire-levels… What are they trying to do?!”

“Not two, but four core members. I have no idea about the formation,” Mr. Fu shook his head and corrected him.

“Don’t involve yourself in this. Just pretend that Hong Zhuang isn’t here. Just do whatever you do as usual. As long as you don’t offend them, they won’t do anything to you,” Mr. Fu cautioned in all seriousness.

“I understand.” Lin Huang went silent for a moment and nodded.

“Oh yeah, I have something up these few days, so I might leave Division 7 for a couple of days. Take care of yourself when I’m not around. If I could, I wouldn’t leave during this period of time. Division 7 has been chaotic recently. With your abilities, you’ll get yourself killed if you offend someone by accident. Especially when it comes to a major organization like this, even an imperial-level person could barely do anything,” Mr. Fu sighed.

Lin Huang fell into deep thought as he hung up the phone. Mr. Fu was adamant that it was just a game that the Purple Crow and the Union Government was playing. It had nothing to do with the Martial Hunter College or himself. However, Mr. Fu refused to reveal what was the Purple Crow’s intention as he did not want Lin Huang to get involved in this.

“Never mind then. I shan’t overthink since it’s not a threat to the Martial Hunter College.” Lin Huang decided not to dwell on it.

However, he was worried that the Purple Crow would harm Lin Xin if her ident.i.ty were exposed since Hong Zhuang was in the college now. Lin Huang thought about it and put on Ye Xiu’s Emperor’s Heart Ring to send Lin Xin a message.

“Someone from the Purple Crow has gotten into the college. Let’s not contact each other at the moment. Don’t come to my dorm. Pretend that you don’t know me if we see each other. Also, don’t tell anybody about this. Delete this message after reading it!”

“Shouldn’t we inform the dean?” Lin Xin replied soon, aware that it was Lin Huang’s other ident.i.ty.

“No, I’ll handle that,” Lin Huang responded. He knew that the more he revealed, the more Lin Xin would overthink and that might bring unnecessary trouble.

He was relieved as Lin Xin did not reply anymore. He then started practicing his sword skills after deleting the messages that he had sent Lin Xin.

He ignored Hong Zhuang completely for the next two to three days. He would go to the library in the day and practice his sword skills at night as usual. Hong Zhuang followed him wherever he went every day, but Lin Huang ignored her existence and read his books. Luckily, she would disappear at night, probably to handle Purple Crow matters and did not interrupt his practice.

“Your sister is such a control freak!” Qin Tianxing commented after seeing them together all the time for the past few days, which irritated Lin Huang. If it were not for him bringing Hong Zhuang to the office the other day, this would not have happened.

On the fourth morning, Lin Huang was relieved as Hong Zhuang did not follow him this time. Qin Tianxing was having breakfast when Lin Huang got to the canteen, and he waved at Lin Huang immediately. Lin Huang then sat across him with his breakfast.

“Isn’t your sister with you today?” He asked.

“No, I think she has some stuff to do.” Lin Huang guessed that the operation was starting soon.

“Oh yeah, there’s an update on the purge the Union Government performed towards the Saint that you asked me to keep an eye on for you earlier,” Qin Tianxing said as he munched on a fried bun.

“What update?!” Lin Huang lifted his head immediately.

“The hiding place of the Saint’s first and second elders were exposed today at 6 a.m. The Union organizations are performing the last kill now!”

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