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Chapter 532: The Underworld of The White Capital

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the middle of the night, there were purple and red full moons in the sky. The world was veiled in a mysterious color under the moonlight. It was late, and the crowded White Capital was now quiet. Although the lights were s.h.i.+ning brightly, there was n.o.body on the street. However, not everybody was sleeping at such an hour. Some people were still working hard. Not many people in the White Capital knew that there was an underworld hiding hundreds of meters under the ma.s.sive city.

Outside an underground building in the White Capital were holy fire-level guards and patrol squads issuing a stern warning that no outsiders were allowed in. The building was like a giant metal beast that was tempered from a special metal into the design of a creature. It seemed like the perfect existence in the underworld which did not seem absurd at all as it gave one the feeling that it had existed since tens of thousands of years ago.

The black gla.s.s material on the surface of the building blocked out all the light from the outside. From the outside, it looked like the entire building was completely black. However, the inside of the building was as bright as day. In a room, there were two dead male bodies lying stark naked on two white beds. One had silver hair and was skinny and old. Meanwhile, the other one was big with dark hair and a beard. He looked like a hunk.

The two dead bodies belonged to the first and second elders of the Saints. Both of their skulls were cut open, displaying their greyish-white brains. A middle-aged woman wearing a white contamination suit was standing less than a meter from the second elder’s head. She was observing his brain, and black sigils were rotating quickly in her eyes. A while later, she closed her eyes slowly and walked out of the room.

“How is it?” Men in suits walked to her as she opened the door. The leader was a lanky, middle-aged man who was more than two meters tall. He had a mustache on his face that seemed like he had not shaved for days as he looked at the woman in antic.i.p.ation. The woman took off her contamination suit, revealing her long, black dress.

“I’m sorry, I could only retrieve information other than the demiG.o.d’s knowledge. It seems like someone has erased the memory of the demiG.o.d from their brains.” The woman smiled awkwardly.

“Again…” The tall man frowned. He seemed to be disappointed by the result.

“Zhou Ju, are the rest the same as well?” The woman asked.

“Yes. Besides you, we have hired 13 people who are experts in retrieving memories and tens of professionals in brain research for the past two days. There’s no progress in the sealed memory zone at all.” The middle-aged man was still frowning.

“If there’s no progress, we’ll have to get the experts to further examine Lu Yuan’s brain…”

The woman nodded as she knew that any further examination might destroy the brain.

“Let me extract the memories that I’ve retrieved. Maybe there’s something that’s useful to you.”

“Please do.” The middle-aged man named Zhou Ju nodded.

“Bring Madam w.a.n.g for the data collection,” he then said to the man in the suit next to him.

“Madam w.a.n.g, please follow me.”

Lao Zhou frowned as he looked at the two dead bodies behind the gla.s.s as the duo left.

“Why is it always like that when it comes to information about the demiG.o.d? Could this really be the data isolation?” He mumbled to himself.

“I still think the concept of data isolation is just ridiculous. If n.o.body can access the demiG.o.d information, then where did the Saints get it from? I think the Saint must have deleted the memory of the demiG.o.d in these two sacrifices, that’s why we can’t retrieve anything.” A man in a suit who was in his 20s opened the wrapping of a lollipop that he retrieved from his storage s.p.a.ce as he spoke casually.

Lao Zhou glared at him because he was interrupted as he was just going to speak.

“Do you want one?” The man in the suit pa.s.sed him another lollipop.

“Wu Sheng! We’re working now. Please be serious!” Lao Zhou scowled at him.

“You know I have low blood glucose levels and I can’t work if I don’t eat candy.” Wu Sheng shrugged his shoulders.

“Who are you blaming since you could’ve actually cured this by entering the b.l.o.o.d.y sugar correction pod years ago?” Lao Zhou scolded.

“You know I hate doctors. I’d want to break the heads of those in the white coats. If I see them in their white coats and, I might not be able to stop myself from killing them… You know very well that this is the side effects of what happened. There’s nothing that I could do to control myself…” Wu Sheng shrugged again.

“You can buy the blood sugar correction pod online. There’s no need to go to the hospital. What excuse is this?!” Lao Zhou knew what Wu Sheng meant by the side effects but it was obvious that he was trying to distract him.

“Nope, it’s too troublesome. I think G.o.d wants me to eat more candy, that’s why he gave me this illness. Why should I cure it? It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to eat candy whenever and wherever I want!” Wu Sheng declined him again.


Lao Zhou and the rest gave up on their attempt to stop Wu Sheng from eating too much sugar since he was full of nonsense anyway.

“Oh yeah, please be on alert, you guys. The black market has been too quiet these few days. The underground organizations might be coming up with something. Beware,” Lao Zhou changed the topic.

“It may not be necessary that something is happening. Maybe our attack towards the Saints the past few days scared the black market. Many underground organizations are afraid that we might target them next, so they’re hiding.” Wu Sheng thought that Lao Zhou was being too sensitive.

“Moreover, there are 33 floors here. Even if any of the organizations wanted the two dead bodies, how would they know which floor we’re on? Unless… There’s a spy among us.”

“Never underestimate the underground organizations. Some of them are so powerful that they’re no less than the Scarborough Workshop. They might even be more powerful!” Lao Zhou looked at Wu Sheng knowingly when he mentioned the Scarborough Workshop.

“The Scarborough Workshop… Don’t tell me where these people are hiding right now!” Wu Sheng’s pupils shrunk as he clenched his teeth.

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