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Chapter 547: The Mission Card Has Been Activated Againnnn!

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As soon as all the monsters at the post had departed, the people quickly cleaned up the battleground. They exchanged contact numbers and left.

Only one out of 32 posts that had encountered danger were settled. The war with the monster horde was not over yet. Lin Huang seized the opportunity to kill more monsters as there was still time for his one-hour transformation.

“I’ll probably need to unleash some powerful skills in the following battle. I need to change my face. However, if I disguise myself, those on immortal-level might be able to see through it, let alone the imperial-level…” As the rest of them had left, Lin Huang immediately headed towards the next post. He then realized that he had to conceal his ident.i.ty.

He could still clearly recall that Xue Luo had told him about the Small Destruction Card possessing the power of curses. Even the G.o.d would be keen on having it and would seize power by all means. He had no idea if the G.o.d did really exist in this world, but there was the demiG.o.d. He would not be happy if he caught the demiG.o.d’s attention.

“Xiao Hei, if I were to use the Disguise Card, will I be able to deceive the demiG.o.d?” Lin Huang knew that his Disguise skill would not be able to do so. He could only hope that the effect of the Disguise Card could meet his needs.

“Yes, you can. Regarding the exact effects, have a look at the card.”

As soon as Xiao Hei’s voice was heard, a card popped up in front of him.

The back of the Disguise Card was golden in color. On the front, there was an image of a colored mask. Lin Huang flipped the card around to read the information.

“Disguise Card

“Function: After activating the card, you can disguise yourself and take up any ident.i.ty.

“Remark 1: When the card is activated, it’ll be effective for 24 hours.

“Remark 2: Within the validity period of the card, you are allowed to remove your disguise. However, the card will be used upon removal, and you are unable to activate it for the second time.

“Remark 3: Disguise is not limited to any ident.i.ty, and it can be any type of living beings.

“Remark 4: The strength of aura disguised is restricted. The highest level that the user can disguise as will be demiG.o.d level.

“Warning: The Disguise Card can only deceive the G.o.d or those of lower level. For those of higher level than the G.o.d, they will be able to see through the disguise.”

After reading the description on the Disguise Card, Lin Huang felt slightly relieved. “It’ll be fine as long as it works on the demiG.o.d. I’ll be really unlucky if the G.o.d finds out about this.”

“Don’t worry. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the strength of this world is unable to bear the presence of the G.o.d. The G.o.d mentioned is actually the Virtual G.o.d. Even if the Virtual G.o.d is still alive, he won’t be able to see through the effects of the Disguise Card.”

“Virtual G.o.d?” Lin Huang was hearing this concept for the first time. “Is the Virtual G.o.d ranked above the demiG.o.d?”

“To be accurate, the Virtual G.o.d is a level higher than imperial-level. As for the demiG.o.d, it’s a special way for the people in this world to address them. It is actually not a level. The so-called ‘demiG.o.d’ is the imperial-level who has failed to gather the G.o.dhead.”

Lin Huang had heard about the concept of the demiG.o.d for the first time from Xiao Hei. He then asked in doubt, “Since that’s the reason, according to the historical sources that I’ve read in the Martial Hunter College, why is the demiG.o.d much stronger than the imperial-level?”

“Under normal circ.u.mstances, failure to gather the G.o.dhead will cause the G.o.dhead to explode. Their Life Palace will collapse, and their Life Wheel will be broken. As the Life Wheel breaks, their Life Power will be dissipated rapidly and soon, they will die. However, those who are powerful enough will manage to stop their Life Palace from collapsing with some special skills, retaining part of the broken G.o.dhead. Due to the broken pieces of the G.o.dhead that remains in their body, they possess the power of G.o.d. Therefore, people address them as demiG.o.ds. Regarding why they are stronger than imperial-levels, it’s also because of the power of G.o.d that they have in their bodies.”

“Oh, I see!” Lin Huang finally knew how demiG.o.d level was achieved as he listened to Xiao Hei. Soon after, many doubts rose in his mind. “What’s the difference between the Virtual G.o.d and the G.o.d?”

“The Virtual G.o.d has only managed to gather the G.o.dhead, converting their Life Power to the power of G.o.d. As for the G.o.d, they ignite the divine fire and own the divine right. That’s what I can tell you, and this not the area you should exploring for now. Stop asking.”

“Alright…” Despite the many doubts in his mind, Lin Huang could do nothing as Xiao Hei was unwilling to talk about it anymore. He kept quiet for a moment, and he thought of something that he had not asked. “Is there any useful information retrieved from the Violaceous Enchantress’s memory?”

“Yes, I’ll send it to you. Have a look at it.”

A few moments later, part of the information gushed into Lin Huang’s mind. He immediately checked on it. After sifting through the information, Lin Huang frowned. “The monster horde is truly man-made!”

According to the Violaceous Enchantress’s memory, she and the rest of the immortal-level monsters as well as part of the holy fire-level monsters had been released by someone on imperial-level from the laboratory.

The monsters released were divided into three groups and had left together with three imperial-levels that wore black robes.

The Violaceous Enchantress’s group was then further divided into ten small groups and had been sent to a moderate danger zone as guided by the person in black robes. The person in black robes instructed them to kill the chief-level monsters in the moderate danger zone. As they had gotten control of the rest of the monsters, the monsters were sent to a place that had been set up earlier where a dimensional s.h.i.+ft could occur.

Many new monsters entered and the number of monsters grew.

The monsters stayed there for about half a day before they were re-released. The Violaceous Enchantress and the rest then received a new instruction, which was to guide these monsters to start a monster attack…

Lin Huang knew what happened next.

“At least three humans on imperial-level joined them… From the environment of the laboratory, the Violaceous Enchantress and the rest of the modified monsters must be coming from the Scarborough Workshop. I made the right a.s.sumption. The monster outbreak is caused by the Purple Crow and the Scarborough Workshop.” Although he could confirm that, there were still many things that Lin Huang could not understand. “However, ‘theuglytruth’ said that it’s related to the Saint members. What do the Saint members have to do with the monster attack?”

Soon, Lin Huang arrived somewhere near the second post in doubt.

The post was more than 100 kilometers away from the first post. Lin Huang had arrived there in less than three minutes without activating his double acceleration.

Lin Huang could hear the sound of the explosions when he was still far away. He gazed upon the battleground from afar. The monster horde was less than ten kilometers away from the post, and it was an incredibly intense fight.

In mid-air, a few of the immortal-level were fighting the transcendent monsters whereas the holy fire-levels were clearing the monsters below them.

“Although there’s a presence of immortal-levels in this post, the condition is even worse than the first post.” Lin Huang frowned when he saw the scene in front of him. “I’m only able to overcome the danger at two posts in a short period of time, but I’m unable to overcome all of it in time. There are 32 posts in total. The distance to the south is about 3,300 kilometers… Even the imperial-level has to clear the monsters one by one.”

Just as Lin Huang was wondering what he should do to curb the danger in the White Capital, a notification sound was suddenly heard.

“Mission card activated due to special circ.u.mstances.

“Mission: Kill count exceeds 10 million.

“Mission Due: One hour

“Reward: Obtain ten million Honorable Kills and three random Reward Cards.

“Failure to accomplish the mission before the time limit: you will be punished. Three Function Cards will be randomly removed!

“The mission announcement has been conveyed. Please read the back of the card for more information.”

“It has been f*cking activated…” He had just been watching the battle from afar and did not even move. Lin Huang was speechless by the fact that the mission card could even be activated in such a way.

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