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Chapter 545: It’ll Be Fast. You Won’t Feel The Pain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the beginning, the fiend had looked down upon Lin Huang as it thought that he was only a white flame-level that was as weak as a little shrimp. However, it then discovered that he was actually a vicious, man-eating shark as they fought. Without its Demonic Regeneration skill, it would have died several times.

Under such conditions, whether its opponent was a man-eating shark or whatever, there was only one choice left – to fight to the death.

The chance of surviving was meager if it was to fight to the death. There was still a glimmer of hope at the very least. If it ran away, perhaps it would not even have the last thread of hope of surviving.

As the thought flashed through its mind, its killing intent rampaged in its eyes. “Go die, human!”

Along with the yell, the transcendent monsters below them went insane and started pouncing on Lin Huang. It had secretly issued a new instruction to more than a hundred of the holy fire-level monsters.

Upon seeing the holy fire-level monsters springing towards him, Lin Huang could roughly guess that the fiend had secretly taken control of the monsters.

“It has controlled the holy fire-level monsters to come after me… Is it trying to buy itself some time?” Lin Huang doubted.

Soon, the first monster jumped towards Lin Huang. The body of the bird monster was less than a meter long. Unexpectedly, before Lin Huang could brandish his sword, the body of the monster expanded quickly when it was less than ten meters away from Lin Huang.

Lin Huang instantly knew its intention and activated his Dark s.h.i.+eld without a moment of hesitation.

The next second when Lin Huang’s Dark s.h.i.+eld was activated, the bird monster’s body exploded. Intense flames gushed towards the sky and engulfed Lin Huang’s body.

However, it was not over yet. After the explosion happened to the first bird monster, it was followed by the second, the third, and the fourth… All the monsters continued darting towards the direction where the explosions occurred, and soon, booming was heard continuously. Multi-colored beams of flames flashed into the sky.

“Lin Huang!”

As the sound of the explosion echoed all around, Ai De and the rest were worried. They fixed their gaze in the direction that was covered by flames.

“Regardless of how strong you are, you’re still a holy fire-level. The strength of your body is limited and I doubt that you’re able to survive the explosion of so many holy fire-level monsters!” The fiend grinned. It had only thought of this after Lin Huang’s last attack.

As it grinned, it spat a mouthful of blood. It felt an intense headache as if its head was about to explode. Soon, its body started to tremble, and the wry face in the sky flickered.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, despite being the leader of the monster horde, a self-destructing order would not be executed as it did not have the authority to do so. It had made use of the power of the wry face hologram in order to instruct the holy fire-level monsters to commit explosive harakiri by force. Aside from its Life Power having been depleted, its spiritual strength was drained as well.

Due to the exhaustion of its Life Power, it was weak and its spiritual strength was overloaded, causing it to suffer from a ma.s.sive headache. Still, the fiend gave a deathly stare at the center where the explosions took place.

“Even though you can defend yourself against the explosions with your Dark s.h.i.+eld, how many times can your Life Power withstand such force?” The fiend adapted to a headache it was suffering from. Again, it looked towards the direction where the flames flashed into the sky with a wicked smile on its face.

The fiend’s prediction was right. The explosion of these monsters had indeed troubled Lin Huang. Without the Dark s.h.i.+eld, he would have been severely injured or might have even died. Under the defense of the Dark s.h.i.+eld, the vibration from each explosion drained a significant amount of Lin Huang’s Life Power.

About four explosions could drain Lin Huang’s Life Power from one of his Life Wheels. There were ten Life Wheels in his body. Under normal circ.u.mstances, he would be able to withstand about thirty explosions and his Life Power would be exhausted. Before the Life Power in his body was drained, he took out a Life Power Refill Card to refill his Life Wheels.

To withstand more than a hundred intense explosions, Lin Huang had used up two of his Life Power Refill Cards to restore his Life Power. Even half of the third Life Power Refill Card had been used before the explosions ended.

Right until the last holy fire-level exploded, the purple face above the fiend’s head collapsed abruptly, turning into bits and disappearing into the air.

Soon, the body of the fiend returned to its original state whereby its silver bony wings turned back into white. The silver stripes on its dress armor disappeared as well and became pure purple. Even the strong aura it exuded returned to its initial strength or was even weaker than before.

It felt the weakness from within. With the last bit of Life Power remaining in its body, it barely managed to balance itself in mid-air, boring holes in the direction where the smoke billowed out.

The transcendent humans that hid among the monster horde gazed towards the direction as well. They were worried, antic.i.p.ating the outcome of the battle.

If Lin Huang managed to survive the fight, perhaps they could still win the fight. However, if Lin Huang died in the explosions, the humans would undoubtedly lose the fight as there was still an immortal-level monster in the monster horde. Despite the fact that the immortal-level monster was weak, it could still easily pin down more than ten of the humans.

However, Bai and Tyrant were not worried about Lin Huang as they could communicate with Lin Huang through their mind anytime. They apparently knew that Lin Huang was not injured. They did not even bother to lift their heads and continued fighting the monsters.

“Has it ended?”

Lin Huang noticed that after a few moments, no other monsters came after him. Although he did not count how many monsters had exploded, he believed that he was almost there. He stood inside the Dark s.h.i.+eld for a while before removing it.

Just then, the smoke gradually cleared and the fiend was waiting for the result of the battle.

All of a sudden, a gentle breeze blew by, blowing the layer of smoke covering Lin Huang’s body away. His perfectly intact body was revealed.

The wry face above the clumsy fiend’s head had disappeared, and the fiend was staring at him, stunned. Lin Huang grinned deviously. “Are you surprised to see me?”

Seeing Lin Huang who was not injured and his aura that was still solid, the fiend went into a trance. As it recovered from its thoughts, it immediately turned around and attempted to flee.

As it flew over a distance of fewer than a hundred meters, its body fell onto the ground abruptly, indicating that it did not have sufficient Life Power to sustain it.

Even Lin Huang did not expect that the fiend to be that weak. He was about to chase after the fiend when he saw that it attempted to flee. However, he did not expect it to fall to the ground after flying for less than a second. It could not even stand properly now.

Lin Huang then appeared in front of the fiend in a flash. As the moonlight shone on the battle sword in his hand, it gave off a cold, flickering glow.

“Are you going to kill a girl who’s so weak?” The fiend feebly asked Lin Huang.

“If you’re weak, then all the girls in this world are weak,” Lin Huang teased. He then said, “Don’t worry, it’ll be fast. You won’t feel the pain…”

Before Lin Huang could finish his words, the icy glow flashed through the sky. The fiend’s head could be seen in the sky and blood started oozing out from its neck.

Watching its headless body, one last thought ran through the fiend’s mind. “I really can’t feel the pain…”

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