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Chapter 534: Invasion!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“We’ve been attacked!”

As the four shadows appeared on the 19th floor, the guard standing outside of the building charged at the four of them immediately. An immortal-level leader of the guards ran as quickly as he could to the entrance, attempting to ring the alarm but he was blocked by a person in black robes who teleported himself right before the guard leader.

“I’m sorry, this road is closed!” A voice came from a voice-modulating sh.e.l.l.

The leader of the guards attacked with his sword without thinking twice and a black streak slashed in the air. However, the black-robed person grabbed the black streak and it disappeared. The immortal-level head guard’s neck was broken as well. By the time the head guard fell to the ground, the tens of the other guards were dead.

“The guards at the Union Government are useless,” a cold voice said softly.

The quad team in black robes spread out immediately. Two of them were guarding the entrance while another two headed into the building for a round of purging. By then, the building alarm had started ringing, echoing throughout the entire building. The four of them in the monitoring room just realized that something was wrong while Wu Sheng was stunned. He looked at the screen and saw that all of the guards outside the building were dead while two black-robed silhouettes who could not be identified were guarding the door. The other two who went into the building were in black robes as well.

Wu Sheng thought to himself, “How funny. It’s always the shorter person who attacks.”

All the black-robed attacker did was move his fingers on his left hand slightly, and black beams shot out as fast as lightning and pierced through the guards’ bodies. They were so fast that n.o.body could stop them.

Suddenly, the a.s.sailant in black robes casually removed the Surveillance Snail at the corner of the wall and placed the camera right on his mask.

“Good evening. Everyone, we’re here to… shut down the party!” A deep voice came out of the voice-modulating sh.e.l.l.

The camera blacked out as the person said that.

“Inform the director! I’ll settle these two.”

Wu Sheng walked out of the monitoring room furiously. He had just a.s.sured Zhou Xiong that n.o.body knew about the two Saints elders’ bodies being on the 19th floor an hour ago, but he was soon proven wrong.

“There must be a traitor among us! Else, it’s impossible for them to know the location of Building 33 and that the two bodies are here!” Wu Sheng stomped and broke the ground while descending swiftly to the floor below.

Zhou Xiong who was on the -3rd floor frowned as he heard the alarm.

“That’s an… invasion alarm!”

He then switched on his walkie-talkie and set the frequency to speak to Wu Sheng.

“Wu Sheng, what’s happening? Reply me if you hear this!”

There was just white noise coming from Wu Sheng’s side. He then set the frequency to the monitoring room’s but he failed to contact anyone.

He then turned on the communication page on his Emperor’s Heart Ring and realized that the network and signal had been disconnected.

“No wonder…”

Just when he was thinking of how to communicate with the outside world, there was a crackle coming out of the speaker of the monitoring room.

“Attention! The 19th floor is being attacked right now. There are four of them in black robes and they are wearing masks on their faces. There are two of them guarding the entrance now while another two have invaded the building. The four of them seem to be on imperial-level…”

Zhou Xiong’s pupils shrunk when he heard that.

“Four imperial-levels! They’re definitely here for the two dead bodies!” He looked at the two dead bodies through the one-way mirror as he was certain about their intention to attack.

“But… How do they know that the bodies are on the 19th floor? How do they know our location? Could Wu Sheng be right about a spy among us?”

As he had doubts in his mind, he did not slow down as he walked into the room and kept the two bodies in his storage s.p.a.ce after packing them into separate bags. He then walked to the elevator immediately.

Meanwhile, a shadow came from the top of the first stair of the 19th floor, blocking the way of the two figures in black robes. It was Wu Sheng who always traveled the road less taken. To be able to get to them quickly, he had broken through more than 30 levels and landed on the first level from the top floor.

One of the robed persons laughed when he saw the ceiling that was now a gaping hole.

“What an entrance, brother.”

“Who are you?” Wu Sheng did not attack right away. Instead, he took out a lollipop, removed the wrapping and put it into his mouth in front of the guy. He was worried that he might experience low glucose levels during the battle.

“What do you think?” A cold voice said.

“That’s not important. I asked that question to buy myself some time to eat the lollipop. Since the both of you will be dead men soon, I’ll just bring your heads to the black market, then I’ll know who you guys are.” Wu Sheng became terrifying when he had put the lollipop in his mouth.

“What an arrogant kid! Let’s see what you’ve got!”

“Filthy villain, I’ll kill you, then I’ll kill the one next to you.” Wu Sheng dashed towards the person without hesitation.

As the both of them collided, it was hard to tell that who was winning. Loud thumps of impact echoed, and the entire building was shaking from the impact. Meanwhile, the other black-robed person noticed an elevator coming up from the bas.e.m.e.nt. The person grinned and disappeared from where he was. When he appeared again, he held one arm of each of the duo who was fighting. The deep-voiced person was shocked and before he could respond, he was flung out by an immense strength. Wu Sheng attempted to attack with his other hand but the black-robed person managed to grab his other arm and pressed him into the wall entirely.

“Wake up, my loyal dog…” Just when Wu Sheng was trying to break away from the person, the person said gently into his ear. Suddenly, Wu Sheng’s mind went blank. The voice sounded insignificant, yet it was echoing in his ears. Soon, new memories were flooding out of his brain while old memories were playing like they were on a reel. His bright eyes were now blank. An insignificant voice whispered into his ear just when he regained consciousness… At the same time, the arms that were holding him down were released.

“Hey, what the h.e.l.l?! Why did you attack me?” The deep-voiced man shouted. He was not a Purple Crow member, so he was disrespectful to his leader.

“You’re too slow. Zhou Xiong is here,” the gentle voice came out of the voice-modulating sh.e.l.l.

Just as he said that, the elevator bell rang and the doors opened. A tall shadow walked out of it.

“Since you’ve done this to my office building, there’s no need to pay the compensation. Just hand me your dead bodies!” Zhou Xiong said to the two black-robed attackers as he looked at the destroyed building.

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