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Chapter 544: A Fierce Fight!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The aura of the purple-armored female fiend was growing, and its pair of b.l.o.o.d.y eyes shot a death glare at Lin Huang.

In an instant, the pair of silver wings on its back fluttered and it disappeared from its original position. The next moment, it appeared in front of Lin Huang. Its sharp, purple claws covered the entire sky, and they were about to cleave Lin Huang’s head.

“That was insanely fast!”

Lin Huang’s eyes dilated and he immediately picked up his sword, slas.h.i.+ng towards his enemy’s claws.

The blade of his battle sword that was shrouded in white Life Power seemed to streak across the water surface, creating ripples in the air.


The next moment, the blade that was covered by the white glow collided fiercely with the purple claws.

In the sky, white and purple colors each occupied half of the sky as they crashed into each other at the center of the sky. Although it was barely dawn, a dazzling light diffused everywhere and the sky was as bright as day.

The radiating energy spread bigger and bigger, stirring up a robust and fierce gale a few times stronger than what they previously experienced.

Even the defenses that were built more than ten kilometers away started shaking as the vibration affected it.

Although both of them crashed into each other in mid-air, a large number of monsters that were at about 100 meters away on the ground were crushed into pieces. Despite the fact that it was just the impact of the remaining energy, the monsters below transcendent level could not withstand it.

The transcendent monsters and humans quickly flew away as they were afraid that they would be drawn into the fight.

The impact had resulted in severe damage, but it had actually lasted for less than a second. The both of them swooped away.

Lin Huang landed on the ground stably whereas the female fiend flew even higher into the air.

“It has indeed become a lot stronger. Perhaps its combat strength has exceeded immortal-level rank-6.” Lin Huang knew his abilities very well. More than 50 days ago, he had managed to kill Yu Wenbin who was an immortal-level rank-5. Now, he was way stronger than that. Without the purple armored dress and the Demonic Regeneration skill, the female fiend would have been long destroyed.

A few minutes ago, the female fiend did not dare to attack his battle sword with its sharp claws as Lin Huang had chopped off its fingers before. Although they had regenerated, it had no guts to use its sharp claws to grasp his sword again. It only had the courage to fight Lin Huang with its bony wings. However, as Lin Huang’s sword hit its sharp claws, only a faint white scratch could be seen. He still could not break its defense.

Seeing the light scratch on its claws, the female fiend at Lin Huang, “There’s nothing special about your abilities. You can’t even break my defenses now.”

“If I’m not mistaken, perhaps the skill has consumed a large portion of your Life Power.” Lin Huang did not refute. Instead, he raised his head and looked at the demonic face above the female fiend.

“So what? I just want to kill you as fast as possible!” The female fiend was still as confident as before.

“Girl, you’ve overestimated yourself again…” Lin Huang simpered, shaking his head.

“First of all, you won’t be able to kill me but I can’t explain why. Secondly, I purposely forced you to activate such a skill. As long as your Life Power is drained, you won’t be able to heal your wounds with the Demonic Regeneration skill. Performing such a skill will consume your Life Power at a rate at least ten times faster. In order to kill you, the simplest way is to use up your Life Power.”

For creatures that possessed Enhanced Regeneration or Demonic Regeneration skills, as long as their Life Power was not used up, despite crus.h.i.+ng their head, heart or any vital parts, they could not die. There were only two ways to kill them. The first way would be to cut them into more than hundreds of pieces and the second way would be to exhaust their Life Power.

With Lin Huang’s abilities, it was not difficult to defeat it. However, it was also not easy for Lin Huang to dismember it into pieces. Therefore, he had chosen the second way which was to drain his opponent’s Life Power. Without any Life Power, it would not be able to complete the process of regeneration.

“Drain my Life Power? Then, I’ll have to kill you before my Life Power is used up!” Apparently, the fiend only paid attention to the second reason that Lin Huang had mentioned, but had completely neglected the first reason. It fluttered its wings again and its sharp claws covered the sky. The silver bony wings then transformed into sharp blades, tearing the sky apart and it appeared on top of Lin Huang in an instant.

Lin Huang opened his palm and a black beam instantly formed in front of him. It resembled a black curtain that lingered in mid-air, isolating the sky from his head.

The fiend’s attacks struck the layer of the black curtain as if they had fallen into the deep sea. There were no other reactions aside from the mild vibrating waves that could be seen on the black surface.

A flicker of fear flashed through the fiend’s eyes as its fatal attack could do no harm to Lin Huang. Apparently, it did not expect Lin Huang to use such a defensive skill.

Right at this moment, the black curtain fell. The tip of the sword that was glowing with white light penetrated from the back of the curtain straight through the fiend’s head.

The fiend’s eyes flashed with a trace of fear and its pair of bony wings immediately dodged the attack. Despite its refusal to die even though the attack struck its head, the Life Power required to recover its injured head would be doubled since it was one of its vital parts. Half a portion of its Life Power had been used up due to the activation of the Obscure Blood. Therefore, the consumption of Life Power needed to recover the injuries on vital parts had to be avoided. Otherwise, the time that it could maintain its Obscure Blood skill would be significantly reduced.


A loud explosive sound was heard as the tip of the blade collided with the bony wings. They were not well matched as Lin Huang’s. .h.i.t took it by surprise. It was a one-sided battle.

The dazzling white light instantly covered the fiend’s body. However, Lin Huang knew that despite activating his Worldly Purification which had the most potent power, it was not likely that he could kill his opponent in one hit. Although he could not see the fiend’s expression as the entire region was covered by the white glow, he could somehow confirm that it was severely injured when it was struck.

A few moments later, the white glow in the air cleared, gradually revealing the body of the fiend.

It was still hanging in mid-air, but it looked rather clumsy. Half of its silver bony wings had been crushed by Lin Huang’s impact, and part of its purple armored dress had collapsed. Half of its head had exploded and there were burn injuries all over parts of its body that had not been protected by the armored dress.

However, the fiend was still alive. Across the wounds on its body, its flesh was growing at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. The flesh kept on growing to fill up the wounds on its body. Half of its head was recovered in about three seconds without leaving any scars. Without the blood stain on its clothes, one would not have known that it was injured.

Aside from its body, its purple armored dress and its bony wings were recovering rapidly. Despite the speed of the dress and wings recovering being slightly slower than its body’s, they were completely recovered in less than five seconds.

“The effect of the Demonic Regeneration is terrifying!” Lin Huang exclaimed when he saw that.

As its body recovered, the fiend glared at Lin Huang ferociously. Lin Huang’s attack had drained more than half of the Life Power remaining in its body. It knew that there was not much time left that it could sustain its Obscure Blood.

Lin Huang’s attack had indeed frightened it and it even intended to retreat. As it thought of the consequences of doing so, again, a flicker of fury flashed through its eyes and it stared daggers at Lin Huang.

“I’ll definitely die if I attempt to run away. There’s still a chance to survive if I fight him. In order to survive, the only way is to kill him!!!”

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