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Chapter 539: Commander Ai De

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They gazed far into the sky as they saw many monsters flooding in from 20 to 30 kilometers away. The number of monsters was countless; it was just an endless stream of them flying towards the post. The sight of it was suffocating. The people who had been high on their pride earlier became devoid of expression as they gaped at the monsters that were coming their way.

Lin Huang looked at the hundreds of monsters in the sky and identified three chief-level monsters. The most powerful one was an immortal-level rank-5 while the other two were immortal-level rank-1 and rank-3. The remaining monsters were all commander-level and their numbers were almost five times more than the number of holy fire-level people posted there.

“There’s an immortal-level rank-5 monster… It seems like I can only kill it by transforming myself.” Lin Huang was still thinking about trying his best not to reveal his abilities. However, it seemed like it was impossible to kill the immortal-level rank-5 monster now.

“Those who plan to fight from a distance, get ready. As soon as the monster horde enters the range, work with the border soldiers to fire the Demonic Crystal Cannon! Don’t attack the transcendent-level monsters first. Try to minimize the number of monsters below transcendent-level!” The bearded man named Ai De seemed to be experienced in being a commander as he a.s.signed tasks to everyone.

The Demonic Crystal Cannon was a cannon that could be activated using a variety of energy crystals. It could kill any creature below transcendent-level easily, and could even threaten many holy fire-levels. The fire attribute energy crystal was the most effective as it could easily kill white and crimson flame-levels in a single hit. Of course, this could not compare to the range that the cannon on Earth could fire whereby the furthest the Demonic Crystal Cannon could target was only thirty kilometers. It was most accurate and effective when the target range was within twenty kilometers.

There were only nineteen transcendent-level monsters there, and none of the Union Organization members below transcendent-level had arrived yet. There were more than thirty border soldiers on gold-level. They had their own tactic of battling as they would fire the Demonic Crystal Cannon from a distance. However, there were not many Demonic Crystal Cannons at this post — just twelve of them. While operating the cannon did not need rocket science knowledge, the border soldiers were the best when it came to aiming at the target. Furthermore, there were limited Demonic Crystal Cannons, so there were no extras for Lin Huang and the rest to use.

Ai De was once a soldier of the Union Government who had fought monster hordes before, so he knew how important teamwork was in the battle. That was the reason why he wanted the Demonic Crystal Cannon operated by the border soldiers while the rest were to work with them.

“Those who aren’t skilled at fighting long-distance, go on to kill the Boulder Beasts that are good at long-distance attacks among the monster horde. After killing the Boulder Beasts, go for the giants that are good at defending. Try not to fight the transcendent-level monsters. Just do your best to buy time as there’ll be rescue teams coming. The more time we buy, the better for us!”

The people became calm as they became confident in Ai De as their backbone. They started getting busy as they obeyed Ai De’s orders. Lin Huang gave up on his plan to kill the transcendent-level monsters when he saw everyone following the instructions. After he targeted a Boulder Beast among the monster horde, he started running towards it. Apart from Lin Huang, two other people among the 19 holy fire-levels, who were skilled at long-distance attacking, dashed into the monster crowd.

As they dove into the monster horde, Lin Huang summoned Bai, Tyrant, Kylie, Ghastly, the Witch, and Lancelot. He had summoned the six of them as they looked like humans, so the rest would not mistake them for monsters and attack them. He was not so much as worried that the rest would hurt his monsters; he was more concerned that they would offend his summoning monsters and get themselves killed instead.

“Kill as many monsters as you can, but don’t bother the transcendent-level monsters in the sky yet. Also, try to avoid the humans and don’t fight them.”

After his instructions were issued, the six of them dashed into the monster horde as Lin Huang fixed his sights on the Boulder Beast not far away.

The Boulder Beast was a psychic monster which was born at gold-level. It was made of black, gigantic rock, and resembled a thirty-meter tall giant man. It had powerful strength and defense abilities with a unique ability to throw rocks to attack from a long distance. When it was ready to attack, it could create a giant rock that was two to three meters in diameter in its hands and fling it up to ten kilometers away. The impact was comparable to that of a cannon’s.

Such a monster would usually attack the Demonic Crystal Cannon during the monster horde, so Boulder Beasts were their first priority. The Boulder Beast’s defense level was difficult to break to the average gold-level, but it was nothing to Lin Huang. As he was checking out the Boulder Beast, the monster noticed him nearby. It attempted to stomp on him immediately. He grinned and shook his head, then he pulled out his sword.

A white glow shot up into the sky, and the Boulder Beast split from its foot to the top of its head, breaking into two. He had not attacked right away as it was his first time seeing this monster after reading the monster encyclopedia. Furthermore, they were so close to each other, so he had decided to check it out first. He did not expect the Boulder Beast to attack himself and had killed it in an act of defense.

After killing the first Boulder Beast without any sweat, Lin Huang flew up into the sky to look for the second one. The Boulder Beast was easy to spot among the monster horde due to its size. Soon, he found the second one and sped towards it like a lightning bolt. This time, there was no delay as Lin Huang killed the second Boulder Beast easily. He then turned around and headed towards his third target…

In two to three minutes, Lin Huang had killed tens of Boulder Beasts. The transcendent-level monsters that had been observing from above soon noticed him.

The leader, which was an immortal-level rank-5 monster, stared at Lin Huang for a while and only started speaking after watching him killing a couple of monsters, “This white flame-level human is powerful. Who would like to kill him?”

“He’s just a white flame-level human. I’ll go!” A blue flame-level bird initiated.

“Alright, go then. Be careful, this fella might not just be white flame-level.” The monster leader cautioned.

The bird monster flapped its wings and left the group of transcendent-level monsters while darting towards Lin Huang’s direction.

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