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Chapter 548: My Winky is Gone?!

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Lin Huang was still a distance away from the battleground. He did not expect to have activated a mission card.

“Killing 10 million monsters in one hour? Xiao Hei, are you crazy?” Lin Huang demanded helplessly.

“Again, the mission card has been activated due to special circ.u.mstances, and it’s not within my control. The mission card is a.s.sociated with a trigger mechanism. It’ll be triggered if it detects that there’s an immediate event that fulfills its requirements. It has nothing to do with me.”

“Okay…” Lin Huang did not refute as Xiao Hei had s.h.i.+fted the responsibility away from itself. “You’re just forcing me to use the Destruction Card. It’s not easy to draw three of the cards. I wanted to keep it for future use as it might save my life.”

Although only one Small Destruction Card remained, the region which it covered was limited to only 10,000 square kilometers. It would be unable to include all the monsters on the southern border. Aside from the Medium Destruction Card, Lin Huang could not think of any other way that could clear millions of monsters in an hour. He whipped out the Medium Destruction Card forlornly.

Lin Huang had skimmed through the effects of the Medium Destruction Card previously. He could vaguely remember that it covered up to a million square kilometers. He had not gone through the specific information on the card carefully and had forgotten most of the information.

The front of the Medium Destruction Card was similar to the Small Destruction Card. There was practically no difference between them. Both of them had a white spot in the sky that released a dazzling white light all over. There was also a dead, burnt, and cracked ground.

He then turned to the back of the card and read the description of the card.

“Medium Destruction Card.

“Function: When the card is activated, it can wipe all the specified targets that are on demiG.o.d-level or lower out. It covers up to 100 million square kilometers.

“Remark 1: The card cannot be canceled after it has been activated. Please specify the target and region of attack within one hour. Otherwise, the card will randomly choose its target and region. The user is not excluded from being randomly chosen as the target. (Once the user is randomly chosen as the target to attack, the user will definitely die if he or she fulfills the criteria of the destruction card.)

“Remark 2: The card is ineffective on those who have the G.o.dhead (or broken G.o.dhead) in their body.

“Remark 3: The card is ineffective on those who own the G.o.d item.

“Remark 4: The effects of the attack are restricted by the user’s combat strength. The particular situation is as such: the maximum combat level of the attack is restricted to gold flame-level for users below the transcendent level. As for holy fire-level users of any rank, the maximum combat level is limited to immortal-level rank-9. For immortal-level users of any rank, the maximum combat level is limited to violet gold-level.

“Remark 5: The user has to be within a 100-kilometers range from the specified region. If the user is more than 100 kilometers away from the specified region, it will be ineffective.

“Remark 6: The user is unable to obtain card pieces, a complete card and all other rewards from the monsters killed.”

“If I didn’t pay attention to the card I might have been killed.” After carefully reading the description of the card, Lin Huang noticed the first remark which emphasized that he might be randomly chosen as the target. He was speechless. However, he paid more attention to the fourth remark.

“The function of the card mentions that the user can specify all the targets below demiG.o.d-level. In fact, this is the maximum attack that the card can perform. The actual effect of the attack is constrained by my combat level. I’m only a white flame-level. At the very most, the attack can only be carried out on immortal-level rank-9. Basically, if its maximum attack is immortal-level rank-9, it’s capable of killing all the monsters in the horde…”

Lin Huang was quite satisfied with the effect of the Medium Destruction Card. “The attack region is 100 million square kilometers. The southern border has a length of 3,300 kilometers and a width of more than 300 kilometers, so t should be enough to cover all the monsters in the horde.”

As he confirmed that the effect of the Medium Destruction Card fulfilled his requirements, Lin Huang took out a Disguise Card. “Before using it, I have to disguise myself and change my clothes.”

Lin Huang gradually landed on a hillside. n.o.body from the battleground could see him as the hillside blocked their vision.

Again, he activated his Omniscient Nature to observe his surroundings. As soon as he could confirm that n.o.body was spying on him, he then crushed the Disguise Card.

“Disguise Card is activated. Please choose your disguise. Please choose the race that you would like to disguise as.”

“Human race,” Lin Huang chose without hesitation.

“Please choose a gender.”

Lin Huang hesitated for a while. He then grinned evilly. “Female!”

He had chosen to disguise as a female mainly because he wanted to avoid anyone relating this to him. Of course, it was also a fetish as he wanted to know how real the Disguise Card could craft his temporary alter ego.

“Please proceed with a detailed character design.”

“Random.” Lin Huang did not want to waste his time on creating a face. He was familiar with his behavior from the way he played games in the past. If he were to create his own face, an hour would have pa.s.sed after he was done with it.

“Starting to create the body of the character randomly. Appearance and attire loading… The character has been randomly created.”

As the notification was issued, a mirror appeared in front of Lin Huang. He had become a beautiful girl in a white dress. The white dress was iced with frosty diamonds, but Lin Huang did not know much about fas.h.i.+on anyway. He carefully looked at his face, and he somewhat looked like a mixed-race. The girl had appealing and delicate features. Still, she looked like an Eastern girl as she had black eyes and jet black hair. Her skin was as smooth as white jade, and the dress matched her perfectly.

“Such a beautiful woman!” Lin Huang exclaimed.

“Would you like to confirm your disguise? (If your answer is no, a face will be randomly chosen again.)”

“Yes!” Lin Huang decided without a moment of hesitation.

After putting on the disguise, Lin Huang touched his chest and grabbed it. “d.a.m.n, that’s real!”

He touched his stomach through his dress and moved further downward. After a short while, he was stunned. “My winky is gone…”

“The Disguise Card doesn’t have a disguise effect. It changes the user’s appearance to the specified look!” Lin Huang then understood the effects of the Disguise Card. It was not only eye-deceiving. The user’s appearance had indeed changed to the facade one wished to disguise as.

However, Lin Huang did not bother so much about the effects of the Disguise Card. Soon after, he s.h.i.+fted his focus to the Medium Destruction Card in his hand.

Without hesitation, Lin Huang crushed the second card.

“Medium Destruction Card has been activated. Please specify the type of creatures that you’d like to destroy.”

“All the monsters.”

“The target has been successfully chosen. Please select an area.”

A map then appeared in Lin Huang’s mind. There was the distribution of the monsters.

Lin Huang managed to find the southern border of the White Capital. He extended his hand and circled all the monsters in the border. “I’m done choosing the area.”

“The area has been selected. Are you sure that you would like to clear all the target monsters?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Destroy them all!” Lin Huang nodded vigorously.

The next moment, a dazzling dot of light the size of a grain appeared on his forehead. It gradually floated up as if it was escaping from his body.

As soon as the dot of light left Lin Huang’s forehead, it shot into the sky rapidly. It penetrated through the layer of clouds in an instant.

It was too sudden and had caught many people’s attention. They were baffled, gazing into the sky.

After a short while, a ring of white light appeared abruptly on the cloud layer, spreading all over the place. It looked like water ripples produced in the sky.

It was slightly after 3 a.m. and the sun suddenly appeared, lighting up the night as if it was daytime.

As the rippling light ring spread bigger and bigger, wherever the white light pa.s.sed, the monsters were instantly carbonized by high temperature, turning into powder and were soon dispersed in the air.

It happened to a post near Lin Huang. As the ring of white light propagated through the area, the monsters at the battleground turned into powder form and disappeared.

None of the monsters were excluded. From levels below the transcendent-level to immortal-level, they were killed before they could defend themselves against it…

It was mysterious yet wicked. Everybody was stunned.

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