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Chapter 542: You’ve Overestimated Yourself

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the core of the skill modified from Wordly Purification was the Level-2 sword realm using the legendary-level Star Dome as the general principle. A variety of human and monster sword skills had become the cornerstone of the modified skill. Currently, only one skill was available, and its status was incomplete. It did not even have a name.

However, Lin Huang was confident that as long as the set of sword skills could be created, it would be his most powerful skill. In addition, the power of the sword skills would be upgraded and strengthened according to the level of his sword realm and Star Dome as well as the increase in the number of sword skills learned.

Lin Huang had used the skill for the first time in an actual battle and the effect was much better than he had expected as he managed to kill two transcendent monsters in one slash instantly.

“It seems like I shouldn’t use this skill too often in future. The of the transcendent monsters are worth a lot of money,” he chuckled to himself. Lin Huang looked at Ai De again and noticed that there were several wounds on his body. Based on the fact that he had been attacked by four monsters of the same level, he was incapable of fighting them.

He knew that if he did not help out, Ai De would probably die. Lin Huang took a leap and appeared behind one of the monsters that were advancing towards Ai De.

It was a monster that looked like a praying mantis. By the time it sensed that danger was coming behind it, its upper torso and waist detached from its body.

The monster was killed in one blow and Lin Huang disappeared silently. The next moment when he appeared, he was behind the second monster.

It was an Alpha Wolf. It could not sense the danger coming behind it at all. Soon after, Lin Huang chopped off its head.

The third and the fourth monster were also killed by Lin Huang within seconds before they could react.

Ai De was relieved as soon as he was rescued. He smiled gratefully at Lin Huang and thanked him. He soon became aware of Lin Huang’s extraordinary combat strength. “Your combat strength…”

“That’s my true combat strength.” Lin Huang did not tell him the truth since it was too mind-blowing for a gold flame-level to be capable of killing an immortal-level. Instead, many of the gold flame-level geniuses could do so.

Ai De felt relieved as he listened to Lin Huang’s answer. He did not continue to probe.

“Continue to clear the monster horde, but it’s better for you not to show up. I’ll handle the transcendent monsters.” Lin Huang knew that Ai De was not weak. However, he could not handle the transcendent monsters that surrounded him.

“But the one in the sky…” Ai De was clearly worried. Although he could not identify the combat level of the monster, he could obviously sense that they were much stronger than the two monsters that Lin Huang had just killed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it,” Lin Huang comforted him. He felt lucky that aside from him, none of the humans knew that it was an immortal-level rank-5 monster. After killing the monster, he would store its carca.s.s and tell the rest that it was just an immortal-level rank-3 monster. It would be credible as some of the top gold flame-level geniuses could kill an immortal-level rank-3.

“Since it’s an immortal-level monster, don’t underestimate it.” Ai De indeed had no idea what the rank of the immortal-level monster was. He could only sense that it was much stronger than the other two monsters Lin Huang killed. However, since Lin Huang had managed to kill the two monsters within seconds, it should not be a problem for him to defeat this monster.

“Okay, let’s go.” Lin Huang nodded.

Seeing Ai De return into the monster horde, Lin Huang turned around, lifting his head and staring at the immortal-level rank-5 monster in the sky.

It was a female fiend. However, Lin Huang could not identify exactly what type of monster it was. It somehow looked like the Inferior Imp as it also had similar horns. It was wearing a purple armor that looked like a dress with a pair of white, bony wings on its back.

Without the bony wings on its back and the strange-looking armored dress, Lin Huang would have thought that it was an orthodox monster. Now, Lin Huang was unsure about that.

“Human, you did actually conceal your combat strength?” Right at that moment, the female fiend finally looked at Lin Huang with a solemn facial expression.

As he had managed to kill the immortal-level rank-3 Mother Arachnid in one hit, his ability had shone through. However, the female fiend did not think that it would lose. “Regardless of how hard you’re trying to hide your combat strength, you’re only a gold flame-level. Due to the absolute difference between our combat strength, you’re definitely not able to knock me down!”

“Confidence is awesome, but I think that soon, you’ll know that you’re being a wee bit overconfident,” Lin Huang raised his brows and answered.

“It seems like you don’t know the difference between our combat strength…” Upon hearing Lin Huang call out its overconfidence, the female fiend laughed. “Should I say that you’re too naïve or that you’re too brave?”

“You’re just an immortal-level rank-3 monster. You’re just three ranks higher than I am. I don’t think that three ranks make that big a difference.” Lin Huang intentionally tried to mislead the people.

“An immortal-level rank-3?” The female fiend cackled. It thought that Lin Huang had judged its combat strength wrongly, and did not bother to correct his “big mistake” though. “I’ll then show you how powerful an immortal-level rank-3 is!”

After finis.h.i.+ng its words, it flapped the pair of bony wings on its back. The female fiend appeared in front of Lin Huang in just an instant. Its purple claws then pointed at Lin Huang’s left chest in its usual fighting style which was to grab the heart of its prey directly.

Just when its sharp claws were about to graze Lin Huang’s chest, a glow suddenly flashed at a grim speed.

Before the female fiend could retract its hand, the beam of light slashed through its wrist, chopping its right hand off.

The female fiend growled from the agony it suffered and immediately retreated hundreds of meters away.

“You’re wearing a disguise!” It lowered its head and looked in disbelief at its broken right hand. It then gaped at Lin Huang in fear.

Lin Huang then raised his arm, placing his sword on his shoulder. He laughed and said, “I told you earlier that you’re being overconfident.”

“I’ve just underestimated you.” The female fiend was not nervous. Its right hand that was chopped off by Lin Huang was regenerating at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye. “I admit that I’ve underestimated you, but from now onwards… I won’t make the same mistake!”

“No, you don’t understand it even until now. You didn’t underestimate me. You’ve overestimated yourself!” Lin Huang commented rudely as he giggled and shook his head.

“I’ve overestimated myself?” The female fiend narrowed its eyes and looked at Lin Huang. Its eyes flashed with a trace of fury. Lin Huang’s act of belittling the female fiend had provoked it. “Little brat, I’ll make you swallow these words before you die!”

Just as it uttered those words, the female fiend fluttered its wings again and disappeared from its original position like a ghost.

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