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Chapter 541: Killed in a Split Second Again!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang finally unveiled his true powers for the first time, easily killing the three gold flame-levels as if he was pinching three chicks to death.

Again, Ai De, who was paying attention to Lin Huang, was staring aghast.

“Is he… the Supreme Genius?!”

Ai De and the rest had been traveling around everywhere, but they had never heard of a white flame-level killing a double mutated gold flame-level within seconds. Perhaps only the Supreme Genius could do so.

After destroying the three gold flame-level monsters, Lin Huang sized up his surroundings. There were more than a hundred holy fire-level monsters that were looking for humans who were hiding in the monster horde.

Only Ai De, who had left the monster horde, had been attacked by four gold flame-level monsters when he wanted to rescue Lin Huang. The rest of them were still hiding within the monster horde.

“Bai and Kylie, forget the monster horde. Quickly settle the holy fire-level monsters.” Lin Huang immediately changed his instructions.

Before the transcendent monsters fought against them, Lin Huang wanted to reduce the number of monsters as soon as possible. However, when the transcendent monsters joined the fight, there was a huge number of monsters fighting them as the ratio between the monsters and the transcendent humans had exceeded 5:1. They posed an immense threat to Ai De and the rest. If they were not killed immediately, some of the transcendent humans might die.

As soon as the instruction was issued, Lin Huang immediately transformed into a flash of white light, heading towards Ai De. Despite Ai De being powerful, he could not sustain the attacks launched by the four gold flame-level transcendent monsters for a long period of time.

Noticing that Lin Huang had transformed into a streak of light, Ai De grinned in exhilaration.

In just a short while, Lin Huang appeared at the battleground where Ai De was at. The battle sword in his hand then transformed into a beam of white light and flashed in the air. He then felt that danger was coming behind him abruptly. He immediately dodged thousands of meters away before he turned around and looked at where he had been just now.

Two out of three of the immortal-level monsters, who were watching the battle in mid-air, had attacked.

One of them was an immortal-level rank-1 Clouded Leopard whereas the other one was an immortal-level rank-3 Mother Arachnid.

Lin Huang was familiar with both of these monsters as they had been described in the monster guide.

The Clouded Leopard was a mutated beast which speed defied almost any other monster. Its body size was similar to that of an average adult’s arm. It had fur that was snowy-white in color and in fact, it looked cute. However, to judge it by its appearance as a non-threatening monster was a colossal mistake.

The adult Clouded Leopard was a mighty immortal-level monster. The sharpness of its claws could be compared to that of the supreme relics. In addition to the terrifying speed it possessed, it could easily pierce through one’s body of the same level.

They were ruthless and greedy as they would usually penetrate through the prey’s body, slowly devouring the prey’s internal organs. If food supply were not limited, they would normally eat only the fresh internal organs of the prey. When the prey lost part of its internal organs and died, the temperature of the once-warm internal organs would decrease. They would then stop eating and look for another live prey.

On the other hand, the Mother Arachnid was a parasite. The monster was born with a scary, wry face and eight long legs about three meters long. At the end of its stomach was a black poisonous sting which was used to parasitize the host.

The habit of the monster was rather similar to that of the Sand Spider. They would capture living beings, and its eggs would parasitize the brain of the prey. The egg would hatch within three days. The spider larvae would then eat the brain of the host, and take over the brain, making the host a puppet that could be manipulated.

Aside from its parasitic abilities, its way of hunting for prey was cruel. A type of lethal poison would be injected into the prey via the sting on its stomach. As the poison entered the bloodstream of the prey, it would rapidly dissolve its prey’s blood vessels, muscles, fats, and even bones. However, it would not damage the skin or the fur of the prey. Normally, the body of the prey would turn into a liquid state within three hours. The monster would then extend its straw-like tongue, inserting it into the body of the prey, and suck the liquid out for its own satiation. Only the skin and the fur of the monster would remain.

That being said, both of these monsters were certainly not friendly.

However, Lin Huang soon noticed something strange about both of the immortal-level monsters.

“The Clouded Leopard’s supposed to have black eyes but strangely, it’s green in color. Also, the color of the Mother Arachnid is overly bright. Something’s wrong with their behavior as well. It seems like they are irritated…”

According to his observation, they got more irritated when their attacks missed the target. It was unusual for the queen, the Mother Arachnid to appear irritated.

“Could they be experimental subjects of the Scarborough Workshop?” A thought immediately flashed through Lin Huang’s mind as he pondered what was wrong with both of the monsters.

Ai De’s defense became quite clumsy since his enemies were four double mutated gold flame-level monsters. Their combat level was on par with him and they were obviously putting their lives on the line to fight him. Despite the fact that he was experienced, he could barely handle it.

Lin Huang soon realized his situation over there. Looking at both of the immortal-level monsters that were blocking his way, a flicker of fury flashed through his eyes. “It seems like the battle has to end soon…”

“Xiao Hei, use a Transformation Card to increase my combat strength and maintain my human form.” Lin Huang used the Provisional Transformation Card as a combat strength increment card.

“Using Provisional Transformation Card x1. Restricting transformation effect…”

“Your combat strength has been increased. There’s a provisional increase in your combat strength to gold flame-level!”

As Xiao Hei’s voice was heard, there was a sudden surge in Lin Huang’s combat strength. In less than a second, he was upgraded from white flame-level to gold flame-level. He could obviously feel the increase in his abilities.

It was not Lin Huang’s first time transforming, and he could soon adapt to the immense strength.

As Lin Huang completed the transformation, the two immortal-level monsters were swiftly approaching.

The Clouded Leopard’s sharp claws that were as fast as lightning were about to rip through Lin Huang’s chest. On the other hand, the Mother Arachnid’s spider webs like chains shot out towards him.

“Since you came to me by yourself, don’t blame me for being hard on you.” Lin Huang grinned, standing firmly in his original position. He thrust his combat sword forward and a golden glow flashed through the air.

As the golden glow was released from the blade of the sword, it gave off a dazzling radiance that looked like sunlight, causing everybody to squint towards him.

The dazzling beam of glow on the blade of his sword enveloped the body of the Clouded Leopard and the Mother Arachnid. A few moments later, a brilliant crescent light spread over a distance of more than ten kilometers away. Not far away from Lin Huang, two lumps of black powder dissipated into the air as it was blown away by the wind…

“Oh, a new skill modified from Wordly Purification. It’s quite powerful,” Lin Huang mumbled.

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