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Chapter 530: The Ugly Truth

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After the skill extraction was completed, Lin Huang did not stay any further in Kylie’s mini world. He recalled her after she sent him back to the library. He then walked out of the library cubicle like nothing had happened as he proceeded to read. Hong Zhuang did not appear at all during the day. After dinner, Lin Huang went to battle training ground No.101 alone as usual to train with Bai.

His Emperor’s Heart Ring vibrated when it was past 11 p.m. It was a notice from the Union Government.

“The Union organizations led by the Division 7 Union Government branch has killed all Saint members in Division 7 at 10:58 p.m. tonight. “The operation took a total of 49 days. The Union organizations have destroyed the Saints’ headquarter and 67 branches in Division 7. More than 130,000 Saint members have been killed, including the first and second elders in Division 7 and more than 300 Transcendent-levels…”

“They even killed the first and second elders!”

The Union organizations’ operation surprised Lin Huang as he never thought that they would kill the elders who were relatively unimportant. Those who were sitting on top or even the senior members would know the secrets of the headquarters and would usually leave whenever there was a crisis. However, Lin Huang soon noticed that there was something fishy behind it.

The Union Government had only mentioned the first and second elders getting killed but not any of the other elders. That could possibly mean that none of the other elders were captured. If that were true, it would be fishy. If the other elders managed to escape, theoretically, the first and second elders should have been able to escape as well.

Lin Huang estimated that the first and second elders were sent out as sacrificial lambs. The Saints knew very well that the Division 7 Union Government would not give up just like that if they did not do so. If the matter were brought up to the Union Government in the core zone, the purge would not only involve Division 7 alone. What the Saints did was to wipe their record clean with the Union Government.

“Such a bold plan! The messenger of the Saints must be someone powerful!” Lin Huang exclaimed.

He knew how the organization worked and he was clear about the fact that the highest member was not the first elder, but the messenger. However, most people did not know that about the underground organization. They thought that the first elder was the leader of the organization in Division 7, hence to them, killing the first elder would be the end of it. The Union Government did not plan to explain further on that as they would hope the people would have such a misunderstanding.

“I remember Wu Fa mentioning that the one who was burnt in the Mist Forest was the second elder’s grandson. Now that the second elder is dead, it seems like I don’t have to worry that anyone from the Saints will come for me anymore.” Lin Huang recalled Wu Fa mentioning the second elder to him. Now that the second elder was dead, everything was over.

“Looking at the notice, the Saint elders and some of the core staff must have left Division 7 since the beginning. The Union Government’s operation should have gotten rid of the Saint’s base in Division 7 and there’s no way for the Saints to rise any time soon. Whether they’ll rise again in the future… The other underground organizations must take advantage of the opportunity to take over the Saints’ territories. Once the territories are wiped out as well as the resources, many businesses will be replaced. It’ll be difficult for them to make a comeback.”

The more Lin Huang a.n.a.lyzed the situation, the more relieved he was as he recalled the things that the Saints had done. He recalled the first encounter with a Saint member last year with the team which Du Feng had led and with the lady called Liang Qian.

“Liang Qian will be happy to hear about this…”

As he thought about Liang Qian, Lin Huang looked down at his left arm. He shook his left arm softly, and a black metal box the size of half a palm slipped out from his sleeve. There was a conical cube sitting in there. It was the ruins key that he had gotten from a Saint member last year.

“Since the Saints have left Division 7, I shall find time to visit this ruins soon and see what I will find.” He closed the cover slowly after looking at the key for a while. He then summoned Kylie and got her to bring the box to her mini world. Since the box could not be kept in his storage s.p.a.ce, he had been bringing this box around with him for the past year.

It was almost 11:30 p.m. He then recalled Kylie and Bai since he did not have the mood to train anymore. He left the battle training ground for his dorm and went to bed after he took a shower. He was rolling in his bed and could not sleep, so he then started reading the news on the Heart Network.

All the websites were talking about the Union Government’s purge on the Heart Network. Most of them were complimenting the Union Government and the Union organizations. The people bombarded discussions and forwarded news on social media platforms. Lin Huang thought they were too many people in this world who did not sleep normal hours. It was already past midnight, but the Heart Network was still chaotic.

It proved that most of the people did not know about the Saints organizational frame and thought that the first elder was the leader. n.o.body saw anything fishy behind this. Some of the people who could see the truth to it chose not to say anything. The Union Government took this advantage to win themselves a favorable rating. To Lin Huang, what the Union Government did was understandable as they had really put in the effort to kill many Saint members. If they did not do that, the Saints would still be carrying on with their ridiculous doings. Moreover, it was apparent that the Saints had left Division 7. Whether they left on their own after sending the elders to be sacrificed or whether they were being chased after, the fact that there were no more Saint members in Division 7 remained. No matter to the Union organizations or the people, it was a big victory.

However, as Lin Huang scrolled through one of the social media platforms, he saw a person’s post revealing the truth. It said that the Saint leader was not the first elder but the messenger was. It even wrote about the two elders just being a sacrifice. There were only a couple of users who shared that post but many bombarded the user with negative comments.

“Not sure if this guy is trying to tell the truth or he’s from another underground organization that’s creating a scene.” Although what the user wrote was the truth, Lin Huang could not tell the real intention behind this.

“Theuglytruth… This username…” Lin Huang chuckled and shook his head when he saw the person’s user ID. Just when he was going to turn off the page, ‘theuglytruth’ released another post. Lin Huang peeked at it and could not keep his eyes off it.

“In the following three days, two underground organizations will fight the Union Government together. Location: The White Capital!” The post wrote.

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